back to article A videogame that truly takes the p*ss

Combine videogames, beer and a urinal, and what do you get? Well, aside from a vile smell, you get Place to Pee – an interactive gaming unit ‘operated’ by the flow of a certain warm, yellow liquid. Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from No we’re not taking the p*ss, Place to Pee has been developed by …


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  1. Daniel Wilkie

    Pissed off Belgians

    You * out pissed, but I can say f**k?

    Who are you, the BBC?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    All this assumes

    that the blokes can actually hit the urinal.

    BTW is there a version for the girls? There's discrimination laws you know.

    I need a STOP/GO icon.

  3. Tom

    I am traumatised!!!

    Why are those "men" in knee high boots, with their trousers and pants (knickers) down whilst at a urinal?

    I am shocked beyond words, my dreams will nto be pleasant this evening after that violation of my optic nerves.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Too good to be true, the article that is.

    As soon as I'd read the first sentence I was thinking of Belgium.

    >BTW is there a version for the girls?

    You've lead a sheltered life. The aforementioned country is the only place I've seen were in some bars the women walk past the men's urinals to get to their own places of worship. You soon get used to it, especially if you keep going back to those bars. On busy nights the more adventurous (read one drink from passing out) female would join in with the men or at least try.

  5. Michael H.F. Wilkinson

    I have a question

    When voting in this novel fashion, does pissing on a candidate imply a vote for or against? Logic would indicate the latter, but what does it say in the manual?

    The system would not work for The Netherlands, where you would have to piss on hundreds of candidates from dozens of parties to erase all except the one you like or trust....

    oh hang on, where talking politicians....

    Come to think of it: brilliant system, should draw in the crowds next polling day!

  6. Tom

    Will there be a home version?

    For the Wii?

  7. James Bryant
    Thumb Down

    Nothing new

    We had games like this at our students union about 5 years ago, they lasted about 2 weeks before they were all broken.

  8. Sabine Miehlbradt

    I see its use

    to train you men to actually try to aim.

    I bet a woman devised that method of input. Talk about human interfaces.

    Now where can I buy one for my bathroom?

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @I am traumatised!!!

    Clearly, because they're Belgians.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    In the voting application, does targeting a particular candidate count as a vote for or a vote against?

  11. Stuart Castle Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    Good aim?

    All this assumes that men have good enough aim to even *hit* the urinal.

    One also wonders whether men would have fun pissing on the other players pads.

    Paris, because she knows where to stick Men's fluids.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Sabine Miehlbradt

    Erm... How many men do you have to train in your bathroom? Enquiring minds and all that.

  13. Tom

    @Good aim?

    Dont cross the streams.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Feature Creep

    While we are on the subject of urinal technology I've often wondered how long it will be before urinals have built in drug testing linked to cameras that take a snap shot of positive results.

  15. Anonymous Coward


    How about a competetive counter for the voume of liquid and ph tests, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea tests.

    Got to be cost effective even if you chilled and sent the samples off site, compared to the amount spent on controlling STDs and a possible drop in infection rates, infertility.

  16. Andy ORourke
    Thumb Up

    @Sabine Miehlbradt

    I have recently started to see urinals where there is a picture of a fly placed in the bowl, apparently some research found that the accuracy of men increased when they had something to aim at.

    Come to that has anyone seen the toilet trainer for cats? The wife just bought one but our boot faced old tom cat just ran for it!

  17. Mike

    Compelling storyline, over 40hours of gameplay

    Or maybe not.

    One can only assume that the games available for this are somewhat limited in terms of the amount of time you can play since you would only have a limited amount of "flow time"?

    Rather like the ol' coin-op machines, I guess - 45 seconds gameplay before you're dead and time to shovel in more coins. I suppose that at least with this machine, you only have to spend a penny :)

    The urine-stained trenchcoat with the special front-hatch please

  18. Dale


    I'd hate to be a maintenance man for one of those units!

  19. Rick Brasche

    prior art

    remember this?

  20. jai

    limited gameplay?

    i'm concerned about the limited amount of gameplay

    space invaders, for example, you'd have had to have drunk a damn load of beer in order to have a chance of reaching the 2nd level.

    and just as you reached the critical part and needed extra precision for aiming at the mothership, you'll run out of juice... as it were

    and now i think about it.... how do you fly to the left _and_ fire at the same time? some kind of stream splitting mechanism is required?

    actually - this is just crying out for a Ghostbusters game, isn't it?

    don't cross the streams!!!

  21. Steve


    The urinals in Schipol airport have the image of a fly (the aerial sort, not the button/zip variety) embedded in the porcelain. Seems that the amusement value of aiming at it actually helps keep the floors cleaner...

  22. Herby
    Thumb Up

    Make sure the aiming pads...

    ...are not conductive. Could get exciting, to say the least. If you have one of these for voting, I suggest that the aiming point be for the one you vote against. It would make for a popular sport.

    Oh, another thing. The system has an ability to prevent "double voting" built in. Unless you are drinking beer. Of course, after a few you may lack coordination to "cast" a vote properly.

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Why is this in the Hardware section?

  24. Jamie Swithenbank

    @ Home Version

    Yep, it's already been done in Japan (go figure)

    Available for sale through Thinkgeek here:

  25. Steven Raith

    This is just an electronic version of...

    ...entertaining yourself by aiming for the soap block in the urinal.

    I for one welcome our electronic urinal based overloads - especially if it means that more blokes use the urinals, rather than blocking the one cubicle, *blatantly* standing there pissing into it, and taking their time over it too, when I need a good dump.

    If you are too much of a pussy/so insecure of your sexuality to use the urinal, then go put a skirt on along with some mascara and use the lasses bathroom, you big girls.

    And if you are insecure, and you must use the bog to have a piss, at least lift the frigging seat first you fucking pikey.

    Steven "Bored of spending two minutes wiping piss off the bog seat before dropping the kids off at the pool" Raith.

    PS: I most often see this in the 'trendier' bars of Islington - nuff said?

  26. Dave

    @ Andy O'Rourke and others

    The picture of the insect in a urinal has a long and glorious history that goes back to Victorian days.

    The insect depicted is usually a honey bee, which is a smart alec Latin joke for the scholars.

    (The latin for bee is Apis)

    Mines the one that I won't wear again until its been dry cleaned

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Male Bathroom Etiquette?

    Another blow to the once sacred document. Quick men, dissemble this monstrosity before society crumbles!

  28. Dave Murray

    Non-electronic version seen in Czech Republic

    I saw a similar kid of thing in the Starobrno brewery toilets in the Czech Republic about two years ago. There the urinals had a set of goalposts in them with a small orange ball. Everyone on our piss up had great fun comparing how many goals we'd managed to score in the course of the evening.

  29. Andy

    Hardly surprising

    Considering the Belgians are the proud owners of the famed Manneken Pis statues (there are actually several, not only the one in Brussels, their obsession with this activity should be no surprise.

    Oh and Belgium is not the only country where women avoid the queues in their own toilets by heading to the men's. I have seen this behaviour frequently in clubs and bars in Sweden.

  30. Andy Worth

    Re:Nothing New

    "We had games like this at our students union about 5 years ago, they lasted about 2 weeks before they were all broken."

    That's because they were surrounded by students, which is enough to give anything the will to die. Besides, with the urine-alcohol content found in most students, it'd be like dousing the thing in meths.

  31. Anonymous from Mars
    Thumb Up


    "BTW is there a version for the girls? There's discrimination laws you know."

    With practice, women can pee standing up just as well as men. The only discrimination is that they haven't tried.

  32. Ben Parkinson

    very frustrating...

    if you're winning and you run out of 'juice' first!

  33. Ally

    great idea

    Could they design in wifi and put a display in the pub, so that the high scores are updated after every visit....could be the new national sport

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