back to article MI5 spy wife was Formula One chief's Teutonic thrash tart

The case of Formula One boss Max Mosley and his uniformed prostitute flagellation orgy took a new twist over the weekend, as it emerged that one of the ladies of negotiable affection involved was married to an MI5 operative. The Sunday Times reports that the Security Service (MI5) officer in question was forced to resign last …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge

    The Spies' Wives who Loved Me ... and Left Me Wanting More?

    "He has retained Quest, the "corporate intelligence and risk mitigation" firm run by former Met police commissioner Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington, to investigate on his behalf."

    There is a most certain Self Delusional Arrogance in anyone wanting to investigate the Truth just because it is revealing/inconvenient/embarrassing/damaging to one's own Public Persona/Private Person, which may not be compatible and complimentary/complementary. And Lord Stevens will be well aware of the Wisdom Choice to be made by anyone who may be Plundering and Blundering around in any Intelligence Fields with Military Connections.

  2. Stephen
    Paris Hilton

    Ladies of Negotiable Affection ?

    The Seamstresses Guild , surely ?

    Paris, for obvious reasons....

  3. James Pickett
    Paris Hilton


    "failing to disclose the nature of his wife's work "

    Seems a bit harsh - it could have been a hobby. I bet it's not what she puts on her tax form, at any rate...

    PH angle, almost!

  4. Hate2Register
    Dead Vulture

    Scandalous.. if it's true

    Since this story is probably made up, that's ok. But if it's true, a big IF, then the security agent's wife should get a medal. Our beleaguered security services always try to have a man on the inside. In this case, it was "our woman on the inside", and she was shagging the suspect. That is good, dedicated service. And from a unpaid volunteer, it's a sterling contribution. And now her husband is fired because he was less than forthcoming about his wife's secret volunteer work. What did the damm trotsky liberal government expect. That his wife would shag to <emphasis> their <unemphasis> order. Who's in charge of this shambles. They have to be sacrificed to Rome, straight away. And if El Reg doesn't start a angry crusade against this anti-sex government, then, all you jaded hacks will never get laid again.

    It's the middle class bloody arses in charge at the moment can't take the heat, they should resign. They'll be banning porn and cigarettes next. Off with their heads.

  5. Anonymous John

    "Mr Mosley seems to suggest he was unwillingly lured"

    So he didn't want to welcome his new Nazi overlords?

  6. Hate2Register


    Scared of "spies with military backgrounds". Don't make me laugh. I know some of them. Stevens might be a pansy cop, but at least he's OUR pansy cop. I called my goldfish Quest. He might have been honest and called it "the cities of gold".

    You talk as if truth is an occupational hazard. Who have you been shagging?

  7. Test Man
    Thumb Down

    Re:The Spies' Wives who Loved Me ... and Left Me Wanting More

    Not being funny but your comment was hard to read with lots of capital letters where there shouldn't be.

  8. Slaine
    Paris Hilton

    negotiable affection

    ... as opposed to what exactly? Are not all "affections" based on the perceived notion of one reward or another? Well, except perhaps for my own obsession with a certain Icon.

    Oh and isn't it nicely ironic that the whiplash afficianado is investigated by a Lord Kirk*whelp*ington? PMSL.

    Hit me <whicktoosh>

    Hit me Again <Kerthwacktoosh>

    HiT mE HARdER !!!! (Oooo I love it when you talk dirty)

  9. Andy Taylor
    Paris Hilton

    With all her BDSM experience

    She should have been offered a job by MI5 to help extract information from suspects.

    Paris because she knows all about hidden cameras and compromising positions

  10. Sarah Skelding
    IT Angle

    The Sealed Knot had better watch out.

    If MI5 are going to be investigated everyone with an interest in recreating scenes from past conflicts.

    IT Angle? Well, if you're sat in any IT related office right now, I bet you're no more than 10 metres away from a member of the Sealed Knot.

  11. Lol Whibley

    i'm good..

    at offending people with my driving.. can i have a job please..

    Mine's the long black one with the black felt hat and shades

  12. amanfromMars Silver badge

    SMARTer Brothels...... Licensed to Thrill Honeypots

    "Scared of "spies with military backgrounds". Don't make me laugh. I know some of them." ....... By Hate2Register Posted Monday 19th May 2008 12:47 GMT

    All the best spies scare nobody, no matter what background they work with/in/for.

    A Brothel makes for an Interesting Cover when working Intelligently. There is always that Seventh Sense of Venus's Intuition to Do for any Right Dodgy characters has been proved Admirably.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    Bernie Ecclescakes

    "When MI5 has 2,000 terrorists to worry about, why on Earth would the Security Service be involved with the head of Formula 1?"

    No idea why they'd be involved with Bernie Ecclestone. And what that's got to do with Max Moseley (head of the FIA, not F1) is anyone's guess.

  14. Niall

    Not the only ones poorly paid

    It would also appear that El Reg Mods get paid about the same as the MI5 watchers , I'm sure I saw Ms Bee in the backround of the video, or am I getting confused with the Max Mosley PlayMobil character.

  15. Lyndon Hills


    The poster was amanfrommars. You're obviusly new here..

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    ahhh the infamous "Det" !!

    He wants to be careful messing with "the Det" he could end up falling out of a free helicopter ride ;¬)

  17. Chris Cooper


    The extra capitals were the only thing you found odd!

  18. amanfromMars Silver badge

    More Oddity? .....

    "The extra capitals were the only thing you found odd!" ... By Chris Cooper Posted Monday 19th May 2008 15:19 GMT

    :-) That had me laughing, Chris. ThanXXXX.

    And Overt Sexuality is a Very Powerful XXXXPerience in Operating Systems and Offers QuITe Sublime Control Parameters/Levers when Virtualised into Reality and Secure Environments.

    One might also consider IT, Perfect Stealth, and certainly One would Imagine of Interest to Any and All Intelligences.

  19. Graham Marsden

    Not a prostitute...

    Perhaps the authors of the piece in the Times and the MP quoted are too genteel to understand the difference between a Prostitute (who sells sex) and a Professional Dominatrix who engages in consensual BDSM but *not* sex.

    Although how a Tory MP is ignorant of this fact, I'm not sure...

  20. Hate2Register

    Oddity, ALLCAPS and newcomers.

    Welcome to El Reg. The weirder you are, the better you'll fit in..

  21. Steve Mann

    @ Hate2Register

    Wouldn't that make the surveillance subject The Man Inside The Woman Inside?

  22. soaklord


    Darn! You beat me to it! Great to see a Pratchett fan in here. Mine's the one with Ankh-Morpok on the back.

  23. trackSuit
    Paris Hilton

    Test Man, alt är bra [all is good]

    "Not being funny but your comment was hard to read with lots of capital letters where there shouldn't be." Posted By Test Man, Monday 19th May 2008 12:47 GMT.

    Do not worry, Test Man, IT is all as IT Should Be. Just relax and read normally.

    Strange missives are most apt for strange times.

    And do not imagine to test mearly aMan, when there are so many Quality Thinking Women which you can aTtest to, too?.

  24. Moss Icely Spaceport

    The spy's wife who shagged me?


  25. Slaine

    6 months... Test Man

    as in - it took me 6 months to even pluck up the courage to read aMan's comments they were sSoooooo scary. But truth be told, the scary bit is when you realise that IT really does make sence.

    Or, as my friend is want to declare... "WelCOMe to InsaNITy Central, Pull Up A ChAIR"

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    well, perhaps....

    She was 'undercover'!

  27. andy

    2,000 terrorists?

    More like a couple of morons with a provisional licence and 'Snap-Its' stuck to their shoes...

  28. Anonymous Coward


    No, the more you are like Clarkson, the more you fit in :D

    mines the sports jacket that smells like burning rubber.

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