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The Vye mini-v S37B is another player in the increasing number of sub-notebooks appearing on shop shelves, spurred on by the runaway success of the Asus Eee PC. However, where the Eee is a little compact runaround, the mini-v aspires to be the seven-seater people carrier with the collapsible seats and all the bells and …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Replace vista with XP you can get all the drivers from the vye site. Runs like lightning with xp on it.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Definite competitor with the Asus

    You can tell from the pics of bikini-clad girls on the beach, on their website. :)

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    Getting your Eees mixed up

    The Eee 900 is half the price - and has 20GB (Linux) or 12GB (Windows XP) of solid state disk (4G + 8G or 16G) - but a really crap battery in the UK (which El Reg should be investigating!).

    The Eee 700-series is a third of the price, and has 2GB-8GB solid state disk.

  4. KenBW2

    Or better yet...

    <insert linux distro here>

  5. Joe K
    Thumb Down

    *shakes head*

    What kind of brain-damaged simpleton decided to put Vista on this underpowered relic?!?

    Christ, is XP like gold-dust, or are they just giving away Vista like AOL CD's now?

    Never mind, this subby has FAIL written all over it, if you're already nudging a grand the Air starts to look more tempting.

  6. Ricahrd Dickens
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    @ Joe K

    The presence of Vista might be due to MS's restrictions...

  7. Jamie


    I have to agree, what is the point of running Vista on one of these sub-notebooks. Stick a distro of Linux or XP and your experience would increase tremendously.

    Bet if they dropped the Vista front end for Linux they could easily cut 150-200 off the price and make it more reasonable.

  8. Kevin Rudd
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    No rest for the Working Dog.

    On Page 3, it is good to see that that fearless exposer of sham salesmen and bogus diet's, Mike Moore, is getting a run on Mobile TV.

  9. Vince

    Actually it runs Vista well.

    Actually I own one of these, alongside a number of other machines, and my Vye, running Vista, is by far the MOST stable I've got running Vista. It doesn't suffer from any of the constant problems my Sony Vaio SZ4 does running the same, it doesn't die at being asked to work hard and right now I trust my little Vye (which was only supposed to be a "light duty" machine) more than any of my other computers.

    They do sell this with a Windows XP Option too, so you don't HAVE to have Vista (seriously, how hard is it to Google to find out?), and I wasn't sure, but I made the right choice. You can't run full screen video on this but non-full screen iplayer (etc etc) runs just fine.

    It really isn't terrible at all. I know, I own one, which makes me more authorative than some of the half baked and uninformed opinion. (and no, I don't work for Vye. If I did I wouldn't have had to wait so long for a 2nd power supply for it...)

    Paris Hilton


    a quick search on the friend of the little guy (Google) ....

    happy To assist, as always

    Machine looks nice, and is certainly interesting.

    Question is, how can they put XP on it if it breaks the rules with it's table functionality?

    Or are those rules only coming in after June 30?

    so confusing....I'm gonna ask the Moderatrix for advice

    Paris, cos my mouse missed the one next to it!


  11. Duncan

    It's really nice

    I (well more specifically my money for the other half) got one of these last November back when they were around £850 to buy and the Eee's hadn't really hit the stores yet. I got one of the first 800Mhz models to get to the UK (there was a 600Mhz version but it got widely critised on speed).

    For us it was an easy decision - the size and weight (the screen for the size is a very good resolution). It is also a touch screen which it has to be said makes life loads easier on a small laptop. And the keyboard is very nice to type on even with my finger size. But that said I think were it comes into its own is for women. She carries it around alot and loves that it goes in her bag and is unnoticable - no obvious laptop bag which is London is a plus. Lasts for a good 4-5 hours listen to music, running Word 2007, WiFi, MSN and browsing. Having used normal laptops the battery life really is quite amazing. It has a built in camera which is of good enough quality to capture A4 pages to be read later (such as books in libraries for research).

    Get a USB 3G Modem with a few Gb a month and it makes for a great never miss a sporting event device. Just take it with you, set it up on the grass and tune in. The built in speakers are however a bit weak.

    Don't get me wrong tho - its not just for women. I still get pangs of jealously when we sit in bed at the weekend and she gets it out and sits watching TV/Videos browsing the internet on her little touch screen beast.

    Few pointers tho:

    1) Buy a 2GB SODIMM. It's peanuts and the speed increase is considerable.

    2) Follow one of the Vista speed up guides by turning off all the unnecessary services, etc. Again - it made a massive difference.

    3) Reinstall it with XP - wow. Different computer :)

    When buying:

    Be really sure on the EXACT model you want. The model that Philip quoted above (s18pb) IS NOT THE SAME LAPTOP AS THIS. He has quoted an AMD based laptop. The S37/41 are Intel based systems. In addition the screen is smaller on the S18 - 800x480 instead of 1024x600 - but the reviews generally on UMPC sites is that the 7" 1024x600 screen is very good and a key selling point of the S37.

    The XP version of the reviewed laptop is actually the Vye mini-v S37BXPP.

    Overall its a fantastic device. I've seen and used an Eee and Vye next to each other. I suppose the comparison I'd make would be something like Eees are bit like Fords. Everyones got one. The Vye is more like an Audi. It's "reassuringly expensive"/bit overpriced, it's a bit more refined, got more toys to play with, and you can show it off to all you're Ford mates to induce jealousy :) Essentially tho they are different - this is a tablet PC, which has a good keyboard and can be used as a laptop. The Eee is just a laptop. Chalk and cheese.

    If you missus is after a laptop for general use, and you want a toy to show off, I can't recommend enough :)

  12. Duncan


    In addition to my last comment we've been able to run full screen video with no issues on it using VLC Player. Not tried iPlayer myself, but VLC streaming over WiFi from my desktop works fine.

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