back to article Motorola strategy chief is latest exec to go

Troubled mobile maker Motorola has said goodbye to Richard Nottenburg, its chief strategy and technology officer. Nottenburg had been with Motorola since 2004, first as an advisor then as chief strategy officer. The company has lost a string of senior figures of late. Motorola lost its mobile head Stu Read and its marketing …


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  1. Slaine
    Thumb Up

    Haemorrhaging Leeches

    Interesting business plan that - offload the overpaid useless leeches instead of the profit generating workforce... I wonder if it will catch on?

  2. Brand Hilton

    My duty as a Texan

    I feel it's my duty as a born-and-raised Texan to point out that it's spelled "Whoa", not "Woah".

  3. Mister Cheese


    Isn't "Woah" the sound that Tintin's dog Snowy made (ie the French for 'woof')?

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