back to article Spanish police cuff web defacement crew

Spanish police have arrested five hackers said to be among the most prolific on the internet. The suspects - all under 20, with two being just 16 - allegedly took down the website of Spanish political coalition Izquierda Unida (United Left) soon after the March general election. The five, alleged members of a defacement crew …


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  1. Pete

    "Most prolific"

    Most prolifically public. I'm curious as to whether they're really the most prolific (assuming their 21000 is indeed higher than other claims); is it a common feature in the hacking subculture/personality that deeds are publicised? Is it really all a willy-waving competition? You'd think the really good ones would be the ones that don't get caught.

  2. EJ

    Ah, the good old days...

    When kids vandalized web sites just to be cheeky. Seems quaint now, doesn't it?

  3. Legless

    21 000 Sites Hacked In 2 Years

    That's about 200 a week.

    Yeah, right.....

    Sounds like old Mike It-Was-Me Stitchup at work.

    Nice way to close a lot of old cases...

  4. Tony


    They caught 5 out of how many?

    FTA: "Most of the members of the group hail from Latin America."

    You obviously can do math so consider that with only 29 members they each could do 1 "hack" per day and arrive at 21,000 over two years time. Seems not a heavy task considering the number of websites that are available.

  5. foo_bar_baz


    They're called script kiddies for a reason. They don't spend days on a target, mass defacement is easy as pie once you know a vulnerable CMS, forum software or similar. Just Google for telltale strings in the body or URLs and inject defacement scripts onto the servers. I've seen servers that were on the receiving end.

    Plenty of examples, including the Turkish guys who did 38000 sites in a go.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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