back to article Vendor pitches handheld phone-data extractor

If you’ve got a hunch that your partner is doing the dirty behind your back, then thank your suspicious stars that a gadget’s now available for instantly copying the entire contents of his or her mobile phone. The Cell Seizure Investigator (CSI) stick is claimed to quickly extract all sorts of information from handsets, …


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  1. Ash
    Thumb Down

    I don't know about anybody else...

    ... but if my girlfriend bought one of these, i'd drop her out of principle.

    If they don't respect you enough to talk about issues face to face, long walk, short pier.

  2. Daniel Bentham

    Limited models it supports

    Pretty much useless in europe as most of phones sold/popular over here just arent supported. Only does some samsungs and (alot) of motorolas.

    Its a neat idea for onsite forensics. Maybe I should get an EEE Pc and load it up with some forensic software instead though.

  3. Omer Ozen

    Re: I don't know about anybody else...

    What if she was the mother of your child(ren)? Big words my friend. If she has some sort of trust issues, shouldn't you be reassuring her by letting her a o2o with your mob instead at her will?

  4. Anonymous Coward

    I don't know about anybody else...

    ... but if my girlfriend had a samsung or motorola phone, I'd drop her out of principle!

    Nokia all the way!

    At least I'm safe - a Nokia that only comes out of my pocket when I use it; never ever leave your phone laying around where somebody else could have unfettered access to it.

  5. Fresher

    I'd think

    I'd think it's kinky if my girlfriend was spying on me... especially if she had lots of hi-tech spy gear as well.

  6. dervheid
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    Ooh, I'd be scared...

    If I were them!

    They've GOT to be treading on a few trade names (CSi for one, and they've called their software DS LITE! That's bound to interest Ninty)

    If you could use this device WITHOUT having to plug it into the target device, then I'd see the point. But as you actually have to plug it into the target, what'd stop you just downloading it to a laptop, as presumably the owner is going to have to be unaware of the snooping anyway.

    Bloody Poinless device. will sink without trace. (even beyond the scope of CSi)

  7. Anonymous Coward

    My observations

    Having to have the phone physically connected is a problem. Bluetooth link would be good but I get the impression that the software does most of the grunt work so this would mean moving the clever stuff to the dongle, exactly where you don't want people hacking into it and reverse engineering it. SMALL oversight on the trademarks they chose!

    For grabbing SMS and Contacts on Nokia phones use the PC Suite sync tool over Bluetooth. Just make sure the phone has been paired with the computer first and warning tones have been turned off. SMS and Contacts can then be re synced and downloaded to similar Nokias for browsing at your own leisure.

  8. Daniel Bentham

    Remember it is meant to be a forensics tool

    Its designed for use at a crime scene for quick extration of the mobiles data, so the comments about personal use may be valid but it isnt designed for that. But as I mentioned its limited model range still means you still have to carry other gear with you anyways. Also im quickly trademarking EEECSIPC while i have the chance!!!!

  9. Tim


    The device is cheap and cheerful, the software is quite expensive.

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