back to article Feds nab modern-day Bonnie and Clyde

Federal prosecutors have charged a Philadelphia couple with conspiracy, aggravated identity theft and a host of other violations, after they allegedly stole credit cards, billing statements and other sensitive information from friends, neighbors and bar patrons during a 13-month crime spree that netted more than $119,000. The …


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  1. Herby

    Bonnie & Clyde??

    Maybe this couple can meet the same fate as the original. It might prove to be a very good example for deterrence!

    Now where did I park that old Ford! (Never stop to help someone with a flat tire?).

    Is this jacket bullet proof?

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  3. Kenny Millar
    Dead Vulture

    heh heh hehehe you said 'Burglarizing'

    So they turned their friends home into a burglar?

    I think you mean 'burgling'.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    disguise their appearance...

    "The couple used eBay, PayPal and a vast network of brick-and-mortar banks and sometimes employed masks and wigs to disguise their appearance."

    Explains the sunglasses symbol after the userid on eBay....

    Mines the one with the Boris wig in the pocket

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Kenny Millar

  6. shaun

    Kewl - Americans screwing each other over

    Pity they didn't shoot anyone too. I wonder when the movie is due out.

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  8. ImaGnuber


    No machine guns, no bullet riddled car. This is just a couple of thieves.

  9. Jon Tocker

    Feds are getting soft these days...

    Back in the day they gunned down Bonnie and Clyde.

    That said, the criteria for being a modern day Bonnie and Clyde seems pretty slack - Bonnie and Clyde did armed hold-ups (though it's said Bonnie never actually brandished or fired a weapon, she was more support and logistics - W. D. Jones: "As far as I know, Bonnie never packed a gun. Maybe she'd help carry what we had in the car into a tourist-court room. But during the five big gun battles I was with them, she never fired a gun. But I'll say she was a hell of a loader.")

    Waiting for some unrepentant video/music "pirate" to be deemed "The new Jack the Ripper" because, like, you know, his crimes [against Warner Bros et al.] are like really /heinous/.

  10. Moss Icely Spaceport


    What's wrong with an old fashioned shoot-out?

  11. Anonymous from Mars

    Courts are slow.

    It seems courts will never be timely with anything - they were arrested back in Novenber of 2007!

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