back to article Domed projection screen promises immersive gaming

The dream of totally immersive videogaming could soon become reality, thanks to one gaming geek’s efforts to create a full-field-of-vision display system. jDome_about The jDome could submerge you into GTA IV shoot-outs Inventor John Nilsson claims to have already been granted a patent for his jDome, which is essentially a …


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  1. Ash

    Distorted FoV

    Yeah, that's great... You can see about a square foot directly in the projector screen sharply, and the rest is distorted to hell.

    Oh, and how have they made the image not lose focus when the distance from the projector to the screen varies by about 3 feet as the screen curves?

    Unless there's some wonderful wizardry going on here, epic fail.

  2. Mike Wharton
    Thumb Down

    Saw it in person. Laughed.

    I saw this at GDC 2008. Its absolutely useless, offers no benefit whatsoever and I was completely unimpressed.

    Total fad with lots of the usual gaming paraphernalia marketing buzzwords.

  3. Gabor Laszlo
    Paris Hilton

    Not new

    I saw this demonstrated at CeBIT '03 (?), although IIRC that one was using a 3' opaque screen and the projector mounted under the kbd, with digitally distorted image to get back proper perspective. Looked nice, you gain some 70% FOV. Not _periferal_vision, but still an improvement for gaming. If you search for 'projection dome' you can find a dozen howtos on building your own.

    Running that search before posting an article might have been a good idea too.

  4. Martyn Kaye

    Patent !! Is he having a laugh

    Before the days of high performance computing, aircraft simulators used the same technique by projecting images onto a dome.

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