back to article Craigslist gets personal with eBay countersuit

Craigslist has filed a blistering countersuit against rival and shareholder eBay, accusing the auction giant of a range of transgressions including abusing its role on classified ad site's board. Documents accuse the online tat seller of unfair and unlawful competition, false advertising, trademark infringement, unfair …


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  1. Mike Powers

    This is why you DON'T go public unless you want to sell out...

    Every share of stock sold represents a little bit less control that you have. If you want to Rule With An Iron Hand Inside A Velvet Glove, then you don't go public.

    Sure, you'll make less money; but the Craigslist guys are always telling us that it's not about the money...

  2. Heff
    Paris Hilton


    I know corporate global brand names are somewhat... fraught with issues, but "kijiji" ?

    some folks play too much golf and never seem to do the following;

    "Hi Frank. I hear you got a new motor"

    "Bought it off a feller I met online"

    "oh aye? craiglist? ebay?"

    "nah. keeje.. Kyjidge... ki... ? Uh, craiglist, yeah"

    the only advantage I can see is that if ebay really did do the stuff CL is accusing it of, then they are in a sound place. I mean, you cant hide a papertrail that obvious, right? makes me wonder how CL didnt see it coming in the first place; I fail to believe ebay can be that legally stupid, yet also that cloak and dagger.

    Paris, because even shes smarter than ebay right now.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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