back to article Windows Server 2008 bundles get first 'public' airing

Microsoft today announced that it will launch a “public preview” program for two of its first Windows Server 2008-based bundles. The software giant is targeting one package at the small business market, where Microsoft has been heavily foraging, while the other will be aimed at mid-sized firms. Windows Small Business Server …


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  1. Chris Walsh

    Complex licensing with Server products

    As a small business (4-9 staff), buying into Microsoft Server products has always been increadible complicated. I hope that the 2008 Server range is simpler..

  2. paul brain
    Jobs Horns


    Good luck with that....

  3. Richard Gadsden
    Gates Halo


    SBS is much simpler than most Microsoft licensing. Decide if you want SA or not (ie, do you want to pay for upgrades now, or only when you do them).

    Then buy a server licence and a number of extra CALs if you have more than five users.


  4. Ronnie Gibson

    Wrong Info

    You've got the CAL prices wrong...SBS and EBS both come in Standard and Premium versions. The Standard CALs for each are around the $80 mark and the Premium CALs are around double's not that SBS CALs are $80ish and EBS are $170ish.

  5. Anonymous Coward


    Guess you've never used Oracle?

    You need a Masters in Mathmatics to work out theirs (which changes every few months in order to get more cash out of it's customers)

  6. Jay


    In that size of an environment you should really give Linux (for the server) a try.

    Simple to set up and totally free. Add on free email and backup and you can save several thousand on software alone.

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