back to article Dallas kids tracked for their own good

Tracking children from dawn to dusk might seem extreme, but in Dallas, Texas, it seems to be working to reduce truancy and get more kids graduating. The New York Times reports on one child who has seen his life turned around by the truancy-court-imposed tracking order, which was imposed as an alternative to detention. Since …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Tracking FFS...

    What's wrong with chaining the little scrotes to their school desks?

  2. Damn Yank

    oh dear..

  3. Steve

    What the hell is wrong with Texas?

    Surely their kids are smart enought to realise that you either need to fake a note or show up for morning registration before bunking off.

  4. Tom


    With detatchable trackers, is makes me wonder if the kid did go to school on time every day, or if he just hid the tracker in the back-pack of a model student :-P

    He learnt that one from Johnny 5

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Ever wodered where all those...

    ... ex-Stasi/KGB/[insert oppressive secret police group of choice]...


    For some reason, after spending countless billions during the Cold War to stop the oppressive Eastern European Police states; all we've done is develop a technologically advanced version of it incorporating everything the Stasi could have dreamed of (and then some), instead.

  6. Elmer Phud

    School's out

    "We don't know what kind of a school Bryan Adams is"

    If they teach Rock(tm) music as purveyed by a certain Canadian with the same name as the school then I can understand the pupils needing to escape.

  7. Jason Harvey

    re: What the hell is wrong with Texas?

    right... but then they'd have to show up to each class throughout the day. they check roll in each class, not just the first one. As for the note fakers... unless their handwriting is like their parents and their parents are actually in on it... that only goes over a few times before the parents find out.

    I prefer the idea of the fixed anklets myself... but then I don't mind the idea of chaining them down if they're chronic miscreants either.

    mines the camo one... still hiding from CPS even though I don't have kids.

  8. b

    Bryan Adams School?

    Presumably everything they do is done for you.

  9. ratfox

    What are parents doing?

    Basically, there are so many ways to cheat that if it really works, it must be the children didn't need to be forced too much to go to school in the first place.

    Maybe if their mother had just said: Get up and get in the bus, every morning, it would have worked too...

    Why is it that you need a complex state organization for something like that? Is it the only way to make children listen?

  10. Rob McInnes


    "...on the former sight of an East Dallas cotton field..."

    I can only hope this little gem of a grammar malfunction (hidden in the first sentence of their home page) is in no way indicative of the quality of edumacation this school crams into its little darlings...

  11. JBR

    for crying out loud

    for all you septic tanks out there, this is why the rest of the world can't take you seriously (from BAAA website...)

    "On our city's eastern border - Neath the Texas sky

    Proudly stands our Alma Mater - As the years go by.

    Forward ever be our watchword - Conquer and prevail.

    Hail to thee our Alma Mater - Bryan Adams hail!"

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I seem to remember a judge ordering a mother and daughter hand-cuffed for a week or two. Was very effective from what I read.

  13. Brian McGovern

    So basically...

    Parenting has become so pathetic that the Nanny State really is required. In Texas, no less. The US is doomed.

    Whatever ever happened to a good corporal punishment, and keeping your kids in their room (sans computer, cell phone, HD Plasma TV, Xbox, play station, Ps3, iPod), perhaps with a good book.

  14. Richard Freeman

    what kind of a school Bryan Adams is ?

    Why not?

    30 Seconds on Google gives me:

    62% of the students at Bryan Adams are economically disadvantaged, 14% enroll in special education and 21% are considered "limited English proficient

    Bryan Adams High School was rated Academically Acceptable by the Texas Education Agency in 2007

  15. Dynamatrix


    Given the results in Dallas its hard to argue with the positive aspects of this.

    However, this is leading our societies in a scary direction.. It also allows Parents to be lazy.. Why the hell do you need a GPS type system to tell you where your kids are. Shouldnt you know already?

  16. Mark

    re: What the hell is wrong with Texas?

    The list of answers to this would take a year or two to compile.

  17. Dr Patrick J R Harkin

    @Richard Freeman

    "Bryan Adams High School was rated Academically Acceptable by the Texas Education Agency in 2007"

    So presumably is doesn't teach evolution?

    Penguin icos 'cos it proves intelligent design. No way that thing evolved to suit any environment. Or maybe it disproves intelligent design - what sort of omnisicient being would have designed THAT?

  18. heystoopid
    Paris Hilton


    @jason surely a quick check of google and any other search engine on the intertubes will show you the black heart of Texas suffice to say that on any given day some seven million merkins are under state and federal supervision or incarcerated within the very large US prison system and now exceeds that of the large populous nations of India and China combined by a very large margin , so what's a few more truants added to that current list of detainees but a small drop in the ocean ?

    Remember on the intertubes there must be a least a billion answers out there seeking out the questions that people have yet to ask !

  19. Glenn Charles

    Bryan Adams High School

    I took a glance. Look at their high school curriculum on 'Social Studies'. This is worse than I got in high school in...1970/71 as far as parochialism goes. The only studies are re. the US and because they're generated by a politically-oriented system, deliberately twisted in viewpoint. defense of the US...I say

  20. Anonymous Coward


    It's tough to fund education when you're conducting a war that's costing billions upon billions. Add to that the "62% of the students at Bryan Adams are economically disadvantaged, 14% enroll in special education and 21% are considered "limited English proficient" and you've got a recipe for disaster (especially when you consider that the "no child left behind" only cares about teaching to a very limited standard of lowest common denominator...heaven help you if your kids are "gifted" in the good sense....a lot of school systems do anything they can to avoid giving them the challenge and teaching they need.

  21. Andy G

    Ahhh Bryan Adams . . .

    made the Summer of 69 and spoilt the summer of 91

    /mines the one with the felt trousers in the pocket

  22. Shane Rogers

    I don't know where the kids are...

    But I do know, that "everywhere they go, the kidddssss waaannnnaaa rock!".

    Mine's the 80's leather one. Thanks

  23. Marius Poenar

    Oh yeah, presence is sooo helpful

    Don't get me wrong, but without skipping classes half the time in high-school, i wouldn't have gotten the IT knowledge that i get payed for today, nor most of the experiences that make me the person i am today.

    So, yeah, that's gonna be fun for a bright kid that would rather go and read a book at the city library, or stay online and learn how to tinker with PC's, and how to code, instead of attending really boring physics or chemistry, or literature classes (wasn't the point of literature classes initially to get people to enjoy reading ? Then what do you do with people that already consider reading the best form of entertainment, and read voraciously, anything ?) that would never, ever do you any good except if you intend to continue studying on those lines, and every class taught by an incompetent and really stupid teacher ?

    I get it, not all kids are bright, and some do skip classes to go drinking or what-not - but i still don't think it's fair to mess up the life of one person that might do a lot of good in society, to keep in check a few bad apples that would sink anyway.

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