back to article Tiscali crosses Carphone Warehouse from bidders list

Tiscali has written up a wish list of companies it would like to sell itself to, and Carphone Warehouse has not made the cut. The Italian ISP held a board meeting yesterday and drew up a list of would-be bidders, but CPW was dropped because its offer was considered too low. Tiscali's market cap is just over €1.4bn and CPW last …


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  1. Bo Pedersen

    when will it end?

    I miss the old Pipex......

    although my current deal with the homecall leg of Pipex is nothing short of amazing, free broadband, while just paying the phone line.

    takes me back to days :)

    I think I would like to vote for the sky takeover then when my package is up for renewal, I can talk tv/phone/higher speed BB with them :)

  2. Slaine

    the industrial value of the group

    ... well now, if that is the case, even CPW has made a hideous overestimate.

    Time to break out the Life Jackets.

  3. Chika

    I miss the old Pipex too...

    but not enough to stay with them. It took two months and two unsuccessful MAC requests before my new ISP finally took a hand and manually pulled me over, then Piscali had the nerve to try and charge me again!

    Two unsuccessful complaints later (each time I sent one in, they would find a new reason why they couldn't/didn't want to do anything about the complaint), I am happily out of their reach. On one hand, it makes you wonder what a company such as Carphone Warehouse would make of such a shambles. On the other, I daresay they are probably breathing a sigh of relief at not having to find out!

  4. Adam Hill

    Tiscali are a bunch of dodgers anyway ..

    I just moved and had to setup broadband in the new house and Tiscali's package seemed to good to be true, I was wary about the wireless router for free and checked all over the site and could only find them promoting a speedtouch one in the shop. Signed up and got an Huawei echolife...... Doh! :P

    Also it might be worth pointing out that Huawei may make cheap and cheerful hardware but theyre staff are dying of overwork and commiting suicide, a google search shows that the workforce are under increasing pressure probably from a billion dollar company such as Tiscali demanding more cheap wireless routers, I wonder if a dead man made my router?

  5. Damien Jorgensen
    Gates Halo

    RE: Adam Hill

    Dont talk tripe pal.

    Huawei employees couldnt give a sh*t about some third rate italian ISP lol For that matter Huawei is a far larger company than tiscali is and will ever be

  6. Pete

    Don't Wish For Worse

    Having already jumped ship from Tiscali earlier this year to Sky Broadband, all I can say to anyone hoping for a sky takeover is don't!

    Sky is dire.

    It is undoubtedly the worst mistake I have ever made in connection with internet suppliers and will be looking to migrate away again as soon as I possibly can.

    I have a great long list of complaints against sky but the major one for me is the fact you can only connect to sky broadband with a sky router, that they preset with all your required settings before sending it out to you. They won't tell you what these settings are so you can't use your own existing router whilst waiting for the dolts to actually send you a router, which in my case took three weeks after being connected because they hadn't got any in stock.

    Also all of Sky's email is handled through googlemail too, so be warned if you don't want to be part of the google world domination machine.

  7. Adam Hill

    @ Damien Jorgensen

    Im not going to get involved in a flame war with someone who cant even be bothered looking at the facts, Huawei do have problems with there staff dying of overwork and they have a high suicide rate which is apparently being investigated, these details can be googled quite easily, also if thats the way the company operate then that would also explain why there hardware is cheap as chips for isp's and the like to buy and then bundle freely with a service (I think its about £2-3 for a wireless router when buying in bulk), you will also be aware that companies who have been using them especially companies providing LLU broadband are trying to get away because the Msan cards are almost as unreliable as the routers and the fact that Tiscali are signing up to this when everyone else is trying to get away just shows they are a bunch of dodgers as previously stated :)

    //I'II get my coat .. again

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Tiscali and Barefruit

    Can any Tiscali users confirm that if they mistype a url or domain name they now see a page full of adverts? It used to be that some browsers completed the domain name if you left out the .com - now Tiscali users are complaining that they get a page full of ads.

    There are comments at

    which indicate that Barefruit are responsible.

    I wonder if it is this deal that gives Tiscali a high price tag?

  9. Stephen Gray

    Tiscali and Barefruit

    Yes Tiscali will hijack an incorrect URL and send you to a walled garden with ads

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