back to article Google and Facebook socialize world+dog

Following quickly in the footsteps of MySpace, both Facebook and Google have announced new-fangled tools that allow social-networking types to shuttle their online data from site to site. Last week, MySpace trumpeted something called MySpace Data Availability, an initiative that will soon give MySpacers the power to …


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  1. Steen Hive

    Having faeces is not enough?

    You're shittin' me!

  2. Anonymous Coward

    That's a crap joke

    Anon cos I'm too ashamed to put my name to this.

  3. Steve
    Dead Vulture

    el Reg to join the party?

    So when will el Reg be tying in the comments section with facebook profiles? Obviously it's a killer feature (hence the dead vulture).

  4. Chris Cheale

    Oddly enough...

    I actually read it as 'faeces' at first glance as well...

    Maybe it goes to show many reg-readers are, in fact, shitheads (myself included obviously)?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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