back to article HP tipped to take over BT's datacentres in £1.5bn deal

HP is expected to take BT’s UK datacentres off its hands in a £1.5bn deal. The arrangement will see BT offloading 400 staff and 24 data centres to the Silicon Valley giant in return for £1.5bn in cash, according to the Sunday Times. BT will continue to access the centres under a ten year deal. At the same time, the telcos …


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  1. Ryan
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    I wouldn't mind a merger

    Despite BT's heel-dragging and reluctance to speculate, I have a lot of confidence in both companies of the ability to deliver quality products.

    Maybe it's the lack of being HQ-ed in the cut-throat Taiwanese market, or just the native-speaking English documentation, but they just seem to be more 'finished' & polished, without seeming to have cut corners (Asus, I'm looking at you! - Eee PC excepted of course ;¬).

  2. Christoph

    Just the partner we need

    This would be the HP who misused phone records to spy on journalists, would it?

  3. Phil A


    So that's a perfect match for the BT that is planning to spy on my surfing habits with Phorm then?

  4. Tony


    Having had to deal with both BT and HP support centres, I don't think anyone will see a difference. At the moment, neither seems able to provide a consistent level of service.

    @ Christoph

    Yes , it is the same HP. And it's the same BT that allowed the monitoring of broadband use without telling users it was happening (Phorm) and maintained that it was not illegal.

    You think that there is a link?

  5. Steven Raith
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    Tony: You think that there is a link?

    Yes, that both companies have serious moral problems at the top of the food chain when it comes to security policies for their users, staff and critics.

    Perfect match, eh?

    Steven R

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Tough one...

    Would such a tie-up mean we technicians will get rid of our 1998 vintage Panny Toughbooks?

  7. Philip Bowman

    H Spree

    BT and EDS in one week. Someone's got a hole in their pockets.

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