back to article Sick of JavaOne? - You will be

With Sun Microsystems banging on about Web 2.0 and mashups for days, anyone would be excused for feeling ready to hurl by day-three of its annual JavaOne conference. Come Friday, though, 70 people were genuinely ill having contracted what officials believed to he the highly contagious norovirus. Norovirus is contracted simply …


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  1. mike
    Gates Horns

    MS conspiracy theory anyone?

    Has MS added biological warfare to their list of 'not so friendly' business practices?

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Another explanation

    I was at the conference and there was healthy pub activity and vendor parties with free booze. I think at least some of the reported outbreaks of this virus may be from some folks that had a bit too much fun and missed that important session that their boss sent them to... "I'm sick" sounds a lot better than "I had a bender last night and am still in detox..."

  3. Joel

    I thought Java was....

    ...sandboxed to avoid precisely this kind of virus issue?

  4. archie lukas
    IT Angle

    Good to know

    That Hospitals are not the only unclean place on the planet

    (this is the bug that closed Swindon St Margarets)

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