back to article Shareholder sees golf as AMD cure all

Cash-strapped AMD didn't bother to tell investors how it plans to reorganize manufacturing operations and return to profitability during its annual shareholder meeting yesterday — but apparently nobody was concerned. Far greater queries were afoot. The chip maker faced only a single shareholder question during the Q&A segment …


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  1. ben edwards
    Paris Hilton

    The most obvious ones!

    <a href=>Dwarf tossing</a>!

    There's always XXX games...

    <a href=>Muff Diving</a>!

  2. Darryl
    Thumb Up

    Still golf, but cheaper

    Miniature golf championships!

  3. Bince

    Not Golf, But More Fun

    Why not horseshoe tossing with Hector Ruiz's neck being the pole in which to score a "ringer"? Just thought I'd pass this along. These corporate executives could care less about the poor persons whom jobs are affected due to THIER miscalculations, poor business strategies, missed market timing in getting their product out, etc. The day is SOON coming when all thier money, nice lavish homes and toys won't be worth anything... including the paper their money is printed on!

  4. thomas k.

    if, ahem, sex-related ...

    Going with something sexually-related (Pro Cornholing, muff-diving, et al), they could pimp (so to speak) their new 3-core chips with a catchy slogan along the lines of "Menage a trois for your PC".

    ... mine's the stain-resistant one.

  5. Chris C

    Not too bad

    While it pains me to say this, that suggestion may not be too bad depending on the costs (you say it's expensive, but didn't mention how expensive, and I can't be bothered to investigate). After all, the kind of person who can afford to play golf usually has plenty of cash to throw around and likes to look smart by mentioning names and buzzwords. Unfortunately, the game of golf (yes, it's a game, not a sport) is probably too much of an ego strokefest (no pun intended) for them to even notice the names of their sponsors.

  6. Francis Boyle Silver badge

    You forgot

    the mountain bike bog snorkelling! Who wants to walk when you can ride?

  7. Anonymous Coward

    On the other hand...

    AMD technology makes it easier for X to do Y (note: not gamers, not even ATI but maybe, just maybe something that made lives for a lot of people a little bit easier.

  8. Captain DaFt

    Best sport to sponsor

    Two words: Championship Tiddlywinks!

    Even better for old duffers, since there's none of that tedious golfcart driving!

  9. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle


    How about: AMD drops case against intel and donates budgeted legal fees to alleviate 3rd world debt? AMD press release says: we know we're right, we know we are great but we also wish to spread a bit of good?

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Well, there's always F1...

    ...they could probably buy a winglet on one of the Force India cars.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Gawd forbid:

    The Board be forced to cut back on "fun" stuff while the rest of the company has to cut to the bone and any remaining shareholders have to take it up the ass. Lead by example, pinheads.

  12. lglethal Silver badge

    @ David Wiernicki

    Umm David, AMD are one of the middle tier sponsors of ferrari.

    By middle tier i mean they are not mentioned in the team name (i.e Scuderia Ferrari Malboro), but they have space on the car, the race suit and the helmet (i think, im not 100% certain on the helmet) just like Shell.

    So I think they already do slightly better then a winglet on a Force India, no?

  13. Stephane Mabille


    Get into France (hey, it's a huge market, they will soon need to replace their Minitel...), sponsor the Petanque tornament.

    The target demography isn't that far from golf, and a lot more fun. The balls are bigger and a lot heavier which confer the advantage to throw them about 10m away. So far less to walk and lot more time to drink a (few) nice glass of Ricard.

    Golf: 18 holes, 1 drink. Petanque: 1 runway, 18 drinks. Guess which I prefer.... (oops, am I getting old?)

  14. Gordon Crawford

    your chip pin out

    why have you abandoned the 940 socket..?

    oops , were we not to ask real questions ?

    mines the 939 jacket .

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