back to article Fujitsu develops world's first hi-def train simulator

Writing down the number of the 10.47 to Chichester standing in the freezing cold is fine, but now you can pretend to be the actual train driver, thanks to Fujitsu, which has developed the world’s first HD virtual railway. Well, sort of. The system, developed by Fujitsu and simulation specialist Ongakukan, coaches future train …


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  1. Rob Holmes

    Train Vandal Simulator

    Thats not realistic! Where is the graffiti covering the carridge? Although I suppose the benefit is two-fold - training the drivers and (assuming this makes it to the arcades) giving the vandals somewhere to hone their skills without the dangers of moving trains and elecrified rails.

    Also, do they intend to hire a guy with a can of Special Brew to simulate the token drunk (outside of London, of course)?

  2. Lucas S. Bickel

    whats new here

    the only thing new here is actually the HD stuff. i remember driving a tram simulator at a museum some 10 years ago that was basically the same thing.

    heck its still on display nowadays (and they seem to have upgraded it quite a bit since then):

  3. Bartelby
    Thumb Down

    The 10.47

    To Chichester is never on time

  4. Anonymous Hero
    Paris Hilton

    Different programs?

    Wonder if it has different types of simulations? Football hooligan train mode? Crashing into cow mode? Rugby station bus trip mode? Leaves (wrong type of) on the line mode?

    Paris, 'cos she'll know all about 'trains'.

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