back to article Philips hops on 'iPhone killer' bandwagon

Pictures have been leaked out of the latest handset hoping to steal some of the iPhone’s limelight, and this time the talker’s from Philips. Philips_Xenium_X800 Philips' Xenium X800: thought to support Wi-Fi and Edge Image courtesy CCID Reportedly called the Xenium X800, the sexy handset sports a large touchscreen, …


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  1. pctechxp

    a Voda exclusive then?

    The pictures show the network name display indicating Vodafone UK so has a deal been already done?

    Personally I think it, like the iCon, is rubbish, give me a good Sony Ericsson anyday.

  2. kerlmann


    How on earth can you say it's "rubbish" based on a couple of pictures? Philips have a great record for making the very hi-tech very usable (in my experience), so am expecting good things from this.

    I'm not denying Sony Ericsson are also excellent on the usability side, but let's at least see how well this works before discounting it. On the aesthetics side, the curves give it a style of its own which I like.

  3. iannufc
    Paris Hilton


    Vodafone HK??


  4. sc
    Thumb Up

    Not sold here

    I once had a Philips Ozeo phone with excellent battery life, a scroll wheel that was so much better than the arrow keys you see nowadays and a few ringtones that would make people say "hey, that's a nice ringtone" - have you ever heard that before? ;-)

    Unfortunately, Philips have given up the idea of being a significant mobile phone manufacturer, so they don't even sell their products in their country of origin. :-( A shame, if you ask me.. could this be the affordable, simple yet feature-rich phone I was waiting for to finally drop my buggy Benq-Siemens?

  5. pctechxp


    1. Philips have adopted the "me too" approach so it'll be as close to the I Con sorry phone as is allowed legally.

    2. Yes fair point, my screen at work is crap so that's my excuse :)

    3. I dont doubt that Philips make good products, I have a Philips cordless connected to my landline (which I only retain to support the broadband) but after 5 minutes of talking on it the battery needs a recharge, why the hell can they not get that sorted (less transmission power due to shorter distance) etc.

    I thank you, goodnight

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