back to article MySpace revs profile transfer engine

MySpace has launched an initiative that will one day allow its social-networking-obsessed users to automatically shuttle their profile data to third-party web sites. This includes biographical information, lists of friends, lists of interests, lists of favorite songs, and lists of favorite movies as well as photos and videos …


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  1. Eugene Goodrich

    I don't want some data converged...

    I have different online personas, if you will. People I write to in the local newspaper are generally not people I want to know anything more about me.

    And I guess my MySpace friends don't much care what I think about technological details commonly mentioned on El Reg.

    So I'll be an un-user, is all.

    So, fellow Reg Readers: would you want all of us looking up your weekend holiday photos?

    Boffins, 'cause they are excellent at creating solutions that look forward to the arrival of a problem.

  2. Heather Landaker

    That is a terrible idea!

    Psh...myspace is just looking for another opportunity to make $$$$. Who in their right mind would want the back end of all those social sites opened up? It is bad enough we have to participate in order to keep in contact with acquaintances and old school chums, but to allow even more access to all that personal information is ludicrous. Now we all have to check a box and send an email to express that we do not want our online behavior and personal information sold to the highest bidder. Not to go to far down the slippery slope, but this really is a poor idea for those of us who are not News Corp. shareholders.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    OK ... now I'm starting to believe those paranoid lunatics who claim that social networking sites are a CIA conspiracy to harvest information about people ... I mean tagging photos ... if that isnt setting up data for face recognition algorithms I dont know what is.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    And users will naturally get unified T&Cs between the platforms, so they can take all that data they trusted with one set of conditions, and migrate it safe in the knowledge that the same conditions apply.

    You couldn't give me a barge pole long enough to stay away from SpaceBook.

    In any case, once everyone has a few dozen "friends", the concept starts to become very boring and diluted. Ooh look, I have a friend on MySpace who has a "friend" on FaceBook who has Paris Hilton as a "friend", so that means I'm only really three hops away from the silly tart, and the gaping, empty maw of my shabby, bereft life is filled with virtual meaning.

    I, for one, welcome our new profile transfer engine developing overlords.

  5. matthew bennion

    phishing here we come!

    Nice! So that means if someone manages to get your password they can dump all the information about you to another site!

  6. chris
    Thumb Down

    Is it just me

    Or has "Data Portability" become a really shit idea?

    All this flannel about "control". I bet we aren't talking about the ability for Bob Punter to deny advertisers access to their information. It's the ability for companies to combine the data they have on you and then sell it on for £$£.

    "Data Staticness" NOW!

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