back to article Ofcom plays precog on tomorrow's wireless world

Ofcom put healthcare and transport at the top of the agenda in its annual research and development report, released today. Most of the report, entitled The Wireless World of Tomorrow, is concerned with the technical details of frequencies and allocations, but Ofcom can't resist a gaze into the crystal ball with predictions of …


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  1. Chris Hamilton

    Regional nuclear war?

    Something tells me that if we do end up in the midst of a nuclear war with France, that getting wireless congestion reports about the state of the M32 will be the least of my worries, regardless of spectrum concerns.....

    "Congestion ahead! Please leave the Motorway at the next exit. The road ahead has been vapourised."

    All hail our new masters at Ofcom. Mines the yellow plastic one with the trefoil on the back!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "A large asteroid impact or regional nuclear war"

    Are actually the last two entries left in BT Total Broadband Technical Support's Bumper Book of Excuses as to why my ADSL connection is so shite.

  3. s. pam Silver badge

    Living in an SP3 world..

    Luser alert -- what on earth are the boffins on and where can i get some? seems in more developed countries a fair bit of this stuff is already in deployment ready for the amusement of BOFH's for plenty of lunchtimes to come. each time i see this kind of ridiculous reports from some gubmnt department it makes me all the happier i have immigrated from the UK to Oz. at least here, they know a lemming's a lemming when a lemming reports lemming information to a all too guidable press

  4. Mister Cheese
    Paris Hilton

    Regional nuclear war

    That like Anglia viewers vs Central viewers in the battle of who has the best-looking weather-girls? Paris, cos I bet she knows how to use a pointy stick.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    how the hell are you gonna get a wifi signal

    I got a dirty great big 2.4-2.5Ghz jammer at home,

    So to the 28 AP's +(50+ pc's) within 350m of me, TOUGH S#!% !!!

    Now, dealing with the 100 post office vehicles in the nearby depot (all fitted) with GPS/GSM\3G is gonna be more of a problem.... along with the Huge 3G mast on top is just a pain.

    (i wonder if the Post Office workers union is aware the post office management are frying all thier members on the road and in the offices)

    ......looks like i'm gonna be moving to another 3rd World country, (maybe i can find one that is a real democracy), ah to hell with it, maybe a dictatorship would be better!

    you know being paid a dollar a day would be a payrise for me at the moment.


  6. Ru

    "congestion will be a thing of the past"

    Right, right. I wonder how this can be established, just via better communications?

    If the road from A to B can carry X cars, and on a nice sunny day 2X cars try to go down it, it is still going to get jammed.

    But I guess that 'in certain areas congestion can be reduced at certain times' isn't quite so snappy.

  7. Mark.L.P
    IT Angle

    ADSL goes up to 50Mbps?

    Is that right, I thought ADSL2+ was the fastest and could only reach 24Mbps?

    The Wiki also agrees, not that Wiki's are always right:

    I think the news may mean VDSL2+ or something like that, which can achieve something near to 50Mbps (45/48Mbps).

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