back to article AT&T halts holidays during 3G iPhone launch window

AT&T staffers have once again been told they can't take any time off work next month because of an anticipated "heavy selling period" resulting from "an exciting Summer Promotional Launch", a leaked memo reveals. No prizes for guessing that the carrier is referring to the 3G iPhone and to its plan to offer the handset with a $ …


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  1. Mike Crawshaw

    say WHA?

    Hi boss, you know you said I could have some time off in June, and to come back to you with the dates once I'd booked it? Well, me and the wife are going to Bermuda for 2 weeks! We're SO excited! Huh? Oh yeah, the dates. From 23rd June to 4th July would be great, so I'll be back Monday 7th July....

    What do you mean by, "ther's an exciting product launch, and I'm going to love it", exactly?


    Pirates. because AT&T are.

  2. Bill Fresher

    touch keyboard is rubbish

    I think there's going to be more to the upgrade than simply the addition of 3G capabilities.

    What it's missing is buttons... If they put a full keyboard on the back of the phone (which is just wasted space at the moment - you can't change the battery so there's no problem with a battery cover), then I'd be first in line for one.

  3. Wade Burchette
    Jobs Horns

    What about Wi-Fi

    My next iWhatever better have iWiFi otherwise I won't buy a new one. I've been waiting for Wi-Fi for an iPod for a while, actually since I bought my second generation iPod. Apple needs new iPod to sell, so Jobs better start putting in useful features.

  4. Chad H.

    @bill fresher

    Keyboard on the back of the phone? I suppose that would work if you were Mr Magoo... But how will those of us who need to see the screen do things?

    Personaly I prefer the on screen keyboard, that way when I dont need it, I can see more of the screen, and when I do need it, its in context.

  5. ImaGnuber

    Being realistic?

    "If customer traffic is manageable, there may be an opportunity to approve vacation toward the end of the period."

    As in "If the whole thing tanks..."

  6. Fresher

    @Chad H

    "But how will those of us who need to see the screen do things?"

    You lot will have to make do with the touch screen excuse for a keyboard. My solution keeps both camps happy - those that like to look at the screen and those that like physical button press. I reckon the iPhone upgrade will be a revolution that doesn't leave anyone feeling disenfranchised.

  7. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    If my boss told me that

    he'd be my ex-boss

    ... still looking for a phone that you can, err, talk on.

  8. heystoopid

    And the funny thing is

    And the funny thing is , due to the great Yankee brainwashed work ethic of job first and foremost stuff the rest like family and health inclusive , that the majority of staff involved will actually leap at the chance to cancel their holidays for this so called promotional launch. Now for a variety of reasons those silly ones involved in that particular exercise will not even expect a bonus in their pay packet either , which just goes to show how stupid people really are !

    We have a corporate brainwashing program(s) that demand and expects absolute loyalty and expects the staff to put in 150% above and beyond the job description and in return the corporation can't give an absolute toss and will discard these brainwashed slaves straight to the scrap heap at the lowest possible cost without a drop of remorse whilst the exec's on the other hand award themselves super large bonus pay packets at no addition work cost to themselves (Now where have I seen that that done before , ah yes it was done by man called Joe Stalin the so called arch enemy of Yankee capitalism in another age)

    Sad really !

  9. Mark Daniels
    Jobs Horns

    A sense of perspective.....

    ... is what seems to be lacking.

    Lets face it, the IPhone is exactly what it is called, a 'phone. The only thinkg is, it is just not a very good one.

    I have used one for a while and have gone back to my Nokia E65. Why ?

    1 : Can use the nokia with one hand [actually, almost totally with one thumb]

    2 : 2b Micro SD card hold more than enough enything

    3 : The Nokia Quick Office is very good [this is a mobile not a laptop, dont forget that....]

    4 : Bokth devices will play some music / show me some pictures

    5 : Symbian software is, frankly, excellent and [IMHO] is far FAR better than the eyecandy from Apple

    6 : The battery IS replaceable

    7 : The Nokia is unlatched so I can put in any sim I want [I travel around the world for a living [Euro land / Africa / Asia] and the chance to reduce call charges by dropping in a local sim in invaluable]

    8 : third party software IS available

    9 : Nokia is much smaller and lighter

    10 : managing email / sms's is far FAR better / easier on my nokia /almost any nokia [in fact most mobiles, even cheapies] are better than the IPhone.

    11 : The Nokia is much cheaper

    12 : the Nokia is 1000% better value

    I rest my case.


  10. Giles Jones Gold badge

    Re: touch keyboard is rubbish

    Problem is Steve Jobs doesn't like buttons and complexity.

    Full Qwerty keypads ruin the look of a phone and often are only slightly better than a software one.

  11. Scott Mckenzie


    Errr, you are taking the piss right? The iPhone and iPod Touch have had WiFi built in since launch - on current models....

    As for cancelling holidays, as far as i am aware, the company are totally within their rights to do so - but it depends on the policy in place. Good news as to how soon the 3G one is coming though!!

  12. russell

    @Wade Burchette

    You need to wake up. Both the iPhone and the iPod have been out for over a year and have wi-fi.

  13. Simon

    Re: touch keyboard is rubbish

    Having had an iPod touch for a few months now I have to say I've really grown to like the touch keyboard. It took me a couple of weeks to get used to it but I now find it surprisingly speedy. The accuracy isn't always great, but the intelligent correction system is very good at correcting the errors*

    I'd find a button keyboard a step backwards in usability.


    *Except that it will insist on changing 'uk' into 'I'm' and doesn't seem to learn that I never mean that...

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