back to article YouTube rolls out Scientology double standard

It seems that YouTube has one set of rules for The Church of Scientology and another set for Scientology's critics. Two weeks ago, YouTube vaporized a 10,000-subscriber-strong channel run by well-known Scientology critic Mark Bunker. His "Xenutv1" deserved to die, the YouTubers said, because they had already axed an earlier …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Hail Xenu!

    A cult that tracks down its critics? Hardly turning the other cheek is it? Hopefully this insidious cult won't be able to con or brain wash anyone with its propaganda on LieTube.

  2. alphaxion

    I saw this one coming

    I even made a port on my site about it back on the 24th..

    We all know that a religion is the way to make money, and money is the way to shut up or drown out your critics.

    I wonder how much it took to part googles legs.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I don't mind people having their own beliefs, but "The Church of Scientology" infringes on peoples rights in new and exciting ways. I mean, how did they trace the information of several anonymous' when bomb threats were delivered with out engaging with the feds? Surely that's not quite right...

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Scientologists are just another bunch of nutjobs

    People who believe in scientology are as bad as those nutjobs who were believing in sorcerers making their dicks vanish. All religion and belief systems are about controlloing the masses, they might start out as a good idea "Let's all make this system where everyone is nice and good to each other" but then they find another bunch of people who also have a system, for some reason they have to have a figurehead though and because the figurehead is a different figurehead they decide they can only be "nice and good" to people who believe in the same damned figurehead, all the rest are "infidels/barbarians/non-believers" and should be put to the sword unless they change their minds and believe in our figurehead and follow our archaic/nonsensical rules.

    I have become apatheist, I do not care about religion or belief systems or what happens when I die, it's not relevant to how I'm living my life now. I can manage to subside quite happily without caring about the existence of any deity.

    It's not actually that hard to cope with existence providing you're not a complete nutjob.

  5. Anonymous Coward


    are the ads on youtube paid for on a click-through basis? like google adwords or whatever it is?

    can't someone write a bot script that'll just click them over and over again - eventually you'd be able to bankrupt the church

  6. Kane

    @ Grrr

    They probably did engage someone in the feds, just not through official channels. From what I understand (and I could be wrong here, so please feel free to correct me anyone) they have managed to infiltrate a lot of the intelligence services/law agencies in 'merca land to such a degree that not even the same said agencies are sure as to how high a level, or to what level of saturation the infiltration occurs.

    What's more worrying is that of the 5 posts to the site so far, four are posted "Anonymous".

    See the effect it has?

    Alien face, because that's what they think.....

  7. Feef Lovecraft


    Much as I disagree personally with Scientology, Mark Bunker just appears to be seeking publicity for ... I dunno what for, his own ego maybe?

    As for his statement;

    "Scientology will say the first account wasn't theirs. But you bet the order came from the top."

    So the guy at the top orders user 1 to make a troll account for Anonymous and order someone else to do the official stuff, there you go, two different users, no problems.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    OT's everywhere

    There might be an Operating Thetan in the El Reg staff! Who would expose me to the Church. Ah but I have built my e-meter using an LM324 so I know your game, whoh ha ha haaaaa!

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Ad words

    IIRC with google adwords you can set a maximum budget - so you couldn't bankrupt them, but you could get their ads off Youtube faster.

    Alien because LOL, Xenu!

  10. Anonymous Coward


    >>What's more worrying is that of the 5 posts to the site so far,

    >>four are posted "Anonymous"

    There's a reason for that. Have you read any of the released Scientology files from wikileaks et. al.? There are some very wonderful documents written by the charming Mr Hubbard, a fantastic author BTW, detailing how to deal with critics. Keep Notes, build webs of connections between critics, Check Sources, Check Sources of Sources, Get the dirt, sharpen the lawyers.

    It's sad but true, but one has to assume that the wonderful Church of Scientology is practising an active defense against these hideous slurs against it's noble character and that any Fool misguided enough (whether by malice or ignorance) to criticize this fantastic organisation under a traceable name is gonna get a perfectly legal re-education.

  11. Billy Goat Gruff

    I really dont get the animosity

    Live and let live. Let gullible people give their money to this organisation rather than Gucci. Let people read their books if they want to and make up their own mind. It's not as if they indoctrinate kids, unlike our local religions... it's not as if they feel killing people is God's will which has afflicted the major semitic religions...

    Someone please enlighten me why nonsense from one lot of heretics is any worse that the nonsense from another lot - as long as they all live and let live I can't see any difference..

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Look at all you ACs...

    Do you not think the church will be able to find you?


  13. combatwombat
    Gates Horns

    Get the facts?

    LOL "Get the facts"!!! Proof that the Scientologists are just another arm of Microsoft.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    @ Billy

    It's worse because these nutjobs actively go out onto the streets, not just trying to appeal to those looking for religion but the average person and lure them in under the false pretense of a 'stress test' and then go into their propaganda. They also scam people of their financial wealth, thus why the managed to make 14m in profits along in only the UK in 2006 for example.

    Just check to get a taste of the reality behind this scam.

  15. alphaxion

    @billy goat gruff

    you obviously haven't been enlightened as to their unsavoury activities - check out the mentioned wikileaks and then try to justify keeping the same view.

    Personally, I don't like how your path to enlightenment isn't through developing your spirituality and trying to actually understand something, it's based on your economic might.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Worse nonsense

    Scientology is worse nonsense than the other religions because their interpersonal philosophy has few, if any redeeming features. At least the major religions have pretensions towards preaching brotherly love, but Scientology is a "philosophy" concerned totally with the self and with Scientology. Can you recall any "good works" sponsored by Scientology? Do they send relief workers into conflict zones? Care for the poor, sick and needy?

    No. Any of their "Operating Thetans" are just cruising along picking up the cash.

  17. Anonymous Coward

    it kills

    scienology kills, bankrupts and causes serious problems.

  18. Graham Marsden

    Ikonboard Forums hacked

    Recently a whole lot of Ikonboard Forum systems have been hacked, posts deleted and the words "We are Anonymous, we do not forgive, we do not forget" added along with some seriously distasteful images.

    Now is this:

    a) The same people who hacked the Scientologists but have now lost the plot?

    b) Some skript kiddies who think that this makes them L33t?

    c) The Scientologists trying to discredit the people who hacked them?

    Place your bets...

  19. Anonymous Coward


    Yup, I've done this before when I found a site selling free software. It wanted you to text a premium rate number to get a reg code.

    A simple script ran through a list of proxies, did a search, if the ad was displayed, it requested the page. It also would wait a random amount of time between requests.

    I was pleased to see that it worked when the ads stopped appearing (unfortunately for just the day, but it was simple to put it in a cron script)

    The wonders of linux, curl, grep, sed & bash :D

    Anonymous? Well obviously

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Mutually Assured Destruction

    All we need now is get Osama to make adverse comments about the Scientologists and the Scientologists to criticise Islam and we can all sit back and watch the fight.

    Anonymous because who wants to make enemies of two psycopathic organisations in one day?

  21. Aodhhan
    Thumb Down

    Hail the volcano people; busy building the perfect idiot has a lot of good information about what scientologist do to those who "work against their cause". Might have to buy me one of those seering masks they have at all their rallys... just cuz. If nothing else, go there to see the South Park episode on scientology.

    You won't break the church of scientology, because another idiot is born every minute (scientology thrives on building better idiots) willing to pay thousands of dollars for their next OT Level, or believe the church when they are told they were 'bad' and have to go through more auditing and/or cleansing process to be 'healed'.

    I've thought about going to the actual web sites this church of scientology puts out, but I don't know if I could keep myself from doing a complete "audit" of the page myself (in a info security sense), and not be able to stop until I found a few vulnera...err, I mean "engrams" on the site itself.

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Tom who?

    Is that the short-arse wanker in those crappy Mission: Impossible films? If so, can you tell me where to bill him for the hours I lost watching that tripe?

    Fool me once (MI1), shame on you. Fool me twice (MI2), shame on me. Fool me thrice (MI3), no f-ing chance!

    Scientology is a load of crap. A shamelessly made-up scheme designed to suck cash out of idiotic simple-minded fools. Sounds like a religion to me.

    Paris. because given a nudge in that direction, she'd be Scientologies poster girl.

  23. Jamie Kitson
    Paris Hilton

    Re: it kills

    > scienology kills, bankrupts and causes serious problems.

    That's treating death rather light-heartedly.

    Paris, because she looked like alien in *that* video.

  24. Schultz

    United State of Anonymity

    The 'ology: "A cult that tracks down its critics?"; "any Fool misguided enough (whether by malice or ignorance) to criticize this fantastic organisation under a traceable name is gonna get a perfectly legal re-education."

    The tactics of ligitation can only work if the number of critics is small or easily scared. Going after large numbers is utterly impractical, as their friends from RIAss over in the corner of evil might tell them. We are legion, lets play the lottery of litigation!

    Anyways, You should drop those earthly concerns and rather worry about afterlife. Go talk to your priest if you need some help to put life versus eternity into proper context.

    <<Apatheist>> - man, you made my day. Too bad it's just an anonymous quote.

  25. Christopher

    YouTube comments not allowed

    It looks like they have some horrific custom-built flash interface that makes it difficult to get to the actual YouTube video URLs.

    Managed to extract one of them, which then leads to the rest:

    Oh my, how surprising.. the "Church" doesn't allow people to embed or comment on their videos. Why on Earth (or Teegack) would they do that?

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Isn't YouTube Owned by Google?

    Google HATES the CoS.

    This is strange...

  27. M Gale

    More of the same, please.

    The Register, rocking hard as always.

    Church of Scientology, aiming a gatling gun at its own feet, as always.

    Hope we get to see some Tom Cruise missiles come May 10th. I can't wait to see what the horde come up with this time around.

    Hang on, did I just post nonanonymously? They're going to get Blue Shirt Guy after me now. OHSHI-

  28. Hillary

    There's a difference

    Your article doesn't mention whether or not the account canceled was owned by the Church or someone else posting the video.

  29. Anonymous Coward

    Google doesn't hate Scientology

    Scientology front groups pioneered and dominate the field of "Search Engine Optimization," and there are several weird vampiric tentacles between them. Yes they had a bit of trouble a few years ago, but it seems that either threats or bribes have made everything nice.

  30. Anonymous Coward

    Scientology defined

    Scientology is just Star Trek for Kooks.

  31. Anonymous Coward

    oh yeah!

    Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll ALL drink the Kool-Aid.

  32. Anonymous Coward

    To Graham:

    I think it's more like:

    d) What Anonymous does when they're NOT trying to bring down scientology.

    After all, the group originated on an image forum that is generally distasteful at best.

  33. John Savard

    Search Engine Optimization?

    I remember some news comments about the defragmenter for Windows ME, or was it 98... but now this?

  34. Terry Walker

    Mark Bunker

    a.k.a WiseBeardMan

    His words are Wise

    His face is Beard

    He is a Man

    All Hail!

  35. Sam
    Thumb Down


    "d) What Anonymous does when they're NOT trying to bring down scientology."

    Yes lets judge the whole group at once!

    Sounds like something a $cilon would do.

  36. David Pickering


    more like cult

  37. Anonymous Coward

    body thetans

    The first CoS account was probably created by some rogue body thetans that have since been audited away. The new account belongs to a totally different thetan.

  38. Solomon Grundy

    Trial and Error

    I think I'm going to join up. There's one of those "reading rooms" 'round the corner from my house, reckon I'll pop by after work and sign up. I've got the money to spend to appease their god/clergy and I'm sort of curious if the brainwashing stuff really works.

    Guess it's hard to tell if you've been brainwashed, but I think I'll keep a video journal so everyone can watch as I progress towards the "ultimate goal" - whatever that may be.

  39. Anonymous Coward

    Comments disabled, but flagging allowed

    You can't post comments or ratings, but the option to 'Flag' the clips as 'hateful and abusive' content is available, and surely just begging to be used.

  40. Aodhhan

    Now we've done it...

    We have all become PTS's in the eyes of scientologists; with the exception of AC, who is clearly an SP.

  41. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    @ AC #4

    "People who believe in scientology are as bad as those nutjobs who were believing in sorcerers making their dicks vanish"

    I've had sorcerers make my dick larger, so I don't see why the reciprocal is so impossible.

    Paris...the sorcerer

  42. J

    "Get the facts"?

    OK, so taking over Yahoo hasn't worked (yet?), so "they" bought the "church" of Scientology!?

  43. pctechxp

    Bin Liner vs Hubbard

    Now I'd pay to watch that brawl

    Both are cults that turn the weak minded

    Bin liner followers to commit acts of muderous stupidity

    Hubbard lovers who are stupid rich people to open their wallets and max out their American Express/Visa/Mastercards in the hope of being healed while Hubbard just gets richer and richer.

    Sure he can sue me if he likes (and he wants my debts)

    Someone should take them both down using a reaper kill droid trained on their mobile phones.

    Didn't someone once discover that Bin Liner was at one time using an Inmarsat sat phone to call from Tora Bora?

    Darn they should have had them reapers back then.

    Not psted anonymously because I have balls (unlike most on here it seems)

    Mine's the Iron Man suit.

  44. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    RE: I really dont get the animosity

    "Let people read their books if they want to and make up their own mind. It's not as if they indoctrinate kids, unlike our local religions"

    You should do a little research:

  45. Anonymous Coward

    @Solomon Grundy - "Ultimate Goal"

    Death or Bankruptcy?

  46. anotheranon

    Thank you

    It is about time that the media is picking up on the preferential treatment afforded to the Church of Scientology. I disagree with the comment above re: Bunker and his quest for attention. For years he has fought an uphill battle against the Church of Scientology, pretty much in obscurity, and never once did he complain he wasn't getting interviewed by say, Larry King or Oprah. (and for the record, he has won an Emmy award for producing, so it isn't like he's some random guy messing around on Youtube)

    He complained when hours before he was set to air a damming interview with Jason Beghe, his account was terminated. This is not unlike a court case taking place in the US right now where the CoS is going after a protester for "criminal harassment" and decided to file the claim on the -last- day of his probation for something utterly unrelated to protesting or the CoS.

    They continue to play dirty, continue to get preferential treatment, and it continues to go underreported.

    So props to the Register for actually reporting on things that many of us have been aware of for weeks.

  47. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Cult of Science fiction psychology...

    is actually basing its techiques on well known brainwashing technologies, developed mainly for military purposes. The so called thetans one supposed to get rid of are parts of one's own soul. A 'clean' person is someone who got rid of all thetans and actually willingly destroyed his/her own soul. The various levels are the steps required to do this. The lower levels get rid of things like willpower, then the next ones earse the person's memories, then on the higher leves they try to earse control over basic neural functions, so a person truely reaching the highest levels should be totally soulless. The sideeffect of this process is that it's relatively easy to get someone's money when the first thing you earse is his willpower, but that was not the main goal of the cult, just a thing that current leaders discovered when they decided that they keep their souls and instead of advancing in ot levels, they get rich.

  48. Anonymous Coward


    How does this reflect upon Google as they own YouTube? Clearly YouTube is conflicting with Google's "Don't be evil" policy and while it's a minor stretch Google is also breaking this by letting YouTube break it.

  49. Private_Person

    Church/Cult of Scientology not The Church of Christ, Scientist

    @ Solomon Grundy

    I think you are confusing the “Church/Cult of Scientology” with a completely different bunch of nutjobs: “The Church of Christ, Scientist” (AKA Christian Scientists) founded by Mary Baker Eddy. They are the ones with the Reading Rooms. I used to confuse them also, but whereas Scientology is just a scam to make money, The Christian Scientists seem to actually really believe their crap and consequently, like most idealists, to have achieved even greater damage and death than the conmen.

    For more info see:

  50. Shabble

    So much for secularism

    If you vote for overtly religious politicians, you are directly encouraging Scientology - simple as that. By allowing YouTube to censor the critics of any religion, the US government is encouraging its people to value faith over rational thinking. This is, of course, exactly what the US government wants, as it is much easier to control a population that puts the two main American faith-based belief systems of Monotheism and Nationalism above reason, logic or science.

    Scientology may not be an intended beneficiary of the evangelism of Bush and his puppet-masters, but its recent success is clearly a by-product of a general society-wide faith-based indoctrination. To program your people into believing whatever propaganda bullsh*t you send their way, you first have to remove their rational inhibitions. This opens the door to cults like Scientology. Next time you are door-stepped by a political candidate or canvasser, ask them if the candidate practices any religion. If they say “yes”, don’t ask which religion it is; just ask them what their views on secularism are. Politicians need to know that voters care about the seperation of the state and religion.

  51. Anonymous Coward

    Register: Welcome to the land of gossip and rumors

    I have been watching TheRegister going down the drain now for several weeks, taking the Anonymous reporting as a measure for your reliability. Well, welcome at the bottom! You won a prize as the puppet masters of Anonymous hate groups. Case in point this time: There are several thousand Scientology organizations and groups in the world. If one puts up a channel which goes down and another one puts up another channel why should the second one go down? Because everything is everything. With your "logic" all anti-Scientology channels (and there are plenty, I'll never miss WBM) should go down because xenutv1 went down. What are you going to do next? Put a Jimbo prayer page up and accept Microsoft ads?

  52. Richard

    Where'd my comment go?

    This is interesting... I posted an (probably boringly) long comment about YouTube's policy of politically popular/correct double standards policies and El Reg seems to have moderated it out of existence......

    It seems The Register also has a policy against any truth that might be unpoular...

  53. heystoopid
    Black Helicopters


    "The Profit" strikes again !

  54. Terryeo

    Who said that?

    YouTube took a video down and canceled an account. The article brings up the question of who established that account. The Church says it did not. YouTube (apparently) agrees. But the article isn't satisfied with fact. Instead, as media often does, a possible connection is noted and brought forth in a froth, for entertainment purposes. Ohhhh, the Lulz !

  55. Snert Lee

    Do your homework

    If you look at Scientology and think, live and let live, then you haven't done your homework. While I am sure there are many fine people associated with Scientology who wish for nothing more than to make the world a better place, it doesn't matter how fine the boat's engines are if the rudder is evil.

  56. Tim

    Careful now, or Tom Cruise will get you!

    You can't diss the scientology lot. If you do they will take it as a personal attack and hound you to your grave. Let them believe and preach their religion (written by a sci-fi author, but genuine non-the-less).

    I wonder if they have scientology insurgents?

  57. Andy Worth

    I said it before....

    I still believe that there may be somebody in Google/Youtube that is connected with the Scientologists. The next move could be to start removing links on Google to sites that talk negatively about the "religion". To me it seems like the "church" is a sort of virus, infecting and spreading with malicious intent.

    And I won't go anonymous out of principle, because I am still entitled to believe whatever I want.

  58. J

    Don't let YouTube off the hook!

    Thanks to Register for this article - we should not let YouTube off the hook on this one - anonymous, a complaints campaign is in order, is it not?

    Write editor AT youtube DOT com, and report the new Scientology account for a TOS violation, and/or ask them whether they have a double standard, when it comes to implementing their rules.

    As to some of the comments here asking why Scientology is any worse than any other faith - just look into it, and you'd have to be blind not to see the answer.

    As for Scientology not targeting children - that's untrue; the children of scientologists are often inducted into the Sea Org, condemning them essentially to a life of slavery, where escape is made very difficult in practice. Further, the CoS donates "educational material" to schools, which is essentially preparatory material to make them more open to Scientology; it is donated dishonestly, without revealing the connection of the material to CoS.

    So yes, Scientology does target children, though they aren't open about it.

    Further, to say that it's only idiots and overtly gullible people that get into Scientology is to simplify the issue into something that's more comfortable to think about - however, that is not true.

    This is because people are lured into Scientology by first introducing them to practices and techniques lifted from older philosophies, only re-named in Scientology terms. These techniques can really make you feel better, and may be useful - that is the bait. When the victim then has tried it, and found it good, uplifting, wonderful, and when they then look at the claims of Scientology for being a force for good, for the betterment of the world, they are more inclined to buy the first courses, and get into it.

    Various psychological traps and tricks are then employed to gradually lure people deeper, and here's where the mind control begins - repetitive exercises, lasting for hours, involving giving and receiving simple commands, condition the persons mind. These are sold to the victims on the premise that they are necessary for advancement into higher levels, where they are promised even more profound "wins" than they got early on - the early experiences that really were positive, and the memory of which sustains the victim to go further and further in the hopes of the promised revelations.

    At the same time, the victim goes through "sec checks", which are essentially interrogations, where their inner most secrets, everything about them, is probed and recorded - these records they promise to keep confidential, but will use against the victim should they leave and start to criticize the cult.

    These sec checks reveal things about their private lives and the people they are attached to, and if any person in the circle of the victim starts to question their involvement in Scientology, then that person is considered "suppressive". The victim is then labled "PTS" or potential trouble source, and cannot continue in Scientology until they've "handled" the suppressive person in their lives. If they cannot silence that person, they must disconnect from them - essentially cut all contact. This, in practice, breaks up families, and friendships.

    All the while the victim is bleed dry - the "Church" takes a great interest in their assets, and "donations" are, if not practically coerced, then at least strongly encouraged.

    And this is just really scratching the surface - the system is devious, and includes many subtle mind-traps to make leaving the cult, or disagreeing with them seem impossible to the victim.

    There are many, many layers of attrocities, human rights violations, and outright thuggery in the organization, and if there is a more dangerous cult on Earth, I've not encountered it.

  59. Anonymous Coward

    Religion ^w Cult

    The thing to remember is that Scientology isn't a religion, its a cult.

    Characteristic of this kind of cult are

    ) new entrants have to have to give up 'worldly posessions' eg money

    ) higher levels claim secret info about the meaning of life

    ) larger donations == faster progression to higher levels

    ) the top man gets to have lots of girlies.

    Not really surprising such cults' managment agressively seek out naysayers - they all hope to be top man someday.

  60. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Faked threats

    "When you get death threats and bomb threats directly going after the church, we don't take it lightly."

    Then they should go after their own members who they told to forge those threats. They've done this lots of times.

  61. Rob Elliott

    free speach

    My main beef with the Church of Science Fiction Psychology is that they attempt to stiffle peoples right to free speach.

    If I want to slag off Scientology I will thankyou very much

    I hardly find it surprising that when Scientology carries out their kill crush and destroy campaign on its critics that a very large number of people become rather narked off by the organisation.

  62. John

    L. Ron Hubbard biography

    No clue how accurate it is, but assuming it is accurate, it's an interesting read. Since the OSA actively tried to suppress it, I would have to assume it's at least somewhat accurate. If it has even a fleeting relationship with the truth, the man was a paranoid schizophrenic manic depressive compulsive liar who took all the wrong drugs.

    (Some of the internal links on that site don't work, but most will work if you change .htm to .html)

  63. Anonymous Coward

    'The Church?'

    Damn, I didn't realize how deep 'The Church' went, I think we are looking at the early forms of the next 'Dark Age' whereas 'Witches' will be burnt at the stake. Mark my words, looks as 'The Church' has influenced some of the most powerful CEO's of the states. I cannot believe they referred to themselves as 'The Church.' Dismantle the church, along with ATT/Comcast/Verizon, Blackwater, Rupert Murdoch, and the other countless Authoritarian Corps. bred in the 'New World.' ****

  64. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Mention of Battle Creek

    I must say that it is extremely lulzy to see the Battle Creek Enquirer mentioned here. I happen to be a protester from the Battle Creek (Michigan) area, and I never thought that we would have garnered such attention from the other side of the world from such a small community. Though we don't have the huge numbers of larger cities, we make up for it in enthusiasm. -2/10 Epic Win in BC -3/15 Arrest of Protester -4/12 Protest Dance Line

  65. Eduard Coli

    Xenu is not Unex?

    Scientology would have stil lbe n banned if Moon owned YouTube.

    It's really too bad that they usually stick to newspapers.

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