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In Russia, they say the only way to untold software riches is to partner with Microsoft. Or at least that's what Microsoft's Russian operatives are telling people these days. Open Season intrepid correspondent Matt Asay just returned from the land of Mayakovsky and Emma Goldman - a beer spills in Silicon Valley for these …


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  1. Pierre

    Media player

    Never noticed before, but Tux seems to have a much more powerfull blow than the nasty Beastie. Unless we should blame the lifebar discrepancy on the lil devil's lack of armour -unlikely.

  2. Steven Raith

    Dodgy links

    RE the media player, whomever does the dragon punch should win - traditionally does more damage than a hadoken as it can get multiple hits.

    Streetfighter II - fantastic.

    Steven R

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wireshark... New app shocker!

    Come on Boys, this isn't news!

    'Appens Us on coal face 'ave been using it for years to mine packets!

    Used to be called Ethereal, is very nice! But new? Nyop! Might as well talk about that new fangled tcpdump...

    Other than that, usual good mix of ill considered,spurious and inflammatory comments, I's a treacle and I luvs it!:D

    P.S. On restaurants in London, you could do a lot worse than 'Roast'. Last time I was there Kevin Spacey was on the next table, and he's a well know connoisseur of meat...

  4. Pierre
    Thumb Up

    More unrelated stuff

    And whomever tries to bring a penguin down by throwing ice at it desserves to loose anyway. Especially as I strongly doubt a devil's chi is happy to produce ice.

    Now we need to know: is that a deliberate bias from the penguin-loving Reg?

    Actually, given the global warming (which may or may not be artificially created by hippy insiders in the NASA), I would actually expect the ice attack to strenghten Tux!

    We can only hope that the BSD users read this (one would be enough, we can't reasonnably hope that the whole two of them will see this thread!), and a Streetfighter-style flamewar can begin (or should it be an icewar?).

  5. Pierre

    @ Wireshark (AC)

    You mean, you seriously paid attention to the whole thing? I couldn't. I might have a powerfull sound system plugged in, my hysterical laughing covered it when they began to discuss whether everyone was using Gmail, or not. Admitedly, the part about the kids was quite a bit of fun, too.

    I must be some kind of alien or dinosaur, but hey, I'm not that old and still the whole "cloud" thing looks like a no-go to me, as soon as you expect some form of security.

    And you're right, ethereal is unavoidable when you want to seriously keep track of the score in an interdepartmental DOS deathmatch. Ha, memories...

  6. jedd

    Wireshark, HP(UX), cloud schmoud

    The Wireshark (nee Ethereal) 'revelation' dragged me here (too), as the first two clangers weren't sufficient to get me motivated enough to write an ignorable comment about the show.

    MS-Office 'not that expensive' and the whole office thing 'not important' -- this seems wrong, once you've scaled the numbers to match a reasonable-sized organisation. And the bit about needing only 5% of your documents being 'dubious' with a different office application being an imperative to stick with MS-Office, I guess that's down to perspective. From the same starting position you could argue that this is the primary motivator to shift away from a proprietary document format.

    Segue to the brief mention of Sharepoint - my take on that shift was partly SAAS, partly to further limit the potential impact of the OpenOffice and GoogleApps of the world. Sharepoint's a one-way street as far as organisation document management goes - really, there's no coming back from that decision - and from what I've heard the document format for storage is the not-yet-ratified OOXML format. Unsettling stuff.

    HP 'make loads of money from HPUX' .. this claim is simply surreal. PA-RISC is dead, HP-UX releases are consistently delayed (the most recent was 12 months late, IIRC), Intel's commitment for Itanium is ever doubtful, and just look at HP's annual reports on revenue breakdown to see how important this business is to the printer company (and by extension, to Intel). None of this is reassuring for existing users, and utterly not enticing for potential new customers.

    As to clouds .. hmmm .. maybe we could have centralised large-scale servers with everyone attached via long bits of wire .. we could call those servers mainframes, and the client equipment could be some kind of dumb terminal.

    Oh, and you need a flannel-slippers icon.

  7. Steven Raith
    Thumb Up

    Wireshark, and my previous post

    I was quite surprised at the WireShark revelation too - but then I was surprised when someone told me about it, as I had been using Ethereal for that stuff before, I didn't realise that the name had changed! I'm guessing that the Open Season chaps don't have to do much wiretapping - perhaps they have people do to that for them? ;-)

    Thankfully, it's still the bees knees, the wasps nipples, in fact every insect eroginous zone in the western hemisphere, when it comes to seeing what's causing your network to shit itself, for embittered desktop/semi-networkish techs like me. Lovely stuff.

    As for my prevoius comment title [dodgy links] - Ashlee sorted a bad link to the full fat MP3 file within minutes of the article being put up, and before my comment was published, so my comment about it having a broken link was edited out, as it was irrelevant by that time!

    I stand by my claim that the dragon punch is more powerful than the hadoken, and I'm pretty certain it isn't an ice ball, but a fireball or concentrated chi, or something. I think it was Glacious from Killer Instinct who did the ice thing.

    HTH :-)

    Steven R

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Apparently Kip

    is not that uncommon my Dad rents in the Bay area and says there are quite a few of these nightmare landlords he thinks the DA is making an example of him to send a message. My question is if this is common why does anyone want to live there.

  9. Martin Usher

    Russia, Microsoft and Making Money...

    Tinfoil helmet time.... the only software for Windows that's Russian and is commonly available to the general public -- and makes the authors lots of money -- is the Trojan-du-Jour.

  10. Wile E. Veteran


    There is but One True Unix...and it came from Bell Labs.

    Solaris, HP-UX, AIX and TrueUnix are its offspring.

    The BSD's are its legitimate half-children.

    Anything else is an illegitimate wanna-be copycat.

    That ought to ignite the flames :-) :-) :-)

  11. E


    Well it's already been noted, but wireshark is ethereal.

    I must say wireshark kinda bugs me. They nicked ethereal code - OK, it's GPL - and give it a new name and name, and talk it up as if it is somehow new and fantastic: when really they are trading on someone else's work.

    This is similar to audacious, a music player. It is AFAICT exactly XMMS with a new name and new skin. Yet at least the fedora/rh distros trumpet it and denigrate XMMS. What's the point?

    This kind of thing really bugs me, so I'm going to use an emoticon just to make sure nobody mistakes this post for humour.

  12. Christian Berger

    Speex version

    Unless you get better phone connections, you could really do a 4kbit speex version, nobody would notice the difference.

  13. jedd

    E .. stop taking them

    Dude, wireshark didn't 'nick' ethereal code. They had to rename the project due to a copyright conflict against the old name. Bit like netsaint->nagios, and doubtless many other examples. About 15 seconds (wp: wireshark) would have resolved this confusion .. but it's fascinating that you, a seemingly regular user of the software, haven't noticed the transition in the two years since it happened.

    Can you guess what bugs me?

  14. E


    I installed ethereal several years ago from source and never needed to reinstall it, so never noticed why wireshark came about.

    My bad, mea culpa, I was wrong.

  15. Pierre

    @ Wilw E Veteran (kinda delayed)

    BSD is clearly un-luser-f(r)iendly and not ready for the desktop!

    I said it. Ohhhh it feels soooooooooo good! Flamwar orgasm!

  16. Pierre

    @Jedd, Christian (and yay E)

    My old faithfull ethereal ain't broken, so ethereal it was, ethereal it will be. And I'll keep on ignoring the wireshark thing. What kind of name is that anyway? Sysadmins used to be Tolkien minions, fancying elvish-like names. Not script kiddies with Jaws as their only culture. When did the IT world go that bad???? When were high scores in nethack replaced by the number of Facebook "friends" in IT fame competitions?

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