back to article Japanese council worker in 750k smut site pornathon

A Japanese council employee has set what is likely to remain an unbreakable record for surfing porn at work, after visiting an impressive 750,000 smut websites in just nine months at the rate of 20 pages for each minute he was sat at his desk. According to the BBC, the unnamed 57-year-old "works" for the city of Kinokawa in …


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  1. Jesthar

    Is it just me...

    ...or does anyone else think the PFY is not the type to take this kind of challenge lying down?

  2. Secretgeek

    Like a monkey in a zoo.

    I'm surprised it took a virus for this to come (sorry) to light.

    Surely the cleaners would've piped up when his workstation began to look like a pissed up Spiderman had been practising his webby shooting skills.

    Goggles required.

  3. Craig McNeil
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    Bah that's nothing I once worked for The Register and got through two million of Lindsay Lohan nipslip websites in just three weeks.

  4. Ernest
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    Blue Peter Badge!

    Can we make a collective effort to send that man a medal or the ultimate blue peter badge!

  5. Test Man


    ... they didn't notice the increase in downloads from 1 IP address from their server logs before?


  6. Steve Evans

    20 a minute?

    Wow, I'm impressed by the capacity of his pipe!

    It's the one with the Ben Dover film Co logo on the back.

  7. This post has been deleted by its author

  8. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: Blue Peter Badge!

    Hur hur. 'Peter'.

  9. Alex

    Health & Safety - now wash your hands

    no wonder its customary to bow rather than shake!

  10. Les Matthew
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    "...or does anyone else think the PFY is not the type to take this kind of challenge lying down?"

    The PFY has the matter firmly in hand.

  11. Niall


    oh no someones coming, close god damn you. A popup blocker would probably have reduced this figure to one page a day.

  12. Tom Turck
    Black Helicopters

    Employee of the Month

    Impressive accomplishment. He should be awarded employee of the month for such persistence, not demoted. Imagine surfing porn at work until you have gathered enough malware that the system is unusable. Lets hope he also had a huge database of other peoples' financial and personal information on his computer as well, that is now in the hands of the Russian Business Network.

  13. Lisa

    I've done better!

    Lol. I once worked for a small company and managed to download about 50.000 porn pages every day. Then again, my Boss approved this too, since I was working on a web spider application that was searching all over the Internet for webpages with certain keywords on their page, and for stress-testing I used words like "porn", "sex" and "Hilary Duff"...

  14. Nick Pettefar

    Something Fishy

    10,000 grumble pages a day is impossible. Unless the mark is downloading automatically he cannot be looking at so many pages. There is something, most likely something rather large, missing from this story. I think it has been made from the headline rather than the opposite.

    If he spends ten hours a day in his office, 10,000 pages is only 3.6 seconds per page. Not long enough to wank to (unless he's accelerated his body like in Star Trek) and quite a number of those pages will take longer than that to appear on his screen.

    I wonder what is really going on here. Some trick played on him by a rival worker with some computing skills maybe? Someone in the IT department making a colossal mistake? I wonder how they have calculated this? Did they accidentally include the whole council's records?

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Twenty pages a minute?

    Come on, that's just not possible. He must have had a click-fraud bot running on his machine long before the virus that actually drew attention to him.

    Otherwise, he should have been the first human to die of a simultaneous combination of RSI and dehydration ....

  16. Anonymous Coward
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    this guy

    This guy is anons new hero.

  17. Tom
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    pron pwning

    I can only salute this man for singlehandedly making my friday, knowing that there is someone out there with a bigger problem than I.

  18. Anonymous Coward

    Sounds to me like.....

    ....he's just kicked off an auto-download with an offline browser (like Webreaper </shameless plug>) that spiders webpages. They can download thousands of pages per second....

  19. Richard

    [Gets the calculator out]

    (And not just to enter 5318008 and look at it upside down ;)

    It's actually 20 sites per minute during his peak in July. Still 9 per minute for the 9 months is still pretty impressive.

  20. preethi

    Complaints on the raise...

    ... about the broadband speeds we have available in the Blighty.

  21. DV Henkel-Wallace
    Paris Hilton

    bah that's nothing

    When I was young we had to download our porn by handing around stone tablets. And even _then_ we all managed to beat that total. Daily!

    Young whippersnappers, grumble....

    Paris because she can beat that routinely, as downloadeuse and downloadee.

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    obviously I'm missing something...

    but it sounds like this guy just needs a girlfriend....

  23. Anonymous Coward

    @Test Man

    "... they didn't notice the increase in downloads from 1 IP address from their server logs before?"

    What makes you think that bloke was the only one? He was just the poor sod who caught the virus. And then, they didn't sack him - well, they hardly can fire all staff.

    The only thing that puzzles me is it's a Friday's Lester story and there actually _is_ an IT angle.


    Penguin. Because it's nude.

  24. Christoph
    Paris Hilton

    See, that's what happens

    ... if you answer all those viagra and penis enlargement spams

  25. Big Al

    One every three seconds?

    That's what I call a reduced attention span...

  26. James O'Brien
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    My hero

    All I have to say to this is daaaaamn

  27. J-Wick
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  28. Steve


    but, but, but...

    There hasn't been a Paris Hilton story for the last month. You lot are all too busy playing with your weebles and playmobils

  29. Imr Ahm

    southpark "over logged"

    "but it sounds like this guy just needs a girlfriend...."

    Quoted by Randy Marsh: "once you've seen japanese girls puking in to each others mouths you can't just go back to playboy (women/girl friend)"

  30. J

    @Is it just me...

    "take this kind of challenge lying down?"

    Nooooooo... This is a challenge to be taken standing up! Er... sorry. (not)

    Anyway, as several pointed out, 3 pages a minute does not sound he had much fun with each one, so automatic crap vote I, to the porn Samurai.

  31. J
    Paris Hilton


    Did I write 3 a minute? Three a second, of course. Even less fun!

  32. kain preacher

    Only one

    Only one virus ?? Sounds lie he a had a ton of them . I'm surprised he didnt take down the entire network with spy ware viruses and other nasty stuff.

  33. sauerkraut
    Paris Hilton

    bah that's nothing

    I once worked for [insert name of company] and got through [insert impressive number] of Lindsay Lohan nipslip websites in just three weeks!

    ban me from paris hilton stories. please!

  34. Dave
    Paris Hilton

    No wonder the Japanese

    Are stereotyped as having dodgy eyesight, with guys like this around.

    Still everyone in the company now knows his name

    But strangely no-one wants to shake his hand

    Paris, 'cos I bet she was on there somewhere

  35. Anonymous Coward

    Sounds like he had a pop up problem

    boom boom

  36. Shinobi87

    not bad...

    especially onehanded

  37. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    shurly they should have noticed ..

    Shurly they should have noticed by the dried in yogurt stain all over the keyboard. As a former IT repair techie, I speak from a position of authority .. :)

    We send out a brand new PC and it comes back in six weeks later with complaints of not fast enough and 30MB of porn in the cache. What's the matter can't the download rate keep up with your left hand .. ???

  38. The Wanderer
    Paris Hilton


    "Still everyone in the company now knows his name

    But strangely no-one wants to shake his hand"

    Which reminds me... where IS Ivor Biggun when you really need 'im? This sounds like a perfect opportunity for him to whip it* out and toss one off**...

    Paris, 'cos it's be interesting*** to find out how many of that impressive total featured her!

    *his ukulele

    **a song

    **to be honest, not really THAT interested...

  39. b shubin
    Paris Hilton

    Pavlovian response

    did somebody just ring a bell? why am i salivating with the urge to say "Lindsay Lohan nipslips" over and over and over...

    PH, very apropos.

  40. Tony Humphreys

    I assume ...

    I assume they plugged in a new mouse to work on the machine.

    Don't we all hate sticky keys.

  41. inwinter


    He was running some sort of spider/crawler software to cache all the pages for later viewing... seems a more plausible explanation.

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