back to article Toffs' phone maker goes loco over Rococo

Vertu has used an 18th Century French art movement as the inspiration for its latest range of exclusive, overpriced handsets. vertu_rococo_noir Vertu's Rococo handset in noir The Rococo series, which is just one handset available in lots of different bodies, has been designed to celebrate Vertu’s tenth anniversary. The …


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  1. pctechxp

    oh dear

    if I were paying a couple of grand for a phone (frank;y why would you) I'd expect quad-band UMTS AND GSM AND perhaps CDMA to boot (in fact every wireless standard that exists)

    Talk about a rip-off, ah well, least its only the toffs that can afford these things so well fool them for being a Nokia (nasty phone) wrapped in Gold or leather.


  2. skeptical i

    Not exactly Rococo ...

    ... more Art Deco, yes?

  3. Marky W

    @ oh dear

    but comprehensive functionality isn't really the point; these are beautifully crafted pieces of jewelry that also happen to make phone calls. and as someone who only makes voice calls and texts, i'd love one.

    see also:

    patek philippe watch vs. casio calculator watch

    prada handbag vs. a rucksack

  4. Mark Daniels
    Thumb Up

    @ Marky W

    Agree totally.

    I happen to quite like these. But then again, I like Phillipe Starck as well, so who am I to judge.

    Anyone know who makes the radio / MMI for these things ?

    Please let it not be shite in a gorgeous box, like the Bang /Olufsen : gorgeous body around a samsung..... arggggghhhhhhh!!

  5. J-Wick

    @Marky W

    "A Handbag?!!!!"

    (My apologies, Mr. Wilde)

  6. Anonymous Coward
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    @skeptical i

    The hallmark frontages might be v deco but the reverse with the floral designs is more nouveau, which is quasi-rococo, so you're both right :)

    I had one of these phones. Accidentally dropped it in a mug of Lambrini. Honest.

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