back to article LG telly launch gulls Tinseltown stars

LG has taken the wraps off what it claims is the world’s slimmest LCD TV, dubbed Scarlet, following a launch party that made fools of many Hollywood A-List celebrities. Scarlet_front LG's Scarlet: four HDMI ports and a sexy red back Confusingly, Scarlet sets will be sold as LG60 models in the US and under the LG6000 name …


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  1. Alan

    Big bags...

    "the goody bag may have included a free Scarlet TV."

    Now that's a big goody bag if you can fit a 32" TV in there...

  2. Anonymous John
    Paris Hilton

    thinking they were attending the launch of a new TV series.

    Well they were.

    Paris, because I can see her falling for it.

  3. Jamie Kitson
    Paris Hilton

    Thinnest Point?

    "45mm thick at their thinnest point"? Surely 0mm at their thinnest point :)

    Paris, because, you know, she's thick *and* thin.

  4. Adam Foxton


    hmm... doesn't that mean it would be able to work with shutter glasses?

    Ridiculously large (and thin) Stereoscope would be awesome!

  5. Dave Jones

    A Party is a Party

    Free booze, food, publicity. What star would miss it? So it wasn't about a TV series. Frankly my dear, they didn't give a damn.

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