back to article Spyware targets frustrated GTA IV gamers

Gamers desperate to get their mitts on Grand Theft Auto IV are being targeted in an opportunistic spyware scam. Spam emails offer prospective marks free entry to a draw offering a PlayStation 3 loaded with the much-anticipated game as a prize. In reality, these illicit emails are loaded with spyware designed to swipe personal …


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  1. Greg

    Yeah, right...

    "We have had to recruit extra warehouse staff to work through the night to ensure product arrives on the day of launch."

    So that's why up until yesterday my order was shown as "posted on 24/04" then it changed all by itself to "posted on 28/04". Needless to say, no sign of it this morning....

    Sorry Play, you've screwed this one right up. Won't be ordering from them again.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Only a few hours to go

    Currently in work hoping that my months-old pre-order has been delivered.

    If it hasn't i will NOT be a happy camper.

    Oh, the article? Umm, they're idiots for clicking on spam, ect.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Got mine last week

    Illegally of course :) Will still be buying it, bought a new xbox just to play this online as old console was banned!!!

    As for retailers running out, they were delivered to them all last week, wouldn't have hurt to come clean then and admit they didnt have enough and work through lists of pre-orders to let people know their order wouldn't be fulfilled. If you want to blame anyone, blame Take 2, they are the ones responsible, I'm sure they knew there wasnt enough copies, they think the game wouldn't be so popular or something?

  4. Stuart Cherrington

    Sorry to rub it in

    Mine arrived this morning, unfortunately I can't take half day and play it now!!!!!!!

    Bloody Software developers should all burn in hell.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    and for the rest of us.....

    I think I'll quite happily wait until November when it comes out on the PC. Better graphics, better frame rate, easier control and the missus won't winge that she can't watch TV.

  6. Rob


    precisely why I didn't order it online, picked mine up from ASDA first thing this morning, just waiting for home time now...

  7. Nick Davey

    What's all the fuss?

    I went out from the office at lunch time and picked up a copy from the store, Another couple hours and I can go home and play it, sometimes doing things the classic way pays off.

  8. Andy Tunnah

    you think not getting it today is bad ?

    i ordered it last week along with the console and have been told its not getting here or not getting posted til friday


    Preordered - Due for release: 02/05/2008

    was hoping it was some sort of typo or something and got up early this morning to no avail

    so booked friday off from work now hoping it'll come in then

  9. robert
    Thumb Down

    inaccruate title

    this is just spear phishing plain and simple. the fact that its for GTA IV and ps3 is just a new flavor for phishers. whatever is new and popular they will use to spear phish with.

  10. rob

    @ Greg

    Mine said it was posted and they billed me for it on the 24th too, now it says 28th and no sign of it - although point 31 in their T's and C's states they will never charge before posting, it seems they did - I'm still waiting to find out why from their customer services.

    I've just been out and bought one from the local Morrisons, Play can shove it if/when it ever arrives and that's the last order they'll be getting from me too. Bah. They used to be alright.

  11. Dave

    oooh, November

    Can't wait!

    What kind of idiot would actually fall for this spam? Oh, right, most of the country.

  12. Mark
    Gates Horns

    Got mine

    PS3 version, from It said shipped 24/04/2008, but apparantly, shipment was witheld, as it would have arrived too early, I would be suprised if yours is not here today, mine was, 1st class.

    Obviously Play were told by Rockstar not to release early, and at the same time needed to ensure they got to consumers on launch day.

    I loaded it on lunchtime (7min ish install), and watched the intro FMV, and then had to go back to work.

    Have reserved the TV this evening, in exchange for the laptop with the missus :-)

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Halo

    Re: Got mine

    Mark: "Have reserved the TV this evening, in exchange for the laptop with the missus :-)"

    Mark, can't you just let the air out of your 'missus' and put her back in the box for the evening?

    (Surely you don't expect us to believe that you actually found a real woman prepared to endure your one-track PS3 bullshit?)

  14. Anonymous Coward
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    @Greg and Rob

    I'm in the same boat as both of ye. I pre-ordered Resident Evil 4 for the Wii when it was coming out and it arrived on the release date. I thought this would be the same and used to think very highly of No more, cdwow all the way from now on.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    That people who can't wait to play a game called *Grand Theft* are whinging about being the victims of a Grand Theft themselves.

    I just hope this isn't why my bloody ADSL is down again :(

  16. Paul Charters


    'Unprecedented levels of spam'?!? My *rse...

    Every time I turn around it's 'GTA IV is the be-all of the world and anything to do with it is 'unprecedented' and 'never before seen''. I've read 6 reviews of the game and only one actually had even the most basic (and it was exceedingly basic) information on what the game is actually about...and no...I don't mean 'running around stealing cars and driving over people', I mean 'What is the story about?'.

  17. Tom Adair

    Re: and for the rest of us.....

    Rockstar have said they have no plans to make a PC version:

  18. Steve

    Got it, no time to play

    I ordered mine a couple of weeks ago from Tesco since Play, Amazon etc all said they'd exceeded their initial numbers so would be shipped after 1st May. Mine turned up this morning while other people I know who ordered months ago are still waiting.

    But I'm away from this evening so will have no time to look at it until next week or so, so have lent it to one of my friends who hasn't got his copy yet.

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yet Again

    The pirates have shown an efficent distribution system that coped with demand,

    There should have been a massive overstock of the game everywhere, the discs at a factory would cost about 20cents to press and deliver in a case. Leaving retailers with a return policy for unsold stock or just to keep for the tail end of buyers.

    This stupidity is one reason after buying the previous GTA on PS2 and Xbox and PC and runing around trying to find stock on the high street, I must admit I got out the sata cable, flashed the drive and downloaded a copy of it in 20 minutes. And am still waiting for my legit copy to arrive.

    It's pure greed that drives people to steal and to fail to stock.

  20. Kanhef

    re: Yet Again

    "It's pure greed that drives people to steal and to fail to stock."

    In this case, it sounds more like people are getting it by the only means possible, even for those who have paid for the retail boxed version. I see nothing morally wrong with downloading software that you have purchased, but has yet to be delivered. The cheap bastards who want to play but not have to pay have no excuse.

  21. Moss Icely Spaceport
    Thumb Up

    @ Paul Charters


    There's supposed to be a story?

    I just like driving around smashing things and killing everyone.

    Isn't this the sole purpose of the game?

    ...minding the bicycle.....WHAM!

  22. Mark Ashworth

    I took the day off

    It's brilliant... I don't know about the xbox version but on the PS3 it's wonderful to watch and play. Could possibly be one of the best games ever made... It has driving, combat, strategy, sports and sex, drugs and rock and roll.... what more could you want...

    Mine's the one with LCPD logo on the back

  23. Anonymous Coward
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    Had mine ordered from play more or less when it was first available, it didnt arrive with the post (said dispatched on 24) so i called them up, wondering if i'd suffered the light fingered postie problem (had a few packages arrive empty or not arrive at all, play handle them with ease)

    the very nice woman on the phone, sounded a big haggard as just about every call they were having was about gta iv, but she pulled out the tracking number which told us it was out for delivery with parcel force

    so no problems, but maybe they should have put the tracking number on the website so i could track it without bothering them

  24. Neil
    Thumb Up

    Good ol SHOPTO

    Pre-ordered from Shopto and as usual, they delivered on time. Have PS3 version and it's very nice indeed. A massive achievement by Rockstar North. Makes me proud to be British which doesn't happen too often anymore.

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