back to article Rumour-mill rumbles on Apple, Immersion vibro iPhone pact claim

Apple's plans for the evolution of the iPhone could be on shaky ground - in a good way. The company is said to be talking to tactile feedback firm Immersion to build haptics into the handset. Llittle-known Mac news site has claimed an unnamed Apple source told it that senior executives from Immersion and Apple met …


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  1. Liam
    Thumb Down


    "The lack of any form of physical feedback from the iPhone’s keypad is a bone of contention for many users because distinguishing between each key pressed becomes more difficult when relying on vision alone"

    whatever happened to LOOKING AT YOUR SCREEN. the first thing i do with mobiles is turn off the annoying 'beep' every time i press a character.

    anyone using this unless partially sighted just wants their fingers breaking :)

  2. Mark Daniels

    @ Liam

    Hear hear.

    Well said that man.

    Mind you, if you buy one of those over priced blocks of plastic, that calls itself a 'phone, rather than an actual mobile 'phone, then maybe the fingers should be broke to prevent any more waste of money purchases.....


  3. Gildas


    unnecessary and pointless if you can switch them off, unnecessary and very annoying if you can't. My Touch Dual works just fine without throbbing or beeping.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Insertion vibro iPhone?

    It's what all Apple fans have secretly been waiting for - the iPlug.

    Available in 3 sizes to suit every arsehole: Small, Medium, and Steve Jobs.

  5. jai

    how would it work

    the iPhone already makes a click sound when you type a key anyway

    and to be honest, i find i type faster without the sound on, because when it is there, i tend to wait a fraction of a second for the click before pressing the next key. when it's silent, i just type without any pauses.

    is this suggesting that the phone will rumble each time i type a key? will there be a different rumble for each key? otherwise, what is the difference between a vibration and a key click sound?

    or is it... that when you're holding your finger down on the screen and dragging it across the keyboard to get to another key - will it rumble so you can count yourself moving from key to key?

    i can see how that would work - and on the odd occasion when i'm txting and driving and trying not to get arrested by the cops, it would even be slightly useful - but really, how often is anyone going to need it?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Samsung has implemented this technology into their forthcoming phones.

    The idea is that each button gives a vibra feedback every time it is pressed. Saves looking at the keypad and you know for sure you have pressed a key. You can set for a sound beep at the moment but people find the beeps annoying.

    I would welcome this.

  7. jubtastic1

    You lost me

    Is the point of this article that Apple would need to licence the stupefyingly obvious concept of 'phone vibrates annoyingly when key is pressed' or is the suggestion that they couldn't code something that retarded themselves?

    Flames are for the haptic trolls.

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  9. Scott Mckenzie


    Congratulations, thank you very much for updating the rest of the population on the correct choice, we can now all go and purchase the Viewty phone safe in the knowledge that it's "right" "right" for all of us as you've carefully interviewed everyone and assessed their needs and then implemented this study in a controlled fashion to come up with your conclusion.

    Thank you so much.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    @Scott McKenzie

    Oh dear. It sounds like you might get more benefit from the "iPlug". Though you might struggle to fit it up there alongside your head...

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