back to article Harman hack horror has blog backing Boris

Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman's blog defected to the Conservative Party for several hours yesterday, after it fell victim to a hacker. A fake blog post on the site read: "To friends, foes and fans, below is a copy of the resignation letter that landed on Gordon's desk this morning." The entry linked to a spoof Harriet …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Har Har

    Couldn't have happened to a nicer sexist dinosaur from the 70's.

  2. Marvin the Martian

    Forces of Darkness?

    I thought that Boris was the Prince of Blondness? Now I'm confused.

    Alien icon as I'm obviously an ignorant dago/wop/alien.

  3. Mike Crawshaw

    Forces of Darkness II?

    I thought that was Nu Labour????

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Hope they tell her to get stuffed too.

  5. Mike


    Damn, I thought you were revealing she was actually living a double life as the ginger German ex-tennis supremo.

    Then i re-read the headline


    The stab-proof vest with the racquet holder on the back, please

  6. Dr Who

    It was today

    This was spotted in the early hours of this morning by Guido and persisted till about 9am.

    The beauty was that under the link to her blog from her official website ( ) the clever web designer inserted a script to automatically list the latest two blog posts. So the articles showed up both on the backed blog and on her official site.

    The moral - be very careful how you use syndicated content.

  7. Richard

    Sad lack of originality

    It would have been far funnier pointing here: (which I note is for sale...)

  8. Sam

    Was this..

    A sideways "wake up" dig?


  9. brian
    Paris Hilton

    Expect new legislation....

    .... in the next Queen's speech to make it offence to alter blogs by any means whatsoever including editing them which shall also become an offence unless they belong to the opposition in which case deleting them will be mandatory.

    Paris, because after writing about "harridan" Harriet, well.... need I say more?

  10. Anonymous Coward


    .. the tories went behind in the polls once news escaped harperson was crossing the floor

    labour back benchers are hoping for brown to defect next so they can scrape through another term with limitless expenses and stick a few more bags into their golden tax payer backed pensions.

  11. Tom Kelsall


    It wasn't hacked, I've absolutely no doubt.

    Script Kiddie + crap password = site theft.

    Harriet Harman wouldn't know a good password if it jumped up and bit her on the arse.

  12. Frederick Karno

    Tut Tut

    The way that she changes her allegiances the thought of her moving to the otherside of the House wouldn't surprise me in the least if the money was right.

    Oh perhaps her husband looks after the money side of things.....

  13. TeeCee Gold badge

    Forces of Darkness 2.0

    'nuff said.

  14. Nick L

    Spark up

    She's obviously had some of Boris's toke and thinks she's back at University (when weed was of course 9746103 times weaker than the evil 21st century witches' brew so it was quite OK for them to smoke it ...)

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    Not hacked, really? Tell us more!

    @ Tom Kelsall

    So you're sure it wasn't hacked. Unless you are one of the minions or one of the hackers then how would you know?

    The website is back up and the blog is still down... looks very much like their is some vulnerability in the blog system being used, that has been exploited (hacked) to make the hilarious change in site content.

    The original blog that reported the issues is also offline. Ah the revenge of Nu Layburr.

    BTW: Harriet once had a good password jump up and bit her in the arse. She caught rabbies, gave it to a puppy from Sri Lanka and now three other folk are going to be foaming at the mouth! ALL BECAUSE SHE LET THAT GOOD PASSWORD GET HER!

  16. Dominic Thomas
    IT Angle

    A slow-moving target

    She just admitted in an interview on the Sky News channel (Sunday morning) that her ID was "harriet" and her password "harman". In reply to Adam Boulton's raised eyebrow she said "You have identified that I'm perhaps not as security conscious as I should be". Indeed...

  17. Ishkandar

    @Tom Kelsall

    Please !! Do you have to use such absolutely sick imagery in a family-friendly rag like this ?? Who, in their right mind, would *WANT* to bite her ?? Even king cobras will die of poisoning !!

  18. Mike Richards Silver badge

    Worth remembering this...

    ...the next time a government minister talks about the security of ID cards, why the police need 42 days to crack strong encryption or the protection they apply to CDs.

    Then laughing very hard.

  19. DR
    Paris Hilton

    conservative hackers

    am i hearing you right?

  20. Simon.W
    Paris Hilton

    How many more times is this...

    government going to show they know fcuk all about I.T.

    I'm just waiting for the government to speak up about how they do know about I.T because all the school league tables are based around intelligence tests.

    Paris; because she is 2**(lost ids) more aux fait with computering than Nu Labour

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I wonder...

    ....what her other passwords, security arrangements are then?

    Does "Open Sesame" give you access to the Members Private Lounge?

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