back to article 'Safe' mobile phone battery firm goes titsup

Exradia Limited, the company selling batteries that protect users from potentially harmful radiation, has gone into liquidation owing thousands of pounds to suppliers. London-based Exradia Limited, the UK operation of US parent Exradia Inc, was set up in September 2006 to market "Angel" batteries, that apparently contain a …


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  1. Andrew Moore


    >including £65,000 in staff bonuses in 2007.

    Which was probably split £64,000 between the 2 directors and £1000 for everyone else.

  2. Tim

    so it protects by EMITTING radiation!

    No wonder it failed, No single report has conclusively proved that the uniform radiation that they seem to think is emitted causes cancer, infact they cant really prove anything.

    Still, you can make money of anyone who panics these days. I think i will start a battery company that helps prevent terrorist attacks (by emitting anti terror radiation)

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    So to combat people being injured by radio...

    ... they're going to pump more of it at them? Either it's going to be completely ineffective or it'll cause even more problems.

    Also, mobile phones are pretty much safe.

    Thumbs up as I'm glad they went out of business. Scaremongers like this usually do...

  4. Phil Huff
    Paris Hilton

    I've got one of these

    No really, I do. I was sent it free to trial it.

    Since using it in my SE phone for the last year or so, I've lost weight, got a new car and been on holiday to Las Vegas and Shanghai. There's no actual evidence that they could be linked to the battery, but it's got to be more than just coincidence.

    Hasn't it?

  5. Tim J
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    @Tim Re: Anti-Terror batteries

    Where do I get one? Together we can defeat the evil alkquaedaline terrorists who threaten our world with their powerful zinc and manganese dioxide reactions,

  6. Steve Liddle

    loudspeakers easier :)

    Tend to use the loudspeaker option on personal and work phone, use it more or less like the star trek communicator - it's held in front of the face about a foot away, no more headaches by having it next to the ear :)

  7. Captain DaFt

    Two comments

    @Tim: Don't call it anti terror radiation! You'll frighten potential customers with those words, Instead say,"Generates a comforting, terrorist free field." The sucke... er, customers will come flocking! (Geez, doesn't anybody pay attention to market speak anymore?)

    @ Steve Liddie: So that was YOU bellowing on the bus? How're them hemorrhoids coming along? (Everybody within earshot heard about them!)

  8. Andy Worth

    Anti-terrorist batteries......

    I can see the advertising campaign standing using a phone with a normal battery, being harrassed by a heavily bearded Bin-Laden lookalike.....cut to the man with the patented "terrorstop" battery and the same terrorist being held back by an invisible field like a mime artist.

    Also, scientific tests have proven that the field radiated from the anti-terror battery will stop a terrorist bullet before it reaches your head. Money back if you are not satisfied.....

  9. crayon


    they get bonuses for having not sold a product that isn't available yet?

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