back to article BOFH: PFY's mum pays a visit

"And this is... uh... where I work >click<" the PFY says, opening the door briefly before closing it again and walking off. Curious... Moments later, the PFY is back and the door opens again briefly with a quick, "Ahh, my desk is the one over there. >click<" Curiouser... A short time later the door reopens once more and …


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  1. Echowitch

    /bow Simon

    ROFL fantastic, I was a bit worried to begin with but its nice to see that the PFY's habits run in the family :)

  2. Kevin Johnston


    I sit in awe, once I'd picked myself up off the floor. This opens avenues too scarey to think about whilst at the same time I have to know

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Nice twist!

    Unexpected yet very funny! The BOFH-gene is carried by females too, so it seems...

  4. Kevin Ede
    Thumb Up


    The title says it all.

  5. Tom

    My Mum's better than your Mum...

    My Mum was pure evil personified, she had to be to succeed in her profession, or perhaps vocation, as a school dinner lady. Hell hath no fury like a dinner lady scorned.

  6. Alan Parsons
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    ...It was my own dear mother who taught me all about marking home directories read only, wall -a "This box going down for patching in 10 minutes" and then shutting it down 30 seconds later..

    Keep it up! Great stuff.

  7. HFoster
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    The apple never falls far from the tree

    Another sterling installment of BOFH. Brilliant!

  8. Steven Raith


    For BOFH on a friday. :-)

  9. Chika

    Just a thunk...

    Are we to see a visit from Simon's mother at any time? The BOMFH!

  10. Chris Cheale
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    k... laughing out loud in the middle of the office gets you some funny looks around here :)

  11. Mike Wood

    The OAP Strikes Back

    Brilliant, nice little twist.

    Now where can I get a liberal parent like that???

  12. DM

    The PFY's mum...

    ...isn't scared of Bill Ray.

  13. Luke Wells


    An excellent unexpected ending. I was expecting her to whack him over the hear with her handbag, not whip out the old high voltage battery tester

  14. amanfromMars Silver badge

    The Full Monty ... Nutty as a Fruit Cake. ... and a National Treasure.

    ""Tell me," I say, addressing myself to the septuagenarian with the unlicensed stunner. "One thing I've always wanted to know... Is everyone on your home planet a psychopath?""

    To which one could fully expect Gran to answer ..... "Oh, goodness gracious me, not all of us, dear, some of us much prefer the milk and honey sociopath root."

    "Now, how's the boy getting on? Showing Promise? We wouldn't want him letting the side down, not whenever there's so much free space available to spread his wings and Lord and Laud, Load and Lode IT over. Did I tell you that his nest at home is full of cuckoos? Not much good for anything, these days ....Cuckoos."

    And the heart because everyone adores an ageing Granny.

  15. Tim Maidment
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    nice twist, all sorts of opportunities for a returning character there...

  16. Michael Jolly

    less like..

    ..My mum more like my nans, excellent BOFH

  17. Darren Brooke

    now i know i'm going mad...

    ...AMFM made sense


  18. Tim


    She runs a tight ship... why was the pfy so coy about his workplace... he must have been brainwashed to see her through rose-tinted specs... despite everything! BOFH has some nerve for that last remark!

  19. David Ross Smith

    It's a miracle!

    Finally, a comment from amanFromMars that actually makes kinda sense!

    And great BOFH too!

  20. Duncan Robertson
    Paris Hilton

    The perfect "something for the weekend"

    BOFH. On a Friday. Brilliant!

    Paris because having her under my desk on a Friday is the only way it could get better...

  21. Rick Giles

    RE: lolz

    "k... laughing out loud in the middle of the office gets you some funny looks around here :)"

    If I don't laugh occasionaly, people start using a lot of backup media and pulling there PCs off the network.

  22. Ideala2

    @ Simon & El Reg, In general

    More and more I find myself craving for a month of fridays, on which I can read the BOFH - I've exhausted all the archives, and I fear I would now be a nervous wreck come 2.00 on friday without it.

    Kudos on another brilliant episode - and character.

    What is quite worrying though Is that lately, I've been able to understand aManfromMars... It's wrong. Will someone please check on him?

  23. Robbin Nichol
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    Reminds me

    of me dear old Mum!

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    That best academy, a mother's knee. (James Russell Lowell)

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Does it count...

    ... that my great aunt is pushing 90 and fare-dodges for kicks?

  26. JP Strauss
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    Although, this would've been brilliant as a special mother's day installment.

  27. Dex


    ..I always thought they said women and technology didn't mix? (the lovely Sarah Bee at Vuture Central excluded for obvious reasons :-D *bows down*)

  28. David Precious
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    Pure excellence :)

  29. Fluffykins

    Which reminds me

    Did you hear about the bit of red tarmac that was forcibly detained in a mental institution?

    Apparently he was thought to be a bit of a cycle-path




  30. Darkside

    @ Dex

    Women invented beer, textiles, ceramics, information technology...

    and of course heavier-than-air flight.

  31. Daniel B.

    Female BOFHen

    I still remember back in my college years when a female C.S. student went on to learn how to use the Cisco Catalyst switches ... just to be able to disable ports/change VLAN to those who had the bad idea of messing with her or playing their mp3's a tad too loud...

    Or back in the days, that chick that went monkeying around with UNIX, and found out how to lock other people's X sessions on the workstation labs...

    Oh yes, the ladies have the BOFH gene all right!

    Mine's the one with the 300 amp cattleprod...

  32. Conor
    Paris Hilton


    One of the best installments yet! It's nice to finally find out where PFY gets it from.

    PH because she gets it from everyone.

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Family issues

    So, his mum's on the north side of 70? Not so much a PFY anymore then, is he?

    And if my memory of continuity (I know, I know) is right, this would make her the sister of the CEO back when the PFY was hired? No, check that -- sister-in-law, surely.

  34. On Dego
    Jobs Halo

    Special: Perfect Fried Account bucket - 4 piece/2 GBP

    Daniel B.,

    Lest you forget, your 300 amp cattleprod is useless w/o the 3 phase voltage connection.

  35. A J Stiles

    @ Mycho

    Aren't over-60s exempt from paying bus fares anyway?

    Mind, I used to **forge** bus tickets .....

  36. Michael


    The perfect ending to a shitty friday. :) Thanks Simon!!!

  37. Gordon Grant
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    Wow nice twist, and you'll need to get that "extra" header sorted out won't you or else have "mom" fix it for ya...

  38. Dex


    Did they know they'd annoy us that much that we needed a liquid relief? ^_^

    The REAL question here though - is she a MILF?

    BOFH always brightens up the Friday!

  39. Dex
    Jobs Horns

    @ HFoster

    PFY's mum a Mac user? heaven forbid!

  40. Ren


    BOFH and his PFY keep getting better and better...!

    BTW, the PFY is getting a bit long in the teeth to still be called "youth" no ?

  41. John Gamble

    Superb, But...

    You still need to explain the fear of librarians.

    Still, I understand. Get the patient's family history first.

  42. Dex


    Maybe in this day and ages it's more PFY - Pimply Faced Yob?

  43. Anonymous Coward
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    Pure evil genius

    Nothing to add.

  44. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @A J Stiles

    Yes I think so but she still finds other things to faredodge on, going way out of her way if need be.

    As I understand it my great uncle married her long ago for a laugh he is still having.

  45. Xinh


    Yet another classic. It does run in the family. Now to go deal with the wife who was wondering what I laughing at.

  46. Chris Hamilton

    Absolute genius....

    Could there be an entire family of BOFH's and PFY's out there???

  47. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @An entire family of BOFHs?

    Why of course.

  48. Andy G
    Thumb Up

    Absolute . .

    genuis !!!

    i didnt see THAT twist coming hehehhe

    Top Man !!

  49. Nathanael Bastone

    Brilliant - Amazing

    The best for ages!

    Now lets meet a relative of Simon :P

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