back to article FreeBSD developer Kip Macy charged with tenant terror

Prominent FreeBSD developer Kip Macy has been charged with waging a campaign of terror against people renting apartments in a six-unit building he owns. He stands accused of cutting out floor supports to retaliate against a tenant who went to court to keep from being evicted. According to San Francisco prosecutors, Macy also …


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  1. Herby

    Go rent the movie...

    Pacific Heights:

    Tenants vs. Landlords - makes for a good story. Who do you believe, one never knows.

  2. Daniel B.

    It figures

    BSDers are known for being aggresive against other groups, like Linux users. Just check out Theo de Raadt:

    Of course, it seems that Macy forgot that physical aggression usually lands you in jail. Oops.

  3. Pierre


    BSDers are satanic cultists anyway. Just check their mascot. Penguins are rather placid creatures, that's why you'll never see a Linux major figure involved in, say, a murder case. Hum, wait...

    OK, so the Free Software community is full of filthy criminals, right. I say, we pass a law that makes the possession of any FS-related material a criminal offence. Better, a "suspicion of terrorist plot". Go straight to Guantanamo, do not pass go, do not collect 200.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture


    Comments along the lines of "This group has a reputation for ..." aren't terribly helpful.

    Compare with the statement: "Linux developers are known for allegedly murdering their wives."

    It's clearly sensationalist reporting -- is El Reg running out of material?

    Come on, guys, propagating the Modern Coliseum meme makes you just as bad as the Home Office...

  5. kain preacher

    I can understand

    It can take 18 months to get rid of a non paying renter in SF.

  6. Bruce Walker

    General Ization, Sir!

    @Daniel B.: with your keen senses and razor-sharp wits you have really sussed the true nature of all those BSDers. I can certainly see where your logic is leading to. You are no doubt expecting that his tenants were Linux users that Macy had lured there in order to torment.

    Macy is *very* lucky indeed that he had not encountered that other, somewhat less common kind of Linux user, The Violent Wife-Murdering Filesystem Developer. One can only just imagine what a terrible scene the police would have encountered ...

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