back to article Dell waves goodbye to 1100 Canadians

Dell is shutting down a call centre in Ottawa, with the loss of 1,100 jobs. The company told CBC news today that it has already issued 500 lay-off notices, and the rest of the jobs are to go in June. It is keeping on 100 sales support employees at the Ottawa site. Dell said the closure will enhance efficiencies, and pointed to …


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  1. Tom
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    So long Dell

    It was so nice to be able to call support and speak to another Canadian, if I have to listen to some one in India reading a check list (yes it's plugged in) I might as well buy HP.

  2. Nate

    Closed because...

    Americans couldn't understand them due to the accent and politeness.

    Mine's the red/black plaid one that smells like beer and hockey, eh.

  3. Ian Thompson

    bye ottawa

    If anyone in Ottawa didn't see this coming after they shut down Edmonton. they should give their head a shake.

  4. Jonathan McColl

    Farewell to major sales

    After the hyped arrival is the rather underhyped departure. Remind me where it's said that Big Companies care about anything that does not relate to the profit margin? They will have taken into consideration that this will not help Dell's sales in Canada: that's dozens of orders just thrown out the window.

    Still, as the Indians (in India, not First Nations) get paid more and more, maybe the jobs will return...

  5. Donald Atkinson

    The Canadian dollar is strong

    Canadian workers are not inexpensive anymore so bye bye Canucks.

  6. foof

    Duuuudde, you've been Dell'd

    Good riddance.

    With Dell's reputation on par with eMachine's and Packard Bell, we don't need to support such a low end crap peddler. Better to send the jobs to India and not be associated with such wankers.

  7. Mike
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    Dell Day

    I guess now they can call it F*ck Dell day. I sure hope the government didn't give Dell some "tax incentives" to park their call centre in Ottawa. If they did I'd be inclined to ask for them back.

  8. Daniel B.

    Now I'll understand less...

    So that means my odds of getting an English native speaker have dropped even more. :(

  9. Action Bastard


    You haven't been 'Canucked'. You've been hosed.

    Take off, eh.

    BTW, nice tooque.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    What a bunch of ...

    Dull-holes (should think of dill-holes). I have myself never bought a Dull but I have had the pleasure of working with tech support based in Canada - always great to deal with people who don't clutch scripts when speaking. Dull sucks and I hope this helps them sink further into their well deserved oblivion.

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