back to article South Koreans clone sniffer dog

South Korea has begun training seven puppies cloned from a Canadian labrador retriever named Chase, reckoned by the country's customs officials to be their best sniffer dog, the BBC reports. The mutts were produced by an unnamed biotech outfit at a cost of about 300m won (£150,000, $300,000) using the somatic nuclear cell …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    One for Customs, six for the pot?

    What's the betting that they end up "in the pot"?

    Mines the one with the studded collar and the lead in the pocket

  2. Lee T.


    only the men were replicants, the animals are merely artificial. /pedant

  3. Chris Collins

    Eating dogs and working dogs

    The Koreans have separate types of dogs, much in the same way we have beef and dairy herds. They eat the fat little chow thing. The Vietnamese and Philipinos eat dogs. You could be missing out.

  4. Danny

    Play Ball

    There is a huge assumption here that its genetics that determine the dogs willingness to play ball...or rather not play ball and play sniff sniff...

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Damn! Beaten to it

    I think I should add that this might be in the new edition of the local cook book - "100 ways to wok your dog"

  6. TimBiller
    Thumb Up

    @ Lee T

    "only the PEOPLE were replicants, the animals are merely artificial. /pedant"

    There, fixed that for you ...


  7. Ian Ferguson

    Eating dogs

    I can never quite understand why everyone is so ready to poke fun at South-east Asians for eating dog. Diet varies across the globe, get used to it, it's what makes travelling so interesting.

    The Vietnamese pot-bellied pig is kept as a pet; does that mean we should stop eating pork?

    Other countries are just as happy to eat horse meat, dog, kangaroo, goat, etc.; just because we are entirely unadventurous and let our eating habits be controlled by a few major food supplier chains doesn't mean everyone else is wrong.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Don't you mean

    "the price may eventually come down to a mere $50,000 a pop." Don't you mean ... " a mere $50,000 a pup."?

  9. David Shepherd

    @Damn! Beaten to it

    Yes, but after the "a dog's not just for Christmas, its very nice in sandwiches on Boxing day" campaign there's a whole new realm of "now there's a dog for everyday" advert.

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  11. Ssithl Koumori

    Sure you didn't mean...

    $50 000 a pup

  12. Karl Lattimer

    eating dog...

    personally I wouldn't want to eat anything that spends half its life licking its own arse and the other half licking its balls.

    Call me old fashioned.

  13. Dan
    Thumb Up

    @Ian Ferguson

    yes ian, exactly right. its high time the supermarket chains in this country made dog meat available to the masses. i've always said us stuffy, unadventurous brits need to bloody well cast aside our conservative tastes and eat more domestic animals. personally, i'd like to see hamsters, guineau pigs and cute kitty cats on the menu in mcdonalds too. let the cavery commence.

  14. Will


    Seeing as we're going to branch out our nation's tastes for [The Other White Meat]s, I've got A Modest Proposal for you...

  15. E


    Are they also working on direct mind to computer identity transfer?

  16. G Fan
    Dead Vulture


    "personally I wouldn't want to eat anything that spends half its life licking its own arse and the other half licking its balls." but eating animals that spend half their life eating their own vomit (cows/ruminants) or faeces (rabbits), or anything that will fit in its mouth (pigs) doesn't upset you?

    Dog is actually quite tasty: very lean meat, firm texture, slightly nutty flavour. Try it sometime - you can have my neighbour's yappy little thing after I kill it for waking me up at 6am on a Saturday next time!

    I prefer salted and dried dog (like biltong, only with salt).

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @eating dog...

    "personally I wouldn't want to eat anything that spends half its life licking its own arse and the other half licking its balls."

    But you're ok with eating something that throws up, chews, and then swallows its food 4 times? (Cow)

    Eats fish crap (Prawns)


  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    RE: Karl Lattimer

    Do You kiss your wife?

  19. Xander Dent

    @AC "RE: Karl Lattimer"

    Funniest Comment Ever.

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