back to article US court beats up FTC over Rambus 'patent ambush' ruling

Rambus, the fast memory designer, has won its appeal to overturn a 2004 Federal Trade Commission anti-trust ruling. The DC Court of Appeals today decided that the FTC had not established that Rambus had harmed the competition and "therefore that the Commission failed to demonstrate that Rambus' conduct was exclusionary and …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    Typical. And they accuse judges of other countries to be corrupt.

    Paris, cause she's corrupt too.

  2. Eric Dennis
    Jobs Horns

    More crooks

    So what now?

    They go back and sue every memory manufacturer, claiming that they own all the patents to every type of memory made by everyone and now they all have to pay Royalties?? This nonsense started when Intel dropped RAMBUS memory as the memory of choice for the Pentium 4 when it was clearly proven to be out performed by SDRAM. So, out of spite because no one wanted to buy their junk memory, they suied memory manufacturers for patent infringement? Maybe the bloke who invented the " ink pen" should sue every company who makes them on the grounds that it is patent infringement. Where does the nonsense end??

  3. Chris C


    So let me get this straight... RAMBUS joins a *STANDARDS* committee in an attempt to create a universal *STANDARD* for computer memory. RAMBUS provides technological information to the standards committee. RAMBUS does not disclose that they hold one or more patents on this technology. Draft becomes standard. World memory makers adopt standard. Memory becomes popular. RAMBUS sues for patent infringement.

    Yeah, um, how's that not exclusionary or monopolistic? To purposely hide that you hold patents in technology, technology you are proposing to make into a standard, is nothing less than fraud.

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