back to article Google (re-)branded world's greatest brand

At least one Strategy Boutique believes that Google is the most powerful brand on the planet. On Monday, Millward Brown released its annual list (PDF) of the world's top 100 brands, and for the second year running, it's convinced that Google is the best of the best. Millward Brown also says that brands are important. "This …


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  1. Sceptical Bastard
    Dead Vulture

    No Vultures?

    The Register doesn't appear on the list of 1oo top brands. Shome mishtake, shurely?

  2. Anonymous Coward

    i cant believe it!


    No "theRegister" or the "BOFH".

    What is the world coming to.

  3. frank denton
    Thumb Up

    The power of El Reg

    Having seen the reference to 'Miss Ida's Pickled Pigs' Feet' in this El Reg article, I now feel that I must try some.

    That's what I call power!

  4. Geoff Mackenzie

    Millward Brown Optimor

    Bet that brand's pretty far down the list ...

  5. Jason Hall

    PR company

    What - a PR company says that brands are important?

    Now why would they say that I wonder?

  6. Pete

    Schoolboy error

    "Our data shows that strong brands continue to outperform weak ones in terms of market share and share price during recessions."

    No it doesn't. It shows that companies who perform well and have a large market share, will have a more well-known name. Which is pretty obvious.

  7. Pete Silver badge

    didn't we have this a week or two ago?

    Last time this came up, a few weeks ago, wasn't it apple or mac or summat that was the "world's most successful brand"?

    Maybe this lot polled a different group (from a different world - google earth?) to get a different result. Oh well, I suppose it's just another excuse for a piss-up and someone, somewhere gets another plaque to hang up next to the same one they awarded themselves last year.

    Awards are like standards. If you don't like one, just choose another

  8. Steve

    Tautology, surely

    "Our data shows that strong brands continue to outperform weak ones in terms of market share and share price during recessions."

    Surely the measure of a "strong" brand will be that it outperforms other brands in terms of market share and profitability which are then weak by comparison. Essentially he is just saying;

    "Strong brand is strong".

    We can file this with other insightful pearls of wisdom such as "fire bad, tree pretty" and "don't eat yellow snow".

  9. SpitefulGOD
    Gates Halo


    I've always thought that there's a mass market still not being exploited in advertising, I mean why not tattoo porn stars with brand names?

  10. Chris
    Thumb Up


    With the *ahem* size of some of the stars, you could tatto so many brands on a particular body part that it'd end up looking like NASCAR.

  11. Ken Roberts
    Thumb Up

    It's already been tried ...

    ... about 3 years ago, I forgot her name, but a female had already advertised on E-Bay that she would advertise on her most prominently visible parts.

    I'm not sure how much money she made on it, but she received several very good offers.

  12. Mark SPLINTER


    It is a total coincidence that big companies have memorable logos. Logos are a stupid waste of time, etc etc.

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