back to article Orange signs up testers for mobile newspaper service

Orange has started a trial using eBook readers to deliver newspaper and magazine subscriptions over their 3G network, in much the same way as Amazon's Kindle e-book reader. The trial involves 150 French guinea-pigs who have been equipped with devices described as having Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, and access to subscriptions to …


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  1. dervheid

    Sounds good, but...

    you can't beat the smell fom a freshly opened "glossy mag"!!

    Mind you, if the screen is wipe-clean, fluid resistant...

  2. John Browne

    yeah but no but yeah but no but

    Unfortunately the Illiad is stupidly expensive and achieving portability by sticking a dongle in the top of it seems a bit silly.

    The Amazon Kindle has to be one of the ugliest devices I've ever seen

    The sony Prs-505 is the best looking and feels really solid and the leather cover makes sure it doesn't get damaged unfortunately it has no Wireless and the Bookeen isn't bad either.

    Roll on faster refresh e-paper displays and colour. They really are far easier to read from for extended periods of time than traditional TFT or LCD displays.

  3. Tall
    Thumb Up

    I would say - "fortunately PRS-505 has no wireless "!

    I would say - fortunately PRS-505 has no wireless !

    It's the best device I ever used, perfect for storing and reading books.

    It serves the purpose just rigth, I really don't want to see RSS feeds or any other internet crap when I am on the road. Plenty of that on my office PC....

    If you want colour you will get backlight and glare - no thanks!

  4. Robert Flatters
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    Why not the UK as well

    The one thing i would like to know why isnt it been trailed over here in the UK as well.

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