back to article D-Link touts telly as remote PC screen

Networking specialist D-Link today launched a gadget that lets you use your TV as your PC's display - remotely. The PC-on-TV Media Player - aka the DPG-1200 - essentially grabs your computer's display output, pulls it over a wireless network and shows it on your telly. The box comes with a trackball-equipped remote control so …


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  1. Martin Lyne


    S-Link? :)

  2. Elmer Phud

    nothing new

    I've played around with Orb on the Wii to operate the PC from my telly.

    A bit sluggish but (apart from the Wii) it's free.

  3. Stu

    DVI -> HDMI?

    This 'small-print' stuff needs abolishing from the get go - just imagine how many people who paid good money for this to find they couldn't even do DirectX visuals over it. This stuff should be in plain text on the rear of the box, not hidden in a manual. Derty money-grabbing feckers.

    It all seems to me you could just run a DVI to HDMI cable straight to your telly.

    Sure its not wireless, and cable runs are short, but all the advantages are there - no extra box to stash under your telly draining power when not in use, no sacrifice of your WiFi traffic bandwidth, full support for DirectX and any visual content, lag free and inherently real-time, no limits on picture resolution except that of your TV, oh and a good cable will cost about 1/10th the price of this pile of junk.

    Seems to me that a DVI->HDMI cables advantages outweight the disadvantages 3:1.

    NO SALE.

  4. Tom

    ...and for the same price or less... could get a (not so old) 2nd-hand lappy or slimline PC box with the relevant video-outs and bung a TV-friendly OS on it (and get yourself a generic remote of some kind too I should have thought) ...Share a few folders over your network, perhaps run remote desktop, set up myth, and - ah okay, it's not particularly plug and play, but probably a more involved and pleasing method for a lot of El Reg readers :-)

  5. Dangerous Dave

    or just get.....

    a chipped Xbox, and stream all your media from your PC using samba :)

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