back to article Japan: Wii Mario Kart more popular than PSP erotica

A claim that Wii game Mario Kart has been outsold by a breast-baring erotic videogame in Japan have been overinflated, recent sales figures. Bokudake_no_Kajitsu Bokudake no Kajitsu: not for the kids Several websites this week claimed that the PSP smutware Bokudake no Kajitsu - which translates as Only My Fruit - has been …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    "a wild stab in the dark"

    Surely "we're groping around in the dark" would have been a better pun; unless you're implying that The Register is staffed with the kind of people who go into a knife-wielding rage when confronted with breasts. Like in that film.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    MarioKart, best game ever

    I played mariokart for the WII last night for the first time. I must say it is absolutely fantastic.

    There has not been a game that made me jump out of my chair and shout so loudly in years.

    All the kids were standing around looking at the two owl lads shouting at the TV like, well like little children.

    Fantastic game, getting it tomorrow for myself

  3. Richard


    I know it says 'erotica' in the title, but I wasn't actually expecting Hentai splashed across my office screen.

    Some quick minimising and a bit add blocking of images and I could read the article in peace. A bit of notice would've been nice though.

  4. John Macintyre


    Guys guys guys, I accept that the title clearly states PSP erotica, but under the assumption there's not images attached! NSFW label please!

    To be fair, in a country surrounded by vending machines that turn dirty after 10pm etc Wii Mario Kart is probably a welcome break from the available pron fest they have (do they race faster than other countries as they try to get to the pron quicker?)

    All we need now is Wii pron, it's not like the device isn't ready for such a thing with the various controllers... special case for the two remotes perhaps...

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Sony Hypocrisy

    Funny that this game is allowed because strictly speaking it is a UMD Video. They allow adult Video content on a games console, but not adult Video Game content.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    same they never translate their decent ero and ecchi games...

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    oh and

    It's almost certaintly a visual novel/dating sim of some sort where you make decisions at various points that move you down various story archs. Nowdays they also tend to have mini games in them.

    Some games are deep and interesting, others funny and exciting and more then a few dull repetative porn fests.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    it isn't the first such title on the psp, I know they did Comic Party for the PSP and I'm pretty sure they did Clannad, there are probably more though.

    If memory serves the DS has a few ecchi titles too.

  9. ratfox


    You'll understand when you're older, I think...

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wii pr0n

    I thought one of the widely touted reasons for not allowing homebrew on the Wii was that someone would instantly use the wiimote for a self-pleasure-simulator. Never quite understood why they would though ... because it's more acceptable when playing with your mates?

    Anyway, thirded the NSFW request! Keep finding that the NSFW isn't put into the headline when they first hit the RSS feed as well!

  11. moogles1234
    Paris Hilton


    I wouldn't consider a girl in a swimsuit NSFW, its same thing you'd see during summer on the MSN page with ads. Might want to lookup "hentai" on google.. its very very different then whats in this article :P

  12. Mad Hacker

    You call that NSFW?

    I can't imagine why that wouldn't be safe for work. A drawing of a girl in a bikini?

    But then I didn't have a problem with the picture of Saddam Hussein after his execution that The Register chose to show as well. I also didn't understand why some people considered that NSFW. It was news. News is truthful, news can be ugly. I cannot imagine an employer having a problem with that.

  13. Matt Kemp

    Re: MarioKart, best game ever

    I'd definitely say it's fun, and the Wii wheel attachment works fantastically well - the only thing I'd say is that it is the single most infuriating game I own for it.

    The increase to 12 racers and increased number of powerup boxes means that it's mentally hectic - you can drop from first to 12th in one easy jump. I guess that's part of Mario Kart though, and it's great in multiplayer for smacktalk - the only problem is you can't fit the wrist strap on easily, so in single player the temptation to throw that bastard across the room is so hard to resist.

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