back to article Ofcom lifts the lid on L-band bidders

UK regulator Ofcom has published the list of approved bidders for the forthcoming L-Band spectrum. L-Band fits between 1452 and 1492MHz, and Ofcom has decided to split the band into 16 small lots, 1.7MHz wide each, and one big chunk (at the top of the range) of 12.5MHz across. We can't tell who's planning to bid for what, but …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    Arquive? who the hell are they? All though they sound like they must be a competitor to Arqiva. I wonder if they will give me a job?

    - Mines the one with Broadcast engineer written on the back

  2. Anonymous Coward


    "The Joint Radio Company" - oh what a joke.

    They were planning to build their own Private Mobile Radio (PMR) network just under a couple of decades ago, so that different company vehicles could use networks such that in an emergency teams from accross the UK from different energy companies could work together. Vodafone suggested they work with them (a deal involving equity) to build a GSM based network, the Electricity Companies have many radio towers all over the UK and their communications networks were top notch - attractive to Vodafone in the race to get coverage.

    What did the JRC decide - no, this whole cellphone thing was a fad, Vodafone would not succeed. Yup, they would build their own little private network based on old Marconi radio technology. The Power Companies were very wealthy, they could afford to play as they liked. Some companies individually rented Vodafone space on their towers for a bit of cash but involvement in a commercial communications network was out of the question.

    What a missed opportunity.

    Thanks to El Reg I now know the JRC is still in existence; a bit like discovering a dinosaur is still alive !

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Adolphus Limited is registered to a solicitor's office in James Street..."

    James Street where?!?

  4. Paul

    Strange Failure

    "but with DAB already offering a range of BBC content (thus with no advertising) and failing so badly"

    It's true that DAB could be doing better but with 6.5m receivers it's outsold the iPod. Is that product 'failing so badly' too?

  5. pctechxp

    Wonder what...

    O2 are planning to do seeing as they cant roll out 3G properly/deny their prepay customers full 3G speed.

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