back to article El Reg celebrates 10th birthday

We're delighted to report that El Reg earlier this week celebrated its tenth anniversary as a daily publication with a right royal piss-up in the very Central London hostelry where the world's favourite IT website was born. We cannot, for state security reasons, name the location in question, but our official snapper was on …


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  1. David Webb

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday to you etc.!

  2. Slaine
    Black Helicopters

    happy birthday

    ...and now we know what you look like. Good job we don't know where you live.. yet.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Did I see lager? Spits.

  4. adnim


    Well done Reg, keep up with the irreverent cynicism that identifies The Register as by far the best IT news source.

    Thank you for existing.

  5. dodge
    Thumb Up

    Words fail me

    They really do.

    But cheers to the crew anyhoo.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Hmmm... Lester...

    "...which destroyed a rather fetching snap of him downing a full bottle of Tia Maria in one hit"...


    "Sitting in the corner on my own with my Orange Juice".

  7. Steven

    Nice one guys 'n' gals

    Good to see the faces behind ASCII characters so to speak!

  8. Jocke Selin
    Thumb Up


    One can but congratulate on your continued support to the alcohol industry. Ten years is a long time for any liver! I salute you!

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Now i understand…

    …why you guys are so sarcastic! I would be too.

    (goddess of alleged beauty, what else?:-)

  10. Simon


    Congratulations guys (And gals) on ten years!

    My productivity levels at work have been low for many years thanks to your excellent website. Keep up the good work.

  11. Franco Milazzo
    Gates Horns

    Looks like

    the inside of the Red Lion to me...or did you go to the Blue Post?

    Bill - because he's provided the funniest moments of the last 10 years (I was still chuckling over Windows ME until Vista came out).

  12. Ben Parr-Ferris


    I have no idea whether it's really you, Lester, but absent proof to the contrary I shall picture you thus forever more.

  13. Nick
    Thumb Up


    Here's to another 10 years of the light-deprived ugly-bastard parade that we know and love as El Reg!

  14. Alan Donaly

    good luck guys

    for another ten I don't know what I would do without you.

  15. Matthew Ellison

    Who cares...

    about this crap - where's the Playmobil?

  16. One-armed Freddy

    The real reason there's no Lester

    Lester doesn't exist, he's a highly advanced software robot that scours the web for stories about drunk morons killing themselves in amusing ways and tracking Paris Hilton's every movement, before publishing them in Bootnotes.

    @ Sarah Bee: how you doin'?

  17. Rick
    Paris Hilton

    PUB ID

    Is that the Sun and Cantons in Soho??

  18. Ash
    Thumb Up

    @Ben Parr-Ferris

    Reg has always been on about "The Worlds Smallest Island", so more than likely it is indeed the intrepid chap himself!

    Thought you could get away with holding the camera all night, eh? You should know better...

  19. Vaidotas Zemlys

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday El Reg, you are by far the best site of news, and not only IT. Enrich the world further with your prolonged existence :) Cheers!

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I was expecting it in Playmobilivision

  21. Adrian Jones


    And here's to another 10 years as one of the bright spots of the internet.

  22. ImaGnuber


    Good Lord! It all makes sense now.

    Must find a therapist...

    Exits, weeping.

  23. The Other Steve
    Dead Vulture

    What they said.

    And also, I thought you'd be older, some of you are younger than me for heavens sake*, so good work on keeping up the required levels of cynicism.

    *Not so pretty though.

    <-- That vulture's not dead, it's just having a rest after spewing up a bottle of Tia Maria.

  24. mad clarinet

    Happy Birthday el Reg

    Thanks guys and gals for the years of fun and (sometimes information).

    Here's to a lot more years ahead of excellent stories and fun.

    Not pictures of the BOFH himself????

    (any chance of a Reg staffers meet the reg readers or would that be too scary) - I'll get my coat while I pass them on my way through the window.

  25. Matthew
    Dead Vulture


    Yay! Keep up the good stuff!

    Thanks for everything, not least the sub-titles.

  26. Robert Harrison

    Oh dear

    It's just like meeting people from IRC in real life, they're always uglier than you imagined them.

    I've chosen a heart icon in a peace-pipe-smoking-pleasedontbanmefromelreg attempt.

  27. Andy Taylor

    Nice to see the journalistic traditions being upheld

    Boozing and nepotism that is.

    I'm wondering what happened to the BOFH - was he stuck in the lift again?

  28. Tom

    Linus The Destroyer Of Art

    When I saw that picture before reading the text I thought Linus had just drawn all over the painting on the wall with the pen like object in his hand and then about to proceed to start a fight.

  29. Steve Mason
    Thumb Up


    Happy Birthday all, keep up the sterling work!

  30. Anonymous Coward

    Light weights!!!

    .....Bunch of lightweights - I saw AT LEAST one empty glass there, as well as lager being consumed(yuk)

  31. Dex

    it can't be

    Women at vulture central :I it can't be! *sigh*

    The nerd is a tiresomelu predictable creature to whom the promise of boobies is like bacon to a starving wolf!

  32. JakeyC
    Thumb Up

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday &c. Here's to another 10. I'll drink to that. Will be starting just as soon as I post this.

    Good to put faces to names. Although I'm sure Andrew Orlowski has aked me for spare change on more than one occasion?

  33. Colin Morris
    Paris Hilton

    Was this why.....

    .. Register figurehead, Paris was in London this week?

    Don't tell me she's gone camera-shy too! Bet she can sink a pint or two, though... do tell!

    Very happy birthday, anyway :)

  34. Dimitrov


    A "WANTED" sign would be well in place on some of those pics!

    Just joking, congratulations guys and girls and keep up the good work!

  35. Anonymous Coward

    Happy B'day!

    I've added your likenesses to my database.

  36. Simpson
    IT Angle

    The real writers

    Where's the photo of the 10,000 chain smoking monkeys, chained to their keyboards? The ones who really write the stories, while the Reg hacks spend the day at the pub?

    The monkeys deserve some credit too.

  37. Martin Randerson

    Many Happy Returns

    Just wanted to pass on a happy birthday, 10 years for you makes it even longer since TW2 bit the dust. Depressing even if I did start there after they built an early version of the register. Feeling old now, off back to my pit.

  38. Peter


    Congrats, thanks, and keep up the good work.


  39. Anonymous Coward


    There's no pic of Lester as he's the real 'amanfromMars' ;-)

    Congratulations to all at Vulture Central for many chuckles and entertaining reads over the last 10 years!

    Cheers from all at

  40. The Mysterious Panda
    Dead Vulture

    Dear Santa...

    Dear Santa,

    Please please please can I work for a company that has a job titled 'scourge of comments f**ktards and other gobby riff-raff'.

    I have to admit, if I was ever asked to envisage a bunch of outcasts from the Scary Devil Monastary, I think this would be fairly close.

    Happy Birthday El Reg :D

    The Vulture icon? He's not dead, he's pining! Or hungover. Or both. Beautiful plumage, though...

  41. Michael Jolly

    happy birthday

    thanks for the fun, and now carry on

  42. ImaGnuber

    Happy Birthday!

    Apologies for previous expression of shock. I'd had a sudden vision of the people I rely on for timely and accurate IT news meeting under a bridge on a rainy night and seeking solace in the dregs and vapours from bottles left by those more fortunate than themselves... and which one of you found the rusty, discarded laptop on which you founded the Reg?

    Here's to another 10 years!

  43. Pete Burgess
    Thumb Up


    Happy birthday El-Reg! now... how about letting me have Danielle's number??

  44. Andrew Kirch
    Thumb Up

    photographic evidence

    of the old saying: if you don't have a face for TV, try radio, if you don't have the voice for radio, try print journalism. An uglier group I've never seen! Happy Birthday

  45. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    Merseyside-based finance operative?

    Like the euphemism. Seems to have slipped past everyone else... here's hoping she can keep you in snides for another ten years.

    Mine's the one with "I hate granny-stabbing, bin-dipping, scouse bastards and Tarby is a twat" on it, ta muchly!

  46. Beelzeebub

    H2O... the last picture. Respect diminished unless we can all be convinced it's pure gin/vodka/peach schnapps.

    When your livers fail, give me a call and I'll stop drinking.

  47. richard
    IT Angle

    yep, thats some IT blokes in the pub..

    wearing crap t-shirts/leather jackets/cheap jeans/filthy trainers talking about how drunk they get and how they could run microsoft better, then driving home in their audi tt's after half a wacky-named-stout!

    wow, you're sooo crazy..and smug...and overpaid...and not zdnet.

    left at 8pm for a pizza then home for 8.30 in case your mother locked the door did you boys?

    -love you dooshbags though...

  48. Parax

    Yay Pisstards

    Keep it up!

  49. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Is it too late to answer your survey from 2006?

    Ashlee's a bloke! I'm sure of it.

  50. Daren Nestor


    where's Bill Ray?!

  51. Anonymous Coward


    Wheres the playmobile style recostruction of what really happened at the end of the night?? we demand to know!

  52. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @pub id

    it's the crown on brewer street (regent street end)

  53. Pete James

    Up Yours!

    Ten Years. I didn't have a beer-belly then. I know I was using a Toshiba Tecra and chuckling to your stories. Hopefully we'll never start sounding like Punch readers of old. Hopefully.

    I'll raise a rather late glass to yourselves later, even though you didn't send me an invite. Miseries.

  54. Jared Earle
    Dead Vulture

    Ah, a decade

    Happy birthday, El Reg.

  55. Josh Cain

    And here's to another ten

    I'll be sure to hoist a few on this side of the pond in celebration.

  56. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Timely EMP?

    "In case you're wondering, the photographer (me) fails to make an appearance above due to an extraordinary set of technical glitches which spoiled all the pics he appeared in - flash failure, battery failure, memory card failure and a timely electromagnetic pulse which destroyed a rather fetching snap of him downing a full bottle of Tia Maria in one hit. Shame, but there you go..."

    Been taking lessons from the BOFH, have we Lester? :-)

    Happy birthday anyway - mud in yer eye! Up yer bottom! (hic!)

  57. Stuart Vine

    Nice one!

    Brings back happy memories of working for deceased dot coms in London. Glad to see someone is upholding the traditions.

  58. Alex Cooper

    Happy Birthday!

    Congratulations to the guys and fine looking ladies @ The Register :) Thanks for some very entertaining and informative articles over the years.....

    Keep up the hard (drunken?) work and have a great weekend celebrating, i'll expect even more hungover typos than usual in the articles ;)

  59. Sir Runcible Spoon

    re:Andrew Orlowski...


    no, seriously, !

    In fact, !!

    (You do keep him locked up at nights right?)

  60. Laurent_Z

    Next time

    Tell us a little before so we can pony up some beer money for you guys on a paypal account.

    Mine is the one with the 44 ounces pockets.

  61. Alex Cooksey

    Happy Birthday

    Congratulations on 10 years of not taking yourselves too seriously.

    I've been a Reg reader since you got hold of the BoFH and thank you for years of reasonably good articles.



    let me know where to send the cake and you might get one...

  62. Mike Dyne
    IT Angle

    Happy Birthday!

    To you, oh wonderous El Reg. May your high levels of cynicism continue for another decade!

    IT? as you all looked too blotted to know/care!

  63. Isotope

    Most dissapointed....

    ...not to see the Playmobil re-enacment (was the truth too gruesome?).

    Nonetheless, happy 10th birthday, long may it continue!

  64. Angus Wood

    Well done, lads

    And thanks for the education, enlightenment and entertainment you've given accross the years. 10 more.

  65. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Ugly tree,


    the way <=

    => down.

  66. Andrew Moore

    Happy Birthday...

    ...though I have to ask- were you lot ever sent by the Wicked Witch of the West to go capture Dorothy???

  67. Smallbrainfield
    Thumb Up

    At least we know for sure now that Ashlee Vance is a bloke.

    Happy Birthday, Register!

  68. David
    Thumb Up

    Those photos explain a few things..

    Congrats on the 10, here's to another..

    And thanks for all the fish..

  69. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Soon a teenager .... and then there'll be fireworks.

    As we all know, some devilishly clever schemes and inventions have been hatched and drawn on the back of a beer mat or three. The pictures bode well of the Future.

    Happy Birthday, El Reg.

    And the Prize for "Prize Comment of the Thread" goes to ...... JakeyC Posted Friday 18th April 2008 12:31 GMT ...."Good to put faces to names. Although I'm sure Andrew Orlowski has aked me for spare change on more than one occasion?"... closely followed by the wishful predatory Pete Burgess, who just couldn't control himself and posted Friday 18th April 2008 12:48 GMT ...

    "Happy birthday El-Reg! now... how about letting me have Danielle's number??"

    Looks like a tasty 342434 from the picture evidence, Pete.

  70. Patrik Wettergren
    Thumb Up

    Grattis på födelsedagen.......

    ......Your ten years have made my working life a splendid time to actually read something that I can sometimes use.

    A big hooray.................hip, hip, hip, hip and hooray.


  71. Joseph Haig
    IT Angle

    IT angle?

    A group going out for an office binge? Where's the IT angle in that?

    Oh, happy birthday. Yes, I'll pick up my coat on the way out.

  72. James Dunmore
    Thumb Up

    Happy Birthday....

    ...Shame you couldn't get Paris, or the EEE PC girl to pop in to help celebrate !!

    But thank-you for 10years of education/entertainment, here is to many more!

  73. Nick M

    @ Daren Nestor

    "where's Bill Ray?!"

    Clearly his coworkers *are* afraid!

  74. Lucy Sherriff

    Happy Birthday El Reg

    Only sorry I wasn't there to see <strike>your smiling faces</strike> the carnage.


  75. Anonymous Coward

    Why no pic's of the vulture or is that Mr O?

    Happy 10th Birthday guys & gals.

    Alien - Cause he's better looking than you guys.

  76. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Many happy returns El Reg!

    But no Lester Photo? There's something fishy here. Lester, your *real* name wouldn't happen to be 'Lloyd Mangram' would it? If-so I'm still waiting for my Crash T-shirt... (oh, you'd better make it a size XXL now - I've grown a bit since 1985). Thanks.

    Anyhoo, to round off the celibrations why don't you all knock-off early for the weekend? (go-on, we promise we won't tell anyone...)


  77. Jon H
    Thumb Up



  78. Richard

    Sarah Bee

    Just thought i'd be the first to say how gorgeous Sarah looks, I wouldn't kick her out of bed!

    Cue the onslaught and flames

    Burn me, Burn me

  79. james

    Sarah "Moderatrix" Bee is she single?

    awsome photos and happy birthday el reg. now down to important matters...

    is your lovely lady Sarah single and if so would she be willing to come out for a drink in an effort to change that?


  80. Simon B

    Sarah - very tasty!

    Nice women you have in your team, especially Sarah! Pwooooar! ;-)

  81. Jon Brindley

    OK, two things ...

    Firstly .. did anyone else think the bloke claiming to be el Reg's editor looked remarkably like Phil Tuffnell?

    And secondly .. it doesn't matter how inappropriate it is, Sarah Bee is really pretty. There, I said it.

  82. Neil

    Oh Sarah!

    Well I never knew the 'Moderatrix' was such a beauty. What a favourable revelation!

    Didn't I see the boy wizard Harry Potter in there somewhere?

  83. Gareth


    Many happy returns... here's to 10 more years!

  84. DM
    Thumb Up

    Happy Birthday....

    How you lot have managed to survive without a real job is beyond me....

    I'm insanely jealous!

    Keep up the good* work guys**

    *the usage of the word "good" is purely relative.

    **in the purely non gender specific meaning.

  85. Andrew


    Happy Birthday, El Reg.

    So when do you release the official vulture central pin-up calendar?

  86. Silas

    I presume

    It was too expensive to fly Bill Ray down from the Scottish Highlands for a drinking session? Or did they just not sell enough cask ale for him to bother turning up?

  87. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ Charlie Clark

    I think you have the granny stabbing scousers mixed up with their neighbours down the M62? Have to agree with Tarby being a twat though.

    Congrats on the ten years El Reg

  88. Dunstan Vavasour
    Dead Vulture

    Where was Kablenet?

    I wanted to see who writes all those stories.

  89. Christopher Rogers
    Thumb Up


    10 years?! Bloody hell, i've been reading since the start then?

    Keep it up!

  90. Kevin Campbell
    Dead Vulture

    Ten Years?

    How long is that in vulture years? Congrats ladies and germs, keep up the great work.

    dead vulture? Nonsense! It's only a flesh wound. Long live the vulture!

  91. Bob

    Wow, only 10?

    I've been reading it since earlier in its life than I thought, I'd have said 15. Guess it's all that hard drinking.

    Here's to 10 more.

  92. JM
    Thumb Up

    10 Years later......

    Can it be possibly 10 years since I regularly sat quivering in my cubicle with my phone on mute, giggling like a muppet at the BOFH ?

    Wow......tempus fugit.

    thanks El Reg, keep it up!!

  93. Neil Greatorex
    Thumb Up

    10 years eh?

    My, time has flown. Thanks for brightening up many a gloomy working day :-)

  94. Ross

    Where was the NSFW tag?!

    I'm guessing the El Reg ladies made a fortune out of this article. Wonder how much they bet that they'd get a string of "omg gurls!!!!!! Gief number plx!!!!11!!!" responses. Not that it was a particularly risky bet...

    Does anyone else see the resemblence between AO and Dylan Moran in Blackbooks (after an unfortunate accident with a bus possibly). Maybe it's the "pry my wine from my cold dead fingers" look going on there, or the slightly dishevelled look (meant in the nicest way) or just the fact they're both bitter ****ers?

    Well I hopes you had much fun both on the lash and over the last 10 years.

    PS can I has a job? The beer was free right? No? Oh well, forget it.

  95. Sven Schubert

    Zum Geburtstag viel Gl&uuml;ck! ;-)

    Alles Gute zum 10. Geburtstag liebes "DasRegister" ;-)

    Yepp - there's a good few Germans who've been reading the Reg from day one on.

    Keep up the good work!

    Party on!

    cheers, Schubi.

  96. Jan Buys

    Happy Birthday!!!

    El Reg is and will remain my fav tech site!

  97. James Penketh
    Dead Vulture

    Hippo Birdies El Reg!

    nice to see you spent the day productively. Unlike me, who spent it doing work.

    That vulture's not dead, it's just very very very drunk.

  98. Dabooka

    Happy Birthday!

    And long may the drinking continue! Here's to another ten years, I'll continue to spread the good word.

  99. Andrzej

    To 10 more...

    .. years of The Vulture and then some.

    Thanks for providing the quality other sites are lacking.

    Happy Birthday from a happy reader!

  100. J
    Thumb Up


    Agree with all above. :-)

  101. Zargof


    We have photographic evidence that Ashlee is indeed a lady-boy

  102. lsproc

    Happy Birthday

    Wishing you many more years of excellent journalism :)

  103. Dave Daurelle
    Thumb Up


    I've loved your work for many years. Good to see you celebrating it as well.

  104. Mike Moyle
    Thumb Up

    Happy Birthday!

    Congratulations, and thanks for all the fun/news/murdered brain cells!

  105. corestore

    Bloody hell...

    Ten years???!!!!

    You get less than that for murder in some places....



  106. Bill Fresher

    Many Happy Returns of the day


  107. Simon Myers

    Happy Birthday

    Congratulations and all that! And "hello" to those of you who remember me ‒ working for you was quite truthfully like nothing else ...

  108. Bob The Dog
    Thumb Up

    Penblwydd hapus!

    Happy Birthday El Reg!


    Uh... any jobs going there?

  109. Graham
    Dead Vulture

    Has it been ten years already?

    Blimey ... like others I was sure I've been reading you for longer than that!

    Mind you, it could all have passed in a drunken blur, which might explain why I can understand wha' you shay comple--hic--tly.

    Noever mind my coat, pass me another pint.

    Thanks all, keep it up!

  110. Rodrigo Valenzuela
    Thumb Up

    Thank you guys and gals!


    I've been a faithful reader since 2000 and during all this years you have never failed to bring a smile to my face in a otherwise boring and too corporative business.


  111. Wile E. Veteran
    Thumb Up

    Where's Lucy?

    No Lucy Sheriff pics? Shame!

    Happy Birthday from here - been reading since the earliest days and though I've been retired from IT for <gasp> over six years, I still read El Reg every day for a good dose of fun and occasional information. Keep up the good work!

  112. John Boyarsky

    Dang it's been that long?

    I cannot believe it I've been reading you bozos since day 1?

    Wow. Now I feel really old... and just that much stupider

    John from North Pole, Alaska

  113. Allan Rutland

    Have a good one...

    or is that you've already had one.

    Congratulations on the next ten, and that whopping big paycheck when you all sellout to Murdoch and co.

  114. James Weston

    *makes a bee-line to Sarah*

    Dang, that's some queue!

  115. David Green


    ...godspeed, you damn white devils. Been reading for 8 years now, and you've never disappointed.

  116. This post has been deleted by its author

  117. Samson David

    Happy birthday to ewe

    Froma cross the atlantic (and most of the (in)continent), I wish you a very happy birthday from Canada..!!

    10 Years, and all you did was head down to the boozer..? That's a regular Friday night then..?

    Keep it up El Reg (and no, I dont mean with some viagra). Keep standing strong.

    To sarah..

    Hey, how YOU doin..?

  118. trackSuit

    Grattis på er!

    Congratulations! Will you post new photos in another decade's time? ...Or will it be a case of, We will if You will? :-)

    BTW, did you find any interesting fingerprints on abandoned beer glasses in the pub? I hear there is a Bounty on some. Metal-detector treasure seekers have a new Winter sport?

  119. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Pa, the News C00perating ...... Is it a Birthday?

    "Congratulations on the next ten, and that whopping big paycheck when you all sellout to Murdoch and co." .....By Allan Rutland Posted Friday 18th April 2008 17:21 GMT

    Now that would be a SMART Underground Move, Allan. And he is being tempted to make AI Quantum Leap as the following will surely explain? :-) And just in case you didn't know, Kudos Productions of Spooks fame is now part of the Elisabeth Murdoch Shine Group so one would reasonably expect them to be able to set the world on fire and even Lead IT with Magical Tales XXXXCellently Sold/Boldly Told. After all, it is not as if they would need to do any Crazy Thinking whenever IT is available for Free when IT is Shared.

    This may or may not be in the Red Box ..... .


    He's probably thinking more Special Schools needs than Special Relationship bonds...... for is it not Hubris to be touting/pimping yourself as a Leader whenever you cannot even Spin yourself popular and effective at home. That suggests both a Personal and Party Political failing, made all the more revealing whenever you have Media at your beck and call and they do carry anything of greater Value than tittle-tattle.

    A wannabe B-Actor on the Global Movie Stage is never gonna make the Cut with A-Listers ..... there's just no Shine or Kudos to cast Bright Light into the Gloom and Doom, Darling.

    In these changed and changing Times, is IT necessary to Produce and Direct AIReal Doozy of a Program to make the grandest Daddies, Proud.

    A Program which Shows Leadership in a New IndyMedia Proaction..... Spooky Apache HyperRadioProActivity with and within the Greatest Hack of All Time .... The Great Game Crack with ITs Special Access ProgramMIng CodeXXXX.

    Which is QuITe enough said for now, and more than enough said to BetaTest Fitness for Future Purpose of News C00peration and Total Information Situational Awareness Systems...... which are probably much more suited to growing and learning cubs than cynical radical bears ...... although that could just be an opinion IntelAIgently Designed to encourage both Mother and Son/Father and Daughter into Virgin CyberIntelAIgent Territory with IT's Instant Messaging ....... so that they can Paint AI NeuReal Picture on a Virtual and Pristine Canvas.

    Shine on you Crazy Diamond is Ready and Steady 42 RockIT and Roll .....

    And yes, just in case you have no Idea what all that is about, it is AI Virtualised New World Order ProgramMIng Deployed and Enjoyed in the Cloud Computing Environment of Shared Viably Imaginative Intellectual Property.

    And this particular and peculiar Program in Mutual IntelAIgents, MuI7, has ITs Base in Seventh Heaven, Global Communications HQ ....... which is an Open Secret Secured in Irrational Disbelief ...... Ye Olde, Too Good to be True, Stealth which allows for Rapid dDeeply Embedded Progress right to the Very Heart of Matters ..... and also, collaterally/coincidentally/in a Parallel, right to the very Core of the Subject of Matter ..... but that is a Subject Matter Beta best left for now, for another Time.

    Too Good to be True? .... Imagine, I Kid U Not.

    And all you have to do, to dispel any of your doubts, is XXXXPlore/Probe dDeeper/QuestIOn.

    How much Simpler can IT Be .... Let IT Be.

    Posted by: amanfromMars | 18 Apr 2008 06:53:06 >>>>

    You know IT makes Sense. :-)

  120. Will

    No point in being anonymous seeing as they can tell...

    ... but fuck it, sarah bee is hot.

  121. Ian

    Mmm, Sarah....

    My first girlfriend was called Sarah, mind you we were only 8 so I think this is a much healthier infatuation.

    Coat? The long one with holes in the pockets please.

  122. Hywel Thomas

    Andrew Orlowski ?

    Charles Bukowski more like ;-)

  123. Haje Jan Kamps
    Thumb Up

    Happy birthday, Reg and Moderatrix!

    Hang on.. Isn't it Sarah's birthday today as well?

    You're going to be destroyed, young lady. Woo!

  124. Hywel Thomas

    Sarah and John ?

    Jen and Roy more like ;-)


  125. Tom Turck

    Happy 10th and Sarah

    Happy 10th Reg...1998 seems like yesterday....Sweet Melissa, I Love You!

    And Sarah IS Hot!

  126. xjy
    Paris Hilton

    Onneksi olkoon!

    Wot no sawdust?

    PH wondering why all the girls look so much more gorgeous than she does...

  127. Anonymous Coward

    You mean...

    It *isn't* all done by a couple of teenagers in a shed? ;)

    Happy Birthday, people!

    Keep it coming!

  128. Mage Silver badge
    Black Helicopters

    I don't know

    It could be filched snaps of anyone's office "night in the pub".

    Was there a cake?

    How do we know these are really El Reg Hacks.

    Where's Verity Stob?

  129. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Good stuff...

    Guys, I'm very happy to report that you have (a lot) more entertainment talent than looks; having said that though, after 10 years as a faithful Register reader I'm really starting to feel old - especially after seeing the (barely) post-pubic shots of the majority of your staff... ;-)

    Here's to another ten - and please keep up your excellent work of bringing chuckles, sarchasm and laughs to an otherwise deprived and politically correct society... ;-)

  130. Insane Crack

    El Reg bounces bulgarian airbags

    Happy Birthday !!... sure there was no dearth of ballons for the party...

    missed the cake though !!

  131. Joe K
    Dead Vulture

    Congrats all

    Been here the 10 years, hope to be here another 10.

    And to all your horny gimps going on about Sarah Bee, stop giving the geek girl self-esteem.

    It only turns them evil.

  132. GrahamT
    Thumb Up

    Happy Birthday

    All those PFYs in one place.

    and in my best Leslie Philips voice to Sarah Bee: Well, Helllooooo.

  133. Aditya Krishnan
    Dead Vulture

    TEN years??!!

    well i've been reading this rag only for a couple years... can't believe you lot have been around for a decade... those must be pretty powerful livers you got.. many happy returns, El Reg.

    On another note, where's the BOFH? was looking for him and the PFY all over, seeing as a stumble over Simon's website is what introduced me to this site.

    Vulture, cos this is what you lot are gonna look like tomorrow if you've "accidentally" forgotten to invite the Bastard.

  134. Colin Jackson
    Thumb Up


    What an ugly bunch of hacktards. Keep up

  135. João Carrapa

    Feliz aniversário!

    Parabéns a você, nesta data querida

    Muitas felicidades, muitos anos de vida!

    Tenha sempre do bom do que a vida contém

    Tenha muita saúde e amigos também!

    Hoje é dia de festa, cantam as nossas almas

    P'ró menino El Reg, uma salva de palmas!

  136. yeah, right.

    quite right.

    Yay! It is nice to put faces to the writers I've enjoyed/dreaded reading and/or insulting/praising/damning over the years, both from this account and others.

    Kudos on 10 years, here's to 10 more.

  137. sheepdog
    IT Angle

    10 years

    Is that how long I've been in IT and coming here nearly every day? Oh my gosh, I need to get a new life.

    Happy Birthday ;-)

  138. Jacob Lipman
    Black Helicopters

    Location, location...

    "...and now we know what you look like. Good job we don't know where you live.. yet."

    Well, if appearances are accurate and some of the Reg staff do indeed sleep under their desks, and supposing the telephone book is accurate, bang on some windows here:

    67-69, Whitfield St, London, W1T 4HF

  139. John Uhercik
    Dead Vulture

    Birthday greetings from the Thousand Islands

    Thanks to all of you for all the useful info, and the laughs, over all these years. I originally found you by following a link from the BOFH's site many years ago, and have been a regular reader ever since.

    May the next ten years be even better.

    Vulture icon, because there's no Norwegian Blue.

  140. Richard Hebert

    Congrats :)

    Thanks for those ten years .

    Hope to see you in another 10 .. at which time ill make sure to

    have a few pints raised in your honor.All i got is soda . .oh well

    Cheers :)

  141. Marco
    Thumb Up

    I've been reading this for too long

    Ten years! Happy Birthday, El Reg!

  142. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Location, location...

    We moved...


  143. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Reg Girls

    This one's still my favourite:

  144. Steve

    Habpy Birthday

    God been that long lol

    Used to resd this site on my old Amiga 1200 using Voyager.

    Happy Birthday

  145. Andraž Levstik

    Way to go el-reg

    ANd a happy bday from me as well... Though I missed the BOFH in all those shots... :(

  146. David Gosnell

    Where was Sherwood?

    Tucked up in bed or what?

    Happy birthday!

  147. Ian Ferguson

    Happy birthday...

    ...and I hope you realise Sarah Bee will have attracted about 100 stalkers now.

    Good to put faces to names - although I'm still intrigued to see what Lester looks like (I picture a disheveled Yorkshire man of about 50, slightly balding and wearing a woolly jumper with holes in... either that or Lester Haines is the pseudonym you all use when you don't want to be identified)

    Mine's the long one with the multiple pockets for binoculars, long lenses, dark glasses, hidden mirrors, laminated photos of Sarah, and well-thumbed binded printouts of everything she has ever written.

    Seriously tho - congratulations on making it to ten years in a dog-eat-dog industry, and making it through at least one internet bubble (hopefully two!)

  148. Geoff Mackenzie

    You don't look geeky enough

    In fact, you look like journalists. Journalists? At the Register? Never!

    Happy 10th!

  149. Graham Lockley

    I demand.....

    That a member of the Reg staff grab a camera and post a pic of Lester 'The Molester' Haines !

  150. Lee T.
    Thumb Up


    /downs drink.

  151. Ishkandar

    A more villainous crew cannot be found...

    ...outside Edward (Capt. Blackbeard) Teach's merry(totally plastered) men !! And the ladies will probably have his men *JUMPING* off the plank to preserve their honour and virtue by the looks of it !! :-)

    Well, you've done your first 10 years so you'll only have another 89 more to go !! :-) I'll be here every day to see that you "do" it !!

  152. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    More appropriately

    Happy Burpday

  153. John Campbell


    I didn't see any sign of my uncle-in-law Mr Kewney in the pictures. Not like him to miss a party. Maybe there was too much Tia Maria and not enough ale

  154. JK
    Thumb Up

    More Cheers!

    I'll drink to this!

  155. Nathanael Bastone

    It's been ten years already?

    Thanks El Reg, and here's to another ten-hundered!

  156. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    To the next 5 decades

    By then your livers will have gone. Until then keep up the good work.

    (I like Paris in the spring time)


  157. James Condron


    Is ashlee vance wearing odd shoes? What kind of lady boy would wear odd shoes? surely anybody, be they male, female or *ahem* somewhere in between, would notice that?

  158. Not That Andrew

    "A Hive of Scum and Villainy"

    A hive of scum and villainy? Close - El Reg's birthday party. Many conga rats.

  159. Anonymous from Mars


    Robin is cute. That is all.

  160. Niall

    Happy Birthday!

    From a new comer who just keeps coming back for more.

    Note: pictures of Simon Travaglia are absent so the authorities can't pass around mugshots of the BOFH who at this stage is responsible for more deaths than the plague.

    Maybe the randomer demanding free drink was amanfromMars (whose comment above was *startlingly* lucid!).

  161. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Birthday Piss Up ..... and/or XXXXtraOrdinary Rendition of a Board Meeting? *

    "Maybe the randomer demanding free drink was amanfromMars (whose comment above was *startlingly* lucid!)." ..... By Niall Posted Sunday 20th April 2008 06:16 GMT

    Not guilty on the first count, Niall, it would just not be in his Nature and as a newcomer to the El Reg Asylum, you're just in Time for ITs Mass Breakout ... AI BreakThrough to the Other Side.

    * SurReal Stealth with a Fluid Security in Depth Approach ......for Mad Bad Mole Prevention and Exposure of. :-) Wide-eyed and Legless Perimeter Protection.

  162. Moss Icely Spaceport

    My eyes!!

    The ladies look lovely, of course. Sarah, wooooohooo!

    But they guys, OMG, just goes to show that all us IT geeks are as ugly as sin.

  163. Terrence Bayrock
    Thumb Up

    Happy birthday from one of the colonies...

    er, that be Canada.


    is that ?... Go Lester Go ?? :)

  164. The Wanderer
    Thumb Up


    Congratulations on not only surviving, but thriving, on the 'net for ten years! Long may you continue to bite the hand that feeds IT., where's that Pint of Beer icon which says I've gone down to my local watering hole to hoist a few myself by way of saluting your successive salubrity... say that a few times after you've had a few!

  165. John Dalstead

    Carnival time

    Saint Saens upon the other hand

    considered them a scurvy band.

    Apelike they are, he said, and simian,

    Instead of normal men and wimian.

    apologies to Ogden Nash - happy next 10

  166. Mark Roome


    There are a fair number of hacks missing from this shindig.



    a couple of newbies I spotted on Friday.

    I vote we have a rogues gallery up somewhere on the this site, with a comprehensive list.

    What say you?

  167. Bill Norrie

    Happy Birthday El Reg!

    WOT a Motley Crew.....................

  168. Charley

    Well done El Reg!

    And, btw Sarah. If you even come to Kiwiland to visit the BOFH, look me up...

  169. Jamie Kephalas
    Black Helicopters

    address hidden?

    Looks like Kingly Street to me.

    You cannot hide from the Black Choppers.

  170. Matthew
    IT Angle

    Good Work

    El Reg is an Institution. Ten years? Meh! It's all about the Pentiums, baby.

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