back to article Brit tourist blags his way onto Iron Man set

A Brit tourist who blagged his way onto the set of Iron Man managed to land a scene with Gwyneth Paltrow, the Times reports. Still from Iron Man. Pic: Paramount Salesman Carl Kelly, 29, of Knebworth, was in the US last June to watch Light Welterweight pugilist Ricky "The Hitman" Hatton's scrap with Jose Luis Castillo in Las …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Who is it? On which poster? Where is the picture?

  2. Johnny FireBlade
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    Local hero!

    I work in Stevenage, about 10 minutes from Knebworth. My hero! :D

  3. TeeCee Gold badge

    Other news today.

    Now that they know all you need to circumvent US security measures is a British accent, Al Qaeda have snapped up every recording ever made by John Snagge for training purposes.

  4. Tim
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    Good on 'im, but guess what Al quaeda will do next!

    I love hearing this sort of thing! like the bloke who had his picture with the Man U squad. Doubtless the thesp's will cry horror that a civvy got onto the set though!

  5. dodge


    So did he get a giant robot chubby?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Brit accent

    Uh oh...

    If a British accent in America can get you through the tightest security (and I can confirm it can get you a long long way) it can't be long before all al Qaeda operatives are sporting the finest Dick van Dyke accents.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ho its a jollie oliday wiv yoo Mary Pawpins!

    still not a patch on Canoe's accent in that dracula flick!

  8. Lloyd


    The only one sheets I can find that have anything other than Iron Man on them are:

    and I'm pretty sure he's not in either of them, unless he's a plane or helicopter?

  9. Francis Boyle Silver badge

    re: Brit accent

    How would that work considering that anyone in a Hollywood film "of middle eastern appearence" or having a British accent is by default the villian?

    Put the two together and it's a case of "the queue for Guantamo Bay's on the left"

  10. Tom

    Re: Picture?

    Yes, as they say on the internet these days: pictures or it didn't happen!

  11. chris
    Paris Hilton

    Its all in the tone of....

    ... a british accent - thats the reason that floppy-haired-faux-upper-class-english-man Hugh Grant got so far...

    *sits back and waits for the Hollywood-rush*

    Paris because she's been there, done that!

  12. Franco Milazzo

    Maybe it's because...

    ...he's a London recruiter that he got onto the set?

    "Hello, I'm the 'irin' man."

    Mine's the one with a pacemaker built in.

  13. Ben Rose
    Paris Hilton


    Quite amusing seeing as Paltrow herself broke onto the set of Sliding Doors by putting on an almost believable English accent.

    Paris - because if ever there was a film set to break into...

  14. Steven


    Only Vegas style picture I can find is

  15. Matt


    As your average Yank can't tell the difference between a British accent and well..... just about any other accent I think anyone could get in anywhere!

  16. Anonymous Coward

    Nuff said if it was Vegas

    While on a very wild stag week in Vegas I managed to convince at group of Americans I was Ewan McGregor which resulted in getting to asked for my autograph and photo's with the star struck locals....bunch of muppets seeing as I look nothing like him!

  17. Spleen

    Enjoy it while it lasts

    Since Tony Blair - whom the Yanks loved, since they didn't have to live with his government - stepped down, and Gordon Broon replaced him along with a less Atlanticist foreign policy, America is gradually going to stop loving us and our accents and start grouping us with the French cheese-eating surrender monkeys. What we need is another British band to take America by storm and make every American think we're John Lennon again.

    Thank goodness we've got Leona Lewis and a resurgent Oasis!

    *sob* Mine's the one with the tissues in it...

  18. Steve Mann

    Big Deal

    Whoop-de-do. Now if you'd told me he blagged his way into the suit...

  19. xjy
    Paris Hilton

    Hundreds of British accents

    Million to one it wasn't Glesgy or Scouse or Geordie...

    Paris cos don't they say Brits talk with something large hot and round in their mouths?

  20. Anonymous Coward
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    Good Lad

    Three Cheers, well done that man!

  21. Test Man
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    Re: Picture?

    It was in The Sun newspaper today. Online version at

  22. Steve
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    It woz the Sun wot delivered...

  23. Mike Hocker


    Do we get the IronMan DVD? Can't find the release date on the site :( only the movie debut.

  24. Peyton


    Hey now - Most Americans can definitely tell the difference between a British accent, and say, an outRAGeous French accent! (lots of Holy Grail fans over here :)

  25. StopthePropaganda
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    My new hero!

    this guy, not Iron man, is my new hero. Taking the art of social engineering to more visible heights! Salute!

  26. Nick Askew

    Don't you know who I am?

    I'm Nick Askew, yes THE Nick Askew.

    Works like a charm every time.

  27. Allan Dyer


    So this guy worked on a movie set, didn't get paid, and is boasting?

  28. Rob Holmes
    Paris Hilton

    @ Allan Dyer

    Not only worked for free but also paid out of his own pocket because he missed his flight.

    Good work, that man.

    Paris, because she does certain films for free as well.

  29. David
    Paris Hilton

    I think.... the good old words, its called Social Engineering, or is it ?

    Paris: 'coz she is THE society gal...

  30. mark

    they really do love the accent over here!!

    The accent also works with the coppers over here - I have been stopped 6 times for various infractions, (including once having no ID, an out of date tag, an out of date insurance card, and no working wing mirrors), and got off with just a quick "Sorry Officer, I will sort it all out tomorrow sir"). Meanwhile my very pretty, american wife gets a ticket for 40 in a 35zone :o)

  31. MarkMac

    The picture...

    is on the Iron Man publicity website for the movie. The first link in the article takes you to it... Do'h.

  32. Gordon

    British stuff.

    I do find the British Accent (especially my middle-class BBCish accent) opens doors for you in the states. People assume you're frightfully cultured because of where you come from. Clearly the yanks get a better class of brit tourist than, say, Lanzarote or Ibiza does.

    I wonder how many Americans realise the enigmatic double-intendre of calling the quiet, neat and slightly camp(ish) pathologist in "NCIS" by the nickname "Duckie"??*

    * For the collonial reader "Duckie" is an older, somewhat genteel British euphanism for a Homosexual.

  33. Chris Cooper
    Paris Hilton


    "...Most Americans can definitely tell the difference..."

    I think the best was in a hotel in Cincinnati, when my friend and I were stopped by several members of the local "Caledonian Society" because of the Scottish t-shirts we were wearing. One of them told the others that it was 5 years since he'd last been in Glasgow and it was so nice to hear a real Scottish accent accent again - pointing to the dual nationality Dutch/German guy with me...

    As an Englishman, I've been assumed to be French, Kiwi, Irish (even more remarkably I was in Boston at the time) and, far too often to count, Aussie. So no, most Americans can definitely NOT tell the difference.

    Paris has been outside the US, so she might be able to tell the difference...

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