back to article Oracle patches 'sitting duck' database vulns

Oracle posted 41 patches on Tuesday as part of its regular quarterly patching cycle, with core database vulnerabilities being heavily represented. The patch batch covers 17 updates for Oracle Database products, 11 updates for Oracle E-Business Suite, three updates for Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise products, along with six …


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  1. Nick Palmer
    Paris Hilton


    ...I haven't looked at one of their mailshots recently - are they still calling it "Unbreakable", then?

    PH, because apparently she's exploitable locally and remotely too... :P

  2. George Johnson

    Patching is a fact of IT life

    With software product turnaround so fast these days, patching is way of life for any IT professional, regardless of their field, why do we need an announcement every time some company gets of its arse and deals with its problems?

    What was that junk about AQ being a perfect breeding ground SQL injection? Heavens above the average corporate webpage abomination with the smallest form component is usually open to SQLi abuse, be it MS, LAMP or whatever, unless someone with some nous actually bothers to write it properly in the first place!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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