back to article Pano Logic gives VMware case of VDS 2.0

Fledgling desktop virtualization player Pano Logic has found time to dish out a fresh version of its flagship software. The start-up this week disgorged Virtual Desktop Solution (VDS) 2.0, which has a couple of bits and bobs that could make the technology attractive to more customers. In particular, Pano Logic has popped wide …


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  1. Pooper Scooper

    Windows only

    Fuck that.

  2. Mike Laverick

    Annoying Post

    I mean why would you want to use Linux. Windows Rocks, man!

    [Seriously, isn't there any moderation on Reg any more...?]

  3. davcefai

    @ Mike Laverick

    You have a good point. How else would asinine comments like yours slip through.

  4. Samuel Bayliss

    What are they smoking!!!

    "Pano's solution to the unnecessary desktop software is a 100% hardware client that has no CPU, no memory, no operating system, and no software, so it requires zero maintenance and has no security risks. Combined with server-based virtualization, Pano delivers a superior Windows experience."

    Hmm... I can't believe they have implemented this without a CPU, memory and software... Unless they built a thin client in an ASIC/FPGA... but that would be stupid... what a pile of marketing bunkum.

  5. stizzleswick

    Re that same quote:

    "Pano's solution to the unnecessary desktop software [...] a superior Windows experience."

    By my lights, Windows IS unnecessary desktop software, and just about anything is superior to experiencing it...

    Tuxedo and top hat, please...

  6. B Candler Silver badge

    Hardware only...

    It's conceivable. You can get off-the-shelf USB->VGA adapters, and there are proprietary schemes for encapsulating USB messages in ethernet frames or IP datagrams. I don't know if any of those have been integrated down to the chip level yet. If it's over IP then you'll need at least a DHCP client, which most likely means a small embedded processor.

    But in any case, I'm not sure I fancy running all that down an ASDL line...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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