back to article Preatoni breaks silence over Telecom Italia spying probe

High profile security industry personality Roberto Preatoni has spoken for the first time about his arrest by Italian police investigating an ongoing spying scandal involving Telecom Italia. Preatoni, founder of controversial security start-up WabiSabiLabi and defacement archive Zone-H, was arrested last November on suspicion …


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  1. Dimitris Andrakakis
    Black Helicopters

    Does this...

    ...story remind you of anything ?

    "[...] will re-examine the supposed suicide of Kostas Tsalikidis, 39, Vodafone Greece’s head of network design."

    Seems like the NSA's been busy in the Med.

  2. Gordon Pryra

    Looks like Phorm wont be opening an office here then

    Not if there is a chance that the Police actually care about wiretaping

  3. Anonymous Coward

    and let's not forget all the spying on soccer clubs

    Telecom's CEO (at that time) was also FC Inter VP. Somehow Inter's phone calls to refs never made it to the police in the soccer scandal of 2 years ago and they got an Italian title for being oh so squeaky clean (I mean, fielding a player with a fake passport, Alavaro Recoba, for 2 years is not a crime)

  4. Tim

    @ Dimitris

    Yes, I thought that too.

    But was it the NSA behind the Greece case, has there ever been much evidence of that? It's hard to overlook that Vodafone is UK-owned, and a hack of that complexity seems so unlikely to have been carried out by a 3rd party. Oddly enough the whole story got minimal coverage in the UK mainstream press too.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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