back to article Home Office won't appeal immigration ruling

The Home Office will not appeal last week's High Court decision which found its attempt to backdate changes to immigration rules for highly-skilled individuals was illegal. In November 2006 the UK began moving to a points based immigration system but the Home Office wanted to effectively backdate this - so anyone living and …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "We won't waste taxpayers money"

    That's a first.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Steady on...

    Herr Flick of the Gestapo (aka Richard Gibson) may sue for that comment.

    Mine's the full-length black leather one.

  3. Jamie


    I am over here working in the IT sector on my wife's visa, she is a social worker. I love the country but the people ruling it really make you wonder. Was planning on staying here for the long run but as of late I am just waiting for the ID card to come into effect then a quick move back to Canada.

    the criminals don't scare me they have not power, the government does scare me. They have real power but no brains.

  4. Little Mad Fish

    Childish Reporting

    What's Herr Flick got to do with anything?

    Are we being invited to think that, because the Immigration Minister is alledged to look like Herr Flick, he is probably a Nazi?

    I'm starting to tire of the Register's increasingly* childish reporting. I like a candid alternative approach, but this style of reporting is unprofessional and unfair to the individuals mentioned.

    (*Or perhaps I'm just getting old?)

  5. Spleen

    AC, you missed the crucial part of the quote

    "We won't waste taxpayers'’ money with an appeal"

    ...when there are so many better things we could waste it on.

    I doubt they ever really wanted to win - who would do their home makeovers at our expense if all the Poles were kicked out?

  6. Adam Foxton
    Black Helicopters

    A more pressing question

    How far back were they going to backdate it? 1 year? 10 years? 1,000,000 years?

    Seriosuly, they'll make all immigrants need an ID card then redefine us all as immigrants!

  7. Anonymous Coward

    re: Childish Reporting

    if you watched the slimy way he tried to weasel his way through the select committee studying this unpleasant policy you'd not think it was unfair to the individual mentioned at all.

    I have a number of far more choice words I've, as this is a family site, refrained from using to describe him

  8. Degenerate Scumbag


    This has nothing to do with the Poles. EU nationals don't require visas or any sort of permit to live and work in other EU countries for any length of time. (A temporary restriction was enacted on the latest wave of new member states, but not in the round before when Poland joined.)

  9. Aquilus

    Too late...

    'A Home Office spokesman sent us the following today: "We're happy to take the judge's decision as final. We won't waste taxpayers'’ money with an appeal and will now take the time to consider how to implement the ruling."'

    Too late guys, April 1st was two weeks ago...

  10. Anonymous Coward

    re: Childish Reporting

    Of course, we should all have online personae like "Little Mad Fish".

  11. Barrie Swan

    Island habitat

    I agree with Adam Foxton.

    We live on an island in the northern hemisphere.

    We are all immigrants.

  12. Tom Willis

    @Island habitat, @A more pressing question

    Quite so. Some of us are such recent immigrants that we have a place to go 'back' to. Others don't. Still, I'm sure we'd all be accepted in the USA if it came to that:) Or maybe the Olduvai Gorge, or...

    But surely, we *do* all need ID cards, to prove we exist. Hmm. Presumably if we can't prove we exist, then we can't be immigrants and can't be deported. No, shurely shome mishtake.

    Mebbyn Kernow! (Aliens, we're all aliens)

  13. Daniel Wilkie

    Herr Flick

    Actually, I'd never noticed it before but he does in fact look like a fair approximation of Herr Flick...

  14. anarchic-teapot


    Since even a successful appeal would probably go to Europe, where it would certainly be overruled by the European court, it is indeed saving taxpayers' money and civil servants' time. Which may well be wasted in other ways, but at least someone's been showing some rare common sense. Celebrate it.

    Now if only the same common sense could be displayed re that bloody stupid ID card scheme...

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