back to article Google App Engine: how much will you pay for freedom?

Google is offering to host your web apps for free: You can create an account and publish an application that people can use right away at no charge, and with no obligation. An application on a free account can use up to 500MB of storage and up to five million page views a month. What's an application? It's a runtime for …


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  1. Bernard Mergendeiler
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    1. Why would anyone with an IQ greater than that of a jelly doughnut want to store their data where AdSense, Doubleclick, and Google analtyics can get at it?

    2. Why would anyone want to put their data on any server which is publicly visible?

    If access from anywhere is desirable, a VPN server is an inexpensive and far more secure alternative. If clients and/or vendors have a legitimate access need, let them do it through tightly restricted custom views on a VPN server separate from the one employees use.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    another google dud

    £70/month buys a dedicated box of you own these says. Whatever rescues Google's share price, on thing is for sure: it ain't gonna be this. Nor Google Aps.

    blue face, because holding your breath on this one ...

  3. Mark

    Other posters: Huh?

    This will be massive.

    Who will store their data there? Anyone who doesn't care too much about their users data. That's lots and lots of people. And that is assuming that its privacy will be destroyed.

    Look, 1000's of webdevelopers out there don't want the hassle of installing and maintaining a Django installation. All they need to do with this is write and App. And it is hosted for FREE. Get it. FREE. If it doesn't take off, they haven't wasted £10, £30, £70 a month for nothing. If it does, then I'm sure Google's pricing will be relatively attractive, and that there will be an Open Source implementation of the GAPI's to easily port it OFF of Google.

    How many people host their blogs on Blogspot/Blogger? How many people use GMail? How many people use GoogleDocs. Millions.

  4. Brutus
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    They're just jumping on the bandwagon

    I think it's just a copy-cat of the Facebook 'applications' stuff, not 'real' data.

  5. Mark


    Ahh, you've been sucked in. Facebook doesn't host your application database, etc. They offer a carefully controlled portal.

    This is the real deal.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    this is for nobodies

    If £70/month is a deterant, then this is just going to attract those who derive very little real income from IT, and so have little to pass on to google.

    I wouldnt touch their shares.

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