back to article Adobe zooms in on film industry with CinemaDNG

Adobe Systems today revealed plans for an open video format which it plans to hand over to a standards body. The California-based firm said it wants to lead the pack on defining an industry-wide open file format for digital cinema files by leveraging its Digital Negative Specification (DNG), first used for still images. It …


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  1. Tony Barnes
    Thumb Up

    No shit sherlock

    ****It said in a statement that an open standard would help eradicate incompatibilities due to multiple formats and proprietary technologies – which it sees as two hurdles preventing some filmmakers from going digital.****

    Really. So adopting a standard would make things, well, standard. 10/10 for marketing spin on that one boys!!

    Surely any of the existing options could be standardised, thus allowing everyone who's already kitted out to deal with it laughing, whilst others would need new tech. Saves everyone having to get new...

  2. Chris Kuethe
    Paris Hilton

    Deploy it in the adult video industry

    With a name like CinemaD_NG it'd just be too easy...

  3. Mr B

    Open standard for open purse

    Good move, for Adobe at least. Adobe opens its format, everybody adheres to it because it is great ... with one tiny drawback, Adobe is the ONLY one with some software readily available, so everybody buys Adobe's soft for the time being.

    And unfortunately, the format is open, but the way to transform the raw CCD picta to the format'd one is patented ... OOOPS ... sure you can work on your own but don't cross any Adobe patent line.

    M$ tried it with OXML or OOXML ... but at least they let us think they haven't implemented anything yet (or they are just plain daft).

    @Chris: CinemaD_NG works also with U for crappy movie or format.

  4. Stuart Van Onselen

    A fix for format proliferation

    ...because everyone knows that the best way to solve the problems of format proliferation, is to release another new format...

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Let's see them open the Photoshop format first...

    ... and then we'll talk.

    (otherwise Photoshop for linux please)

  6. Not That Andrew

    As Oscar Wilde Said:

    The wonderful thing about standards is that everyone can have one!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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