back to article There's no way Ballmer survives Yahoo! disaster scenario

Microsoft is buying Yahoo! to . . . oh, that's right no one from Redmond has really explained that one yet. Most of the pundits think Redmond has an ad play in mind. Well, the Open Season crew sees it differently. In Episode 15, Matt Asay, Dave Rosenberg and I dig into the real motives behind Microsoft's lust for Yahoo!, …


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  2. kb9aln

    Production values..

    I like your podcasts, find 'em interesting and all that.

    However, you can scrap the headset boom mike. I really don't want to listen to mouth noises. Makes the option of downloading the high-quality version moot - listening to mouth noises at a higher sample rate and higher quality is not what most people want.

    Plese use real microphones with pop screens. Keep your nose away from the mike. Let me concentrate on the ideas rather than the spurious oral emanations.

    'Kay? Thanks.

  3. Sean O'Connor
    Gates Horns

    Second time around with the stores

    Funny thing is they have tried the Microsoft stores before... They partnered with Sony and built several Sony/Microsoft centric stores... The Metreon in San Francisco was one of several and after the joint venture failed to boost sales enough to justify the expenditure they backed out leaving Sony to hold the bag.

  4. Martin

    'snot SoHo

    If you mean London, it's Soho, no SoHo. The latter is an abbreviation for Small Office / Home Office I think.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    Kono linkset wa complete dewa arimasen

    I had to listen a couple of time to get the name of that OS appliance producer: or

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Life, it seems, is not without a sense of irony --- I am unable to stream the content in Firefox on Fedora 8. It buffers the stream to the end, then takes the whole machine with it, ramming the CPU to 100%.

    Weak lulz.

    (This also happens on other sites, so don't panic)

    Fat penguin as icon because it's fat.

  7. Steve Oliver

    @ 'snot SoHo

    Ahhhh, he defaulted to the US version which is short for 'South of Houston' (St) - the UK version is just a name..

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Isint SoHo

    In San Francisco, and stands for something? Or in new York I forget. But its differently Soho in the UK, OK!!!

  9. Charlie Clark Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    Please drop Mr. Rosenberg

    Because he spouts a lot of inane drivel that isn't particularly amusing.

  10. Sergiu Panaite


    When and where in London? No good saying "I'll be there" if we don't know where "there" is really.

  11. Joshua

    Millbank Tower

    I happen to work on the floor below Ubuntu in Millbank Tower. Any chance you could ask Mark S if he wouldn't mind hooking me up with some wifi? The IT department at the Environment Agency is seriously anal, and it'd be good to avoid the 25min boot time on the hot-desk PC's.

    For a choice pub, I'd recommend The Jerusalem Tavern near Farringdon Station. Not Soho, obviously, but definitely worth the detour...

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