back to article PS3 owners game iPlayer

Less than 24 hours after the BBC gave great fanfare to its new iPlayer streaming service for Nintendo Wii at a media conference in France, jealous Playstation enthusiasts had used it to cobble together a version of their own. An enterprising coder known as Ixalon has created an unofficial site that spoofs the Wii's user agent …


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  1. Joe K

    Because Sony/MS want to control the game

    As stated in an iPlayer blog yesterday, Sony and MS don't want some upstart creating a nice online television service without input from themselves.

    Probably because it won't generate them any revenue (in the case of money-grabbing Microsoft), or that i'll make their own efforts look ridiculous (in the case of forever-behind-the-curve Sony).

  2. Graham Dresch

    To hellwith the PS3

    ...and xbox and wii. Where is the platform independant download service that was promised ?

  3. Joe K


    I posted a link about from the blog about Sony/MS wanting to control it before noticing it had already been reported here.

    Well, i did just get back from the pub after all!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    BBC should help ITV

    Instead of handing some of the license fee to ITV, they should help them out with their internet content delivery. BBC are delivering Internet working solutions and ITV & Channel 4 so far have only their little DRM'd non functioning app that nobody uses.

    Don't give ITV money, give them help to reach their market, if they still can't succeed then it's just because they're crap and crap TV companies don't deserve to survive.

    Also notice how Beeb loosens the DRM notch a little and immediately the programs can be on any device plugged into the TV, not just a PC? Show's you (yet again) how DRM kills content delivery. Strong DRM = iPlayer only = no success. Loose DRM = big success, programs on all devices, lots of viewers, ISP's screaming about bandwidth.....

    Not a difficult lesson.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    How about BBC Worldwide getting in on the act?

    Imagine BBC Worldwide selling NET delivered content... they could increase their worldwide market share, reach wider audiences, market stuff that's not worth stocking in DVD shops worldwide.....the more devices plugged into the TV the BBC supports, the wider their audience and the rosier their future looks.

  6. Mark

    Poor old 360..

    The sad tired console 2007's news, with no browser. Don't expect iPlayer anytime soon...

  7. Chad H.

    @ BBC should help itv

    google "project kangaroo" - they are doing that already

  8. Jon

    ITV should help bbc

    Channel 4 OD had streaming long before iplayer. and I much prefer the proper schedule C4 use as opposed to the mess of content in iplayer. I'm sure bbc don't use a schedule as they are so lax at putting things up. I often can't remeber the exact name of a program people are talking about but know it was on last night so schedule is usefull.

    Also ITV catchup was the first non bloatware download solution, you could just visit their website and watch a selection of shows from the previous week as easy as *gulp* youtube.

  9. Pat

    Sony controls internets?

    BBC *could* set up the iPlayer for PS3 exactly the same as they have done for the Wii. This page shows how easily it can be done. The BBC *don't* for reasons known only to themselves. Sony can't prevent them publishing a web page.

  10. Chris

    So glad I went for the PS3

    New reasons to own one just keep cropping up. If I had a 360 I'd flog it now.

  11. Mark Broadhurst
    Thumb Down

    Call me old fashioned.

    But I watch TV on a TV record shows (up to 3 at a time) on my PVR and play games on my console and I use my PC to program and use iPlayer.

    Why would I want to download BBC shows on my console which has a smallish HD (20GB,40GB,60GB,120GB) rather than my PC which has slightly less than 2TB of storage. with Beeb show weighing in at about 800Mb an hour I can't watch much till its full and that's if I haven't got game stuff on my console HD.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    re: So glad I went for the PS3

    don't forget it's now the most complete Blu-ray player on the market, with the DTS:MA upgrade coming next Tuesday. Even the upcoming Panasonic BD-50 is inferior in some aspects.

    All the great console exclusives are heading to PS3 this season. 360 shot it's load last year, with a very so so lineup of exclusives this year (and frankly nothing has really moved on on teh 360 since Gears Of War, over a year ago).

  13. g e

    OK... "You're old fashioned"

    They're streams, not downloads, aren't they?

    So they'll not be saved to your HD, just viewed and discarded.

    Native Wii, XBOX & PS3 players are what's needed though. Proper job.

  14. Steve

    not permanent

    I doubt if the Flash 7 version of iPlayer will be around long, as the article states, Flash 7 doesn't support the later codecs so needs higher bandwidth streams to increase the quality.

    It will be replaced by the Wii iPlayer channel being developed by Nintendo, which I'm guessing will include newer codecs which will allow them to save on bandwidth.

  15. Steve


    Wonder where the xbmc version is

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Itv should help BBC

    "Channel 4 OD had streaming long before iplayer. and I much prefer the proper schedule C4 use as opposed to the mess of content in iplayer."

    Yet ISP's aren't screaming at Channel 4, so I assume they had minimal usage. I think they made the same mistake they all make, a dedicated player DRM'd to the eyeballs, wanting to download all sorts of weird codecs etc, too much fuss too many restrictions to be worthwhile.

    Now the BBC is getting it's act together and playing back on things plugged into the telly, they're doing really well. They could help ITV see the light (i.e. ditch that stoopid DRM and restrict based on IP address or similar).

    It's a sort of early iTunes moment when the DRM is turned down, and suddenly the content is being viewed where once it wasn't...... if that isn't an epithany to TV companies that what is?

  17. George Johnson
    Thumb Up

    Poor ISPs...

    The news that an even larger group of people can now shift the BBC TV streams down their connections should cheer up the already p'ed off ISPs!

  18. robert

    iplayer on the eva8000

    Hopefully someone can come up with a way to get the iplayer to work on Netgears Eva8000 media player next

  19. Jason

    I wonder if...

    Tiscali will have the balls to step up and ask for money from Sony and Nintendo?

  20. Test Man

    @Sony controls internets?

    Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking. It's just a web page, so the BBC should simply do the same for the 3 major consoles while still negotiating with all the major console companies (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft) for a proper iPlayer that installs within the system interface.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Halo

    360 outperforms the PS3 actually

    The quality of the flash 7 streamed content is awful. I'll take downloaded iplayer content streamed from a local pc to an xbox any day.

  22. Pete
    Thumb Down

    It doesnt work that well

    The full screen player doesn't work (The PS3 complains it has ran out of memory) and the audio soon loses sync with the picture in the normal player.


  23. kaymc
    Dead Vulture

    Where's the much promised V+ or OSX versions

    I want my license fee back!

  24. Joe K
    Thumb Down

    Shite anyway

    I can stream iplayer stuff on the PC and iTouch with perfect quality.

    Tried, it maxes out my 2MB connection instantly, total jerkfest.

    And during the fits and starts when it runs it looks like low-res realplayer video circa 1998. Ugh.

    Unless they get the latest flash version running, the Beeb can keep their shitty Wii streams.

  25. Terence Eden
    Thumb Up

    Available on the original Xbox...

    ...if you've got XBMC, you can run this little script

    It gives a great interface to the iPlayer and allows you to download the iPhone h.264s to view.

    The Python script works on just about anything with a net connection and a python installation.

  26. Abe

    LOL at the sony Fanboys

    The title really says it all. I bet if sony released a big d**k that you could attach to the PS3 these fanboys would be gobbling for years

  27. Gary Holcombe

    BBC Has commented

    Go to the BBC News homepage and there is alink to the story - the BBC has even suggested the PS3 IPlayer creater contact them for a job!!!

  28. glenn


    Why would i be worried that my 360 can't stream iplayer content when my 16mb adsl connection can download the programs in 5 or 6 mins, which i can then watch in the comfort of my lounge via the xbox 360 (with no excessive noise as there's no disc spinning)? More to the point why would i need to use my console when i've got sky plus?

  29. Mark
    Dead Vulture


    And of course the PS3 can do the same, via the same method.

    I have SkyHD, but on occasion forget to record something (and Sky Anytime is total pants), so iPlayer is a very handy 7 day catchup

  30. Steve Barnes


    Why would i want to download this pitiful useless file with this awful machinery when i can use my 800bjillion HDD octo-core PC to stream this video wirelessly via gold-coated gas stream straight to my 480inch tv making full use of my 12gig internet connection?! All of this of course compensating for my tiny penis..

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